-he saw my knee brace and said “that looks worse than my metal arm”
-at the autograph booth he said “it’s the girl with the bionic leg!”
-right before this he said “bionic leg, you’re back!”
-after this, he gave me a huge hug and wished me luck on my surgery.

Sebastian Stan is truly a wonderful person.

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.

Can You Guys Just Fuck Already? - Bucky x Reader

(Prompt List)

Request from anon: I have a request!!!! Can you do “is that my shirt”/“have you seen my jacket?” and “can you guys just fuck already” from that prompt list you reblogged??

Here it is! :)

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Warnings - Swearing, exposed!Reader, Jealous!Bucky, constant mention of sex, that’s all I can think of.

Word Count - 1.3K

You and Bucky are in a secret relationship and surprisingly, nobody knew about it. You two frequently sneak into each other’s rooms at night and you both make sure you don’t go on missions the same night, making sure you both can spend as much time together as possible without being too obvious and inevitably, caught.

But recently you have noticed Nat raising her eyebrow a lot more at the two of you, and also not having missions the same night so she gets to watch you and Bucky together when you have a Netflix marathon (Sorry, no chilling when Natasha is there.). She is seeming to catch on slowly you think, and thank god that she’s keeping her mouth shut about her assumptions, you don’t need any more people trying to sniff out the truth.

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My day at the Wizard World in Austin today. Took 2 cat headbands, I was wearing the fancy one and gave Sebastian the metal one, so he’s wearing that on our first picture. I loved the face he made.

For the second one I told him I didn’t have any ideas and he just looked into my eyes and said: hug me. My brain kind shut down and I asked: what? And he repeated it. So I did. And I remembering thinking that his face were so close to mine and he hugged me extra strong too.

After my autograph I asked him if he believed that the aliens were amoung us. At first he didn’t understand my question becausr I speak with an accent so I repete and he said: yes I do believe they are walking amoung us.

So there you go.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me? - Bucky x Reader (2/?)

This one is much shorter than the first one, but the next part will be longer and better!

| Part 1 | Part |

Request from @bxckytrxsh : Hey! :) I have a request for you! I think a fic where the reader is Steve’s sister so she is at the tower and develops a crush on Bucky could be cool, especially if you wrote it! Could be protective Steve and flirty Bucky idk? PS I love all of your stories

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Warnings - Naked!Bucky, swearing, Jealous!Bucky, flirting, subtle mention of masturbation, crappy writing.

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My soulmate is the reincarnation of President James Buchanan?

(A/N): Thought I’d do another soulmate AU!

Warnings: Fluff

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   You had always dreaded the day you’d wake up and look upon your wrist to see the name of your soulmate. What if it was some really obscure name and you’d have no idea how to find them? Even worse, what if the name was some really normal name like “Nathan,” or “Keaton”? So when your sixteenth birthday came and your eyes trained in on the small wording on your wrist you couldn’t believe the words on your wrist. 

   “Are you shitting me?” You all but growl as you stare at the black lettering; James Buchanan Barnes, it stated. “My soulmate is the reincarnation of President James Buchanan?” You murmur in disbelief and disappointment. Well, it wouldn’t be hard to find your soulmate after all, considering he was buried six feet under. With a groan you slip out of the covers of your bed and get ready to take on the day. 

   For years you despised your tattoo, it was such an odd name and you always hated having people ask about it. ‘So your soulmate is the president, eh?’ ‘Oh, you poor dearie, your soulmates been dead for a good while now.’ It was beyond frustrating and you wanted to scream every time someone pointed it out, and today was no different. 

   You’d actually had been having an awesome day, you’d aced your Psychology test and gotten a decent score on your 25 page essay. Then you were able to go and get some coffee and just unwind in the corner of your favorite cafe. All was going well until….

   “So uh, your Soulmate the president or something?” You look up from the book you had been immersed in only to end up looking at one of the most attractive faces you’d seen in your entire life. With a chiseled jaw line and gorgeous blue eyes you nearly swooned at the sight of him, until you remembered his stupid comment. 

   You laugh dryly, rolling your eyes in distaste. 

   “Yeah, my soulmate is the 15th president, he’s been dead for roughly 200 hundred years. It’s a bit of a struggle but we manage,” You reply snarkily, your gaze cold as you stare at the man before you. The man raises his hands in mock surrender, a smile playing at his lips. 

   “So sorry, didn’t mean to set you off or somethin’,” The man had a bit of an accent and it nearly had you smiling but you kept your gaze cold and venomous. “What’s your name?” He asks as he casually (and without permission) pulls up a chair beside you. 

   “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” You snap, more venom to your voice than intended. “Otherwise known as Mrs. Buchanan Barnes, as everyone else likes to call me.” The man hums thoughtfully, resting his chin upon the back of the chair. 

   “That’s funny, I don’t remember marrying such a beautiful gal,” Your eyebrows furrow in confusion and your mouth opens as go to question what he means when he sticks out a hand for you to shake, his smile wide and infectious. “Name’s James Buchanan Barnes but most people call me Bucky.” With wide, dazed eyes you gently grasp his hand and shake it gingerly. Bucky smiles wider, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Sorry I’m not some dead president,” You gulp dryly, your eyes trained in on the small black lettering on his wrist. It’s your name, printed in the same lettering as the tattoo on your wrist. 

   “I-It’s fine,” You stutter as your gaze finally snaps up to meet his baby blue eyes. “Glad you’re alive though,” You smile shyly, a blush rising to your cheeks. “I’m sorry for being so…so bitchy, Guess it wasn’t the best first impression, huh?” Bucky chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “Nah, I like a girl with a little spark,” You smile back, hanging your head shyly. “How ‘bout we get out of here, get to know each other a little better?” The man smiles so genuinely and his fingers have now laced through yours and you can’t help but nod, your mouth dry with shock and happiness. 

