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Request: Hiii :) I really enjoy your writing and I just wanted to ask if you could do a Bucky imagine where he doesn’t notice her and treats her badly, despite the fact that she does so much for him and he takes her for granted and he only realizes how much he needs her when she gets terribly hurt. Thank you so much 💖

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It all started when the super soldier moved into the tower. You couldn’t help but want to get to know him better, though you’ve heard a lot from people in the city streets and the News. But you knew he was more than a Hydra experiment, a brainwashed man who had no choice in the matter, he needed help and you wanted to make his life all the more better.

You were always extremely nice and it took a lot for someone to bring your spirits down, you wanted to help everyone be happy and be okay. Though you knew people needed time and space, they would always come to you for a shoulder to cry on.

Which is why you ended up being there for Bucky; you knew he needed that. You always welcomed him in the mornings with breakfast and a small note containing an uplifting quote. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just give you a tight lipped smile and shut his door in your face. You would shrug it off and tell yourself he wasn’t a morning person.

You were in the kitchen, bright and early, getting Bucky’s breakfast ready. It was nearing 8am and he usually gets up at this time, so you were hoping to get everything done on time. You decided to go with bacon, eggs, grits, and toast. You heard footsteps approaching as you were flipping over the fried eggs, having finished with the grits and bacon already.

You turned with a smile to see Steve and Sam groggily walking in, their pajamas wrinkled and their hair all crazy. “You still make Barnes breakfast?” Sam asked through a rather long yawn. You giggled and nodded. “Yeah, of course!” You said with a chipper attitude. Steve shoved his muscular body onto a stool at the kitchen island, resting his head on his hand.

You turned back to the food and finally got everything ready on a plate and a tray. “Y/N, you’ve done this for like 5 months.” Steve commented as you started to write down an uplifting quote. You shrugged and set the corner of the note under his cup of black coffee. “So?” You asked with a small smile. Steve sighed and shook his head.

Without another word, you slipped off your apron and headed to the elevator, humming as you made your way to Bucky’s room. You walked down the hallway and suddenly Bucky’s door opened, his body leaning against the door frame. You smiled and wiggled your finger at Bucky as he met your eyes. “Hey, Bucky! How’d you sleep?” You asked, walking over to him.

Bucky looked at the tray and nodded. “Fine. This all?” Bucky asked, pointing at the tray. It was a good bit of food you thought. “Oh, did-did you need more?” You asked, your eyebrows raised. Bucky’s eyes lingered on your face before he took the tray from you. “No, this is fine. See ya!” Bucky said before walking back into his room, leaving his door slightly cracked.

You bit your lip as you tapped your fingers against your thighs, slightly peeking into his room. He sat down at his desk and picked up the note you left. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Ernest Hemingway.” Bucky mumbled. You smiled but it slightly faltered as you watched him scoff and crumble the note, throwing it away.

You sighed and walked away with a shrug, leaving Bucky to enjoy his meal.

You were in the laundry room now, having picked up Bucky’s basket of clean clothes. You picked up on doing his laundry after helping him clean up after a mission. He didn’t seem to mind, so you continued doing it. You tossed his clothes in the basket so you could fold them in his room.

With a smile, you skipped out of the room and bumped into the man himself. “Oof!” You huffed, stumbling back, thankfully having a good grip on the basket. Bucky caught your arm before you could fall and you giggled. “Sorry! I didn’t see you coming.” You said, a light blush dusting your cheeks. Bucky cleared his throat and looked down at the basket. “It’s all good. These done?” Bucky asked with a dull tone.

You nodded energetically. “Yep! I can fold them if you want.” You offered with a smile. Bucky shook his head. “I got it this time.” Bucky said as he took the basket from your hands. He turned and left, stalking off down the hallway. You watched after him, seeing his tense back muscles. Following after him, you rounded the corner just fast enough to run into the elevator.

Bucky moved a little away from you as if to give you more space. You smiled up at him. “I couldn’t help but notice you look a little tense.” You said softly, stepping towards Bucky. He looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “And?” He snapped, taking you aback. “Oh, um, well, I was just going to offer a back massage.” You said a little softer now.

And that’s how you ended up sitting butt on butt on top of Bucky, your hands digging into his back muscles. Groan after groan fell from his lips and you smiled. “Feeling better?” You asked, circling your thumbs into a tight knot just below his shoulder blade. Bucky made a grunting noise in response.

You continued for a few more minutes and rubbed in some soothing essential oils into his skin before climbing off of him. He sat up and stretched. “That was amazing, wow.” Bucky said, a small smile spreading on his lips. You capped your oils and smiled. “I’ll see you around.” Bucky said as he slipped his shirt back on.

You watched him leave his bedroom and you stood there awkwardly. Bucky never thanked you for things like this and it was starting to get to you. You do this to make him feel better and it clearly does that for him, but he never shows gratitude. Bucky just leaves and comes back for this special treatment.

A sigh fell from your lips and small hint of sadness started to hit you. You shook it off with a smile and left Bucky’s room to do some other things on your to-do list.

A few days had passed and you still do the same things for Bucky. You recently started to comfort him during the night when he has nightmares. It was hard to see him writhing around, screaming at the top of his lungs, begging for his life. You couldn’t help but…help him.

You rushed into Bucky’s room and saw his large body squirming around, broken screams and strangled cries coming from his mouth. It broke your heart to see him like this. You knelt on his bed and rested your hand on his shoulder. His skin was burning and sweaty as he thrashed around. “Bucky, it’s okay. Please, wake up!” You said softly, brushing his hair off of his sticky forehead.

It took a little coaxing but he shot up, almost knocking his head against yours. Bucky breathed heavily, his eyes searching for the danger he thought he was in. After seeing he was safe, he looked at you. Before you could ask if he was alright, he pulled you into his body. “Shh, you’re okay.” You whispered as he cried into your shoulder.

Bucky held onto you and you rubbed his head, your arms wrapped around him. “I promise you’re safe, Bucky.” You whispered soothingly. He hesitantly nodded and sighed into you. His arms held you closer as he continued to calm down. “That’s it.” You softly praised Bucky, his hands releasing their tight hold on your shirt.

You held him close and whispered soothing things in his ear, gently stroking his hair. Bucky clung to you, his breathing coming to a smooth rhythm. “Please, stay.” You barely heard Bucky mumble, his face nuzzled into your chest. “I will.” You whispered back, holding him tightly as you both fell asleep.

Bucky woke up with you draped across his chest, your breathing steady and soft, the little air coming from your nose tickling his skin. His heart fluttered as he stared at your face, peacefulness resting on your features. Bucky reached his hand to your face, outlining the curve of your jaw. The twitch of your lips made him feel something he’s never felt before. And boy did it scare him.

Bucky suddenly pulled out of your hold and stood out of his bed quickly, startling you out of your sleep. You groaned and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, sitting up in Bucky’s bed. “Bucky?” You asked, yawning into your hand. “Get out.” Bucky rasped, slipping on a clean shirt. His previous shirt was discarded on his floor from his body sweating him out.

You looked at him, concern all over your face. “What?” You questioned, moving his blankets off of you. Bucky was breathing heavily and he turned to you. “Why do you help me? Why do you do things for me?” Bucky asked, raking his hand through his hair. You smiled a little. “I just want you to-” “-to be happy? To get better?” Bucky finished your sentence. He scoffed and shook his head.

You stood to your feet and walked over to Bucky slowly. You reached out to hold his arm but he jerked it away, his eyes looking into yours. “Y/N, stop! Just go! I don’t need you!” Bucky yelled at your face, causing you to flinch. The wave of sadness hit you again, twice as much this time. You frowned and retracted your outreached hand, your fingers trembling.

Bucky turned his back to you and you backed away from him, leaving his room. What was wrong with him? What did you do? You thought helping him and showing kindness towards him would get him to open up to you. You didn’t know it was making things worse. He never thanked you for anything and you let it go, excusing his ungratefulness as just having a wall built up.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and went your room, locking yourself in there to get ready for the day. You sat on your balcony a little while later and looked out at the cloudy sky. The city below was busy as ever and you usually felt happy watching the people far below, but now, you didn’t feel it.

Your lip quivered the longer you thought about this morning. You just wanted to help him and make him look forward to something nice in the mornings and during the day. The quotes were to help him realize he’s not as weak and broken as he thinks.

A knock at your door pulled you from your thoughts and you sighed, waking into your bedroom. You opened your door and saw Steve standing there in his suit. “Hey-wait, what’s wrong?” Steve asked quickly, seeing your watery eyes. You’ve never cried in front of the team, and you never did at all, really. It took a lot for you to get like this and Bucky did it so easily.

Steve stuck his shield to his back and held your shoulders. “Y/N, talk to me.” Steve pleaded, his blue eyes searching yours. You took a deep breath and swallowed thickly. “Bucky, he-he just got angry this morning. I-I heard him having a nightmare last night so I did what I do best and helped him. He shot out of bed and yelled for me to get out.” You explained, holding in the sob  that wanted to desperately escape.

You sniffled and Steve bent to give you a tight hug. “You’ve done so much for him, Y/N. He still needs time.“ Steve said quietly. You nodded, your arms around his neck. “He’s never shown any gratitude. I figured he just needed that shell to break.” You said, your voice shaking. Steve sighed and pulled away from you. “I’ll talk to him.” Steve said as his frown deepened.

You shook your head quickly, “No, don’t worry about it.” You sniffled again. “Is there a mission?” You asked as your eyes fell to his suit again. Steve slapped his hand against his forehead. “Shoot! Yeah, I need you for guard duty. Nat is coming along to gather information.” Steve explained as you listened closely.

After suiting up and pushing your thoughts about Bucky aside, you walked out of your room and gathered around the team in the common room.

“This should be really easy, you know what to do.” Tony said, speaking to Steve. The others wished you good luck, all except Bucky. He was off to the side, arms crossed and brows creased. He looked troubled, almost like he wanted to say something. You glanced over at him and his eyes met yours, only to flicker away.

You sighed and Nat walked over to you, linking her arm with yours. “Steve told me what happened. I need you to focus, okay?” Nat whispered, her eyes soft. You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “I know.” You said softly.

Steve finished talking with Tony and you all set out on the mission. It took about 4 hours to get there and you had to walk down a wooded trail to get to the base. You were crouched down with Steve and Nat, guns aimed with silencers. “Ready.” Steve said, cocking his gun. You all had to take out the guards out front, so you readied your gun and aimed for any guard you laid eyes on.

You took them down in record time and slowly made your way to the base. Steve kicked in the door and you shot down a guard inside, watching his body instantly fall to the ground. “Okay, Nat you know what to do. I’m right beside you.“ Steve said, leaving you outside to keep watch.

You looked around, keeping your eyes focused and your gun ready. You could hear Steve and Natasha fighting throughout the base in your comm, grunts and hits coming from them. Still looking around the area, you noticed a small movement in the woods in front of you. Your heart jumped in your chest as you slowly held your gun up, scanning the area.

Steve grunted into your comm and you heard Nat yelling curse words. “Y/N! We need you in here!” Steve yelled, his shielding ricocheting off a wall, hitting a guard. Before you replied, you quickly scanned the area once more, hoping it was just an animal you saw rustling in the woods. “I’m coming.” You responded, retreating backwards and turning into the building.

As you walked down the hallways that was covered with dead bodies, you listened for your teammates. “Where are you guys?” You asked, stopping as you approached another hallway. “Take the stairs,we’re on the second floor,” Steve grunted loudly, “There’s a lot more guards than we thought!” Steve called out, gunshots ringing through your comm.

You quickly ran to the door that held the staircase behind it and made your way up, hoping you got there in time. You could hear Steve and Natasha yelling, their weapons going off. “Guys, I’m almost there!” You yelled, keeping a tight grip on your gun. You finally reached the top of the stairs and rounded to the second floor.

You immediately started shooting at any enemy you laid your eyes on. Steve was going to hand to hand with a guard, his shield stuck in the concrete wall. You quickly glanced at Natasha after shooting two more guards down. She used her signature move on one guard and round house kicked another, knocking them both out cold.

A guard to your left aimed his gun at you and you were able to shoot him first, the bullet piercing through his chest. “Nice!” Steve yelled, a smile on his face. He twisted the guards neck and sighed out, pulling his shield from the wall. Natasha finished off the guards around her and you looked around, seeing all of the lifeless bodies.

You wiped your brow and took a deep breath. “Okay, now that that’s over, there should be a vault in the room.” Natasha said, her boots clicking as she walked towards the door, moving around the bodies. 

Steve didn’t lie when he said there were a lot more than they thought. Nat kicked open the door, holding her gun up. “All clear.” She said into her comm. Steve joined her in the room, helping her open the safe.

Putting your gun in your holster, you crossed your arms, waiting for Steve and Nat to finish. A deep chuckle came from behind you, making your heart jump. You whipped around just in time to feel a bullet pierce through your abdomen. You gasped, looking down at the blood starting to pour out of you. “Y/N!” You heard Steve and Nat yell, Steve taking the guard down.

You fell to your knees and the two rushed over to you, Steve grasping hold of your body before you fell onto the floor. “Shit!” Nat yelled, holstering her gun. 

You were breathing heavily, though every breath you took made your body ache and the pain worsen. “St-Steve.” You winced, squeezing your eyes shut. Applying pressure to your wound, Steve rushed you out of the room.

Steve was yelling at Nat to call Bruce, to tell him you need him as soon as you land. “Y/N, you have to stay awake!” Steve yelled, shaking you lightly enough to make your eyes peel open. You felt Nat’s hand putting more pressure on your wound and looked down, your bodysuit a dark color from the blood. The pain was unbearable, the last thing you heard was Nat and Steve calling your name.

The jet landed and Steve carried you out, meeting Bruce on the roof with a gurney. “She-Bruce, please.” Steve sobbed as he looked down at your pale face. You looked lifeless, just like the enemies you had taken out. “I’ll take care of her.” Bruce assured Steve, quickly rolling your body away.

Nat took a deep breath as they walked into the elevator after Bruce had wheeled you inside and took it down to the medic room. “She can’t die.” Steve’s body shook with another sob and Nat looked up at him, her own eyes threatening to spill with tears. “She won’t. Not Y/N.” Nat whispered, scared her voice would break her tough facade.

The two walked into the common room and met with the others. “Hey! You’re back!” Sam cheered but stopped when he looked at Steve and Nat’s faces. “What happened?” Tony asked, taking his glasses off. “Who’s blood is that?” Clint asked, causing Steve and Nat to look at your blood on their hands. Wanda stepped forward. “Where’s Y/N?” She asked nervously. Bucky entered the room and noticed how quiet it was. “What, did someone die or something?” He asked jokingly.

Bucky looked at Steve, his smile dropping. Bucky took in everyone’s scared expressions. He looked around for you, but he knew something was wrong when he didn’t see your bright and beautiful smile greeting him like you always did. 

“Wait, where’s Y/N?” Bucky asked, feeling his heart starting to beat fast. Steve shook his head and tried to speak, but nothing came out. Steve looked at his bloody hands again and his lip trembled. Bucky gasped, his eyes falling to Steve’s hands. “No. She’s-Steve, don’t do that to me.” Bucky said, shaking his head, his knees feeling weak.

Nat walked over to Bucky and looked at him sadly. “Bucky, she got shot. Bruce is taking care of her now.” Nat explained as best she could, her voice shaking. Bucky noticed the blood on her hands too as tears filled his eyes. “If this is-is some sort of sick joke.“ Bucky choked out, a lump forming in his throat.

Steve sniffled and shook his head. “Buck, it’s not.” Steve said, looking at Bucky as flashbacks played throughout his mind. “Stop! She can’t-FUCK!” Bucky yelled in the all too quiet room. Bucky rushed out, walking straight towards the elevator. All he could think about was you, the whole time you were gone, Bucky thought of how badly he had treated you.

He knew he took you for granted, he didn’t realize how much you did for him until you left his room after he made you leave. He never knew how much you actually meant to him. Bucky wanted to apologize and tell you how he felt when he woke up next to you and he hoped it wouldn’t be too late.

The elevator stopped and Bucky ran out, his feet carrying him down the hallway. He could hear a heart monitor going off and he ran up to the large window, seeing Bruce stitching you up. There was blood all over his gloves and a bit around your stitches. Bloody tissues filled the small trashcan beside Bruce’s feet and it made Bucky’s heart clench.

Your body was pale and it scared Bucky. It scared him because he realized he did need you. You tried so hard to make Bucky feel something, feel happy, feel better, feel…loved. Bucky’s tears fell, his chest rising up and down heavily and fast as he watched Bruce finish up.

Bucky knew you’d be okay now, but he just couldn’t help but feel like the biggest piece of crap because of how he made you feel before you left. He realized his mistake and he desperately wanted to make it better.

Bruce turned to see Bucky looking through the glass window and waved him to come inside. Bucky took a deep breath after wiping his tears away. He took slow steps, afraid his presence alone would cause more damage. Bruce watched closely as Bucky walked toward your body. His eyes took in your current state and he felt even more guilty.

Bruce was writing down information on his clipboard and he sighed softly. “She should be awake soon. The medicine I gave her wears off in just enough time.” Bruce told Bucky, watching him grasp your hand gently. Bucky nodded slowly, his eyes on your closed ones. He reached up to your face, his finger caressing along your jawline like he did this morning.

Deciding to give you two a bit of privacy, Bruce quietly exited the room and left to notify the others on how you’re doing. Bucky took a shaky breath before speaking. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Bucky whispered, his eyes filling with tears again. “I was so horrible to you.” He choked out.

He saw your eyelids flutter before slowly starting to open. His heart skipped in his chest and he rubbed your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “That’s it, Doll. Come back to me, please.” Bucky whispered. You squinted your eyes a tad at the bright lights and Bucky moved closer, blocking it for you.

You groaned and tried to sit up, not aware of the stitches in your abdomen. Bucky held you down gently. “Y/N, don’t move.” He spoke softly. You relaxed again and licked your dry lips. You sighed and looked up at Bucky. “Why are you here?” You asked rather coldly, not meaning to, though you didn’t apologize. 

Bucky sighed and frowned at your sourness towards him. He was used to you being sweet, but he reckoned he ruined that for good. “I know you might hate me now, but I realized something after, you know..” Bucky trailed off, staring down at you. Your heart sank as you took in his watery and puffy eyes. He had been crying and it was probably because of you.

You watched Bucky’s lip tremble and you reached your hand up to hold his that was still resting on your cheek. “I’m sorry I never appreciated you.” Bucky said, his words holding more than he led on. You knew what he meant and you nodded gently. “I’m sorry if I was too much. I won’t do it anymore.” You whispered, letting your hand fall from Bucky’s.

Bucky nodded gently. “I don’t mind if you don’t want to do things for me anymore. But I do want you to keep trying with me. Y/N, I-I need you.” Bucky said, a sob wracking through his body. Your eyes lifted to Bucky’s and you furrowed your eyebrows. “You what?” You asked, not believing what Bucky just said.

Your heart started racing as Bucky bent down, slowly leaning in to press his lips to yours. You gasped before kissing him back, your hand reaching up to rest on the back of his head. Your heart monitor started beeping faster and Bucky pulled away, a smile on his face. “I said I need you. I was wrong before, so so wrong.” Bucky whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

A smile formed on your lips in return and you giggled. “I’ll always be here, Bucky.” You said, your hand resting on his cheek. Bucky sniffled and kissed your forehead. “I want to take care of you until you get better.” Bucky said, raising up so he could look at your bandage. You gently sighed and frowned. “But I-” Bucky shushed you. “Y/N, you’ve done so much for me.” Bucky said, holding onto your hand.

You nodded and smiled at Bucky, your happiness fluttering back into your chest.


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“Come quick! The intro are starting!” Peter yelled, And you rushed to his living room, Hands full of snacks and drinks. Somehow turning off the lights as you made your way to the pillow and blanket covered room. You set all the things in the middle of you two.

“I thought we were watching Indiana Jones!” You look at the small TV screen, that obviously wasn’t ‘Raiders of the lost arc’. But Star Wars.

“Well The empire strikes back is better anyway.” He stole the popcorn from your hands, Placing it on the other side of him so you couldn’t get it. You groan pinching his side as payback. “Ow!” He stuck his tongue out.

“Next time i’m picking a movie you hate.” You laughed, Nudging him before turning back to the movie. The light shining threw the whole room. It was awesome.


Request: Hey there, do you think you could write a Bucky x Reader with them on a mission, Bucky having to listen to Reader flirting and pretending to be interested in their target, a guy from HYDRA, please ?

Originally posted by coporolight

The mission was supposed to be easy. Find your target, flirt with him, and try to get him to the other two members. You thought you’d be able to do this stress free, but Bucky seems to have a jealous and overprotective side to him that you just discovered. You couldn’t help but enjoy this a little more. You weren’t the type to feel guilty about doing your job, no matter the way of doing so.

You sat at the empty bar, waiting for Tony to let you know your target has arrived. Bucky and Tony were waiting in a van, ready to take the guy away. You sighed and looked around the bar, looking at the people. There were only a few, some already drunk as can be as they played rounds of pool. Your choice of a Saturday night hangout spot was far different from your targets choice.

You swished your drink around in your cup and sighed again, watching the ice float around. “Still nothing?” You asked quietly, hearing shuffling in your comm. “Not yet.” Tony said, sounding rather annoyed.

You had been waiting for an hour almost for your target to show up. “Wait! Wait, here he is.” Tony said, having tapped into the security camera outside. Just then, the door to the place opened. A shiver ran down your spine as the cold night air blew in.

The man was tall and dark haired, wearing a large black trench coat and black boots. His eyes immediately landed on yours and he smirked at you. You could feel your nerves start to build up and you forced a sexy smirk back at him. Turning your gaze back to your drink, you heard the man’s footsteps approach you.

He sat down on the stool beside you and you could smell his cologne. “What’s a gorgeous lady like yourself doing all alone?” He asked, his voice low and sultry. You heard Bucky growl into your comm and you looked up at the man. “Just having a drink.” You said, winking up at him. He bit his lip and motioned for the bartender to come over.

The bartender looked at the man and asked for his order. “I’ll have tequila, thanks.” The man said, watching the bartender quickly get his drink ready. “Long day?” You asked in a soft yet sexy tone, taking a sip of your own drink. The man laughed darkly, glancing down at you. “You have no idea.” He said quietly. You definitely had an idea. The man was a Hydra agent. Being in the same room as him made you want to put a bullet in his skull.

You quietly hummed in response and the bartender handed the man his drink before walking out of the small area. “So, what’s your name, beautiful?” The man asked, his hand reaching down to rest on your thigh. You gasped and cleared your throat. The noise caught Bucky’s attention. “What’d he do?” Bucky asked, his tone harsh. You ignored Bucky, hoping your comm wasn’t too loud. You put on a smirk and looked up at the man.

“Y/N.” You said, reaching for your drink. You finished the rest and slid your cup away from you. His hand squeezed your thigh and you turned to him, poking out your chest. His eyes fell to your cleavage, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. “And yours?” You asked. “Nate.” He stated simply. “You are absolutely stunning.” Nate said, leaning in closer to you. You smirked and giggled softly. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” You said, hearing Tony snicker into your comm.

You talked to Nate for about fifteen minutes, not really talking about anything but your body and how great he thought you looked. After a while, it got old and he was getting really forward with his hands. “So, how about we get out of here?” You asked, gently grasping Nate’s hand. “I thought you’d never ask.” Nate said, letting you pull him out of the bar.

Nate walked with you along the sidewalk and you could see the van not too far away. Suddenly your back was pressed against the hard cold brick of a building. You groaned from hitting the brick a bit harshly, but Nate took it as a pleasurable moan. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Nate asked and you let out a forced giggle. “I do.” You moaned out, pulling him in closer.

Nate’s hands gripped your ass and you gasped before his lips made their way onto yours. He tasted like tequila and you wanted so badly to push him away, but you knew this was the only way to lead him to the van. His lips were sloppy and felt nothing like Bucky’s.

You let Nate kiss along the skin of your neck and you let out a fake moan, that sounded oddly satisfying. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?” Bucky asked angrily and you quickly covered up the noise with another moan so you didn’t risk Nate hearing your comm. You were lucky he was kissing the opposite side of your neck. “Your skin is so soft.” Nate whispered, carefully nipping at your skin. “Fucking bullshit.” Bucky muttered.

You smirked and let your hands move into his hair. “Take me to your place and you can feel the rest of me, Nate.