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captain-amira-deactivated201504  asked:

When writing stories i find i drag out the beginning a bit too long with maybe 2 chapters of the main character until the main plot or problem arises. Is this normal or is there a better way to backup the characters lives etc without taking too long?

Sometimes writing those introductory chapters can be a good way for you to get to know your characters and kind of get a taste of this universe you’re creating. Once you’re further into the story, you can go back and reevaluate those chapters and decide what information is truly important to keep at the beginning. To play around with it, decide what event begins your main conflict, and then make that your first scene. Then, look at everything you had before it and decide which parts need to be in the beginning and which ones could probably wait. And when I say “need,” I mean details that make it difficult if not impossible to understand your new first scene (the event that kicks off the conflict). Information that is “nice to have,” can be brought in later on once the conflict has been established. 

Don’t be afraid of writing too much intro at the beginning. You can always edit, and it truly is helpful to just write the character without worrying about plot. Where you put back story depends on the context of your plot, but after that initial event, it’s usually a good time to pause and give us a little back story to what brought your character to this event. As you’re writing, look for triggers in dialogue or narrative that could transition well into some exposition. 

Hope that helps!