   “First I gotta ask,” You murmur quietly. “What’s with the metal arm?”

Nail Polish Bucky x Reader

Bucky POV then shift

Word count: 1087

Warnings: Oral sex for like 5 seconds

Background: Bucky has just returned to the tower after being away for months on a vacation he deemed necessary in an effort to sort out his returning memories.

It didn’t take us long to get back to our old ways. Not that I’d complain. I love the old ways. They usually consist of me intently watching her hands move up and down my cock. So, when she jumped me the minute I shut our bedroom door I knew the woman I loved was about to take good care of me. My plan was to lay back and close my eyes; truly revel in the one feeling I hadn’t been able to experience in months, but I knew I needed to watch her; Her lips, her eyes, her hands as they pump me.

I knew something was off the second I watched her wrap her fingers around me. The color was different. Consistently painted on each of her finger nails was the darkest shade of black I had ever seen. Y/N never had on dark nail polish. Ever. She specifically chose bright colors. Happy colors. Colors that she once told me would make her feel better on her darkest of days. To me, they were the colors of her very essence. They were happy and bright and beautiful, and so was she.

Subtle as it may be, I needed to know about this recent development. I knew everything about Y/N and this was very un-Y/N like. For the moment, I pushed it to the side, letting her finish me off with one of the loudest moans that’s ever passed my lips. It had been a while, but I didn’t know it would feel this good to be in her hand again.

It was a long shot, but I walked towards the kitchen hoping to ask Steve if he knew anything about my girlfriend’s new choices. He smiled as I rounded the corner.

“Hey Buck. How was the big reunion?” he smirked as he sipped his coffee.

“Phenomenal, as always.” He replied looking down at his scuffed boots. “Actually, I need to ask you something about that.”

Steve shook his head and put his hands up in a cautionary motion. “Woah, man. I like you guys, love you even on the days that I don’t hear you both screaming in pleasure from the next room, but I really don’t want to know the ins and outs of your sexual relationship…no more than I can already tell from your vocals that is.”

Bucky felt a small blush creep up his cheeks. “Uh…right, actually it’s just about Y/N.”

“Oh” Steve chuckled and sighed in relief. “Well, to be honest I think I’ve become somewhat of a Y/N expert since your unscheduled departure.”

“Then spill. Whats with the nails?”

“The nails…” Steve replied in a monotone voice as he tried to figure out what the hell his best friend was talking about. “Finger, toe, or the tiny metal ones Tony hammered into the wall to hang his stupid Iron Man poster?”


“Right. Normal question.” Steve muttered to himself in a sarcastic tone. “I’m assuming they’re all still there and attached to their consecutive fingers, correct?”

“Yea yea. I mean whats with the color change?”

“The color change…Well, buddy, your girlfriend likes nail polish; asks or it every Christmas. I feel that its likely for her to change it every once in a while. I mean she probably changed it fifty times since you’ve been gone. Did you forget how long you’ve been gone? Did she also get a haircut that she shouldn’t have?” He chuckled as he watched his best friend struggle for the right thing to say. “Im just kidding Buck. Honestly though, I have no idea what you are talking about. I know I said I was a Y/N expert now, but I didn’t realize there was gonna be a quiz. Sorry, man.”

“It’s just…I don’t know. Shes wearing black now. She never wore black. It was always sunset oranges, or seafoam greens or something…”

“Dude, you need more male friends.” Steve smiled as he took a bite of blueberry scone

“Its just not right.” Bucky continued, completely ignoring his friends remark.

“Criminal, truly.” His sarcasm was in full force today. He had just really learned to use it before Bucky left. Apparently in his absence, Steve has become a pro. “Just ask her about it if its bothering you so much.” Steve glanced at his watch. “Oh, man. I gotta go.”

“Big date tonight?” Bucky asked with a smirk.

“Yea, actually.”

“With who?’

“I’ll tell you, if it goes well.”

Bucky watched his friend retreat to his room, most likely to change. He was glad Steve was getting out there. He needed it.

After a moment, Bucky’s thoughts returned to his girlfriend. He strolled to the window and peered at the city below, not noticing the small form creep up behind him.

“I noticed it too.” Bucky jumped in shock at the feminine Sokovian accent.

“Wanda…” he returned as he pivoted to face her. “Noticed what?”

“The nails” she replied calmly. “Mostly because a month after you left she asked to borrow my colors.”


“You were gone a long time, Bucky…” she started “…and you didn’t take her with you.”

“I didn’t want to burden her with my own troubles. I needed the time alone to figure it all out, to be better; Better for her.”

“Yes, well for six months she was scared and felt alone. She didn’t know if she would ever she the man she loved again. You didn’t tell any of us you were going. Did you really expect to return to us without the possibility of a consequence?”

“I…” he tried to interject.

“To be completely honest with you, you are very lucky Mr. Barnes, that no one else loves you the way she does. Otherwise, you would have come back to an unwelcoming, damaged crowd.”

Buckys eyes widened at that as panic started to set in. “Are you saying she doesn’t love me anymore?”

“I’m saying, my friend, that leaving was not a smart choice. Y/N learned to cope in her own ways. She changed. It was only when we got your letter last month that hope truly started to set in for her. She healed a bit.”

“So, why are her nails still black?”

“Bucky, people go through many things in a lifetime. Wonderful things. Horrible things. And a bit of each experience leaves its mark somewhere with us. Be happy that a bit of dark nail polish is all that remains of her past 6 months.” And with that, she turned on her heal and walked off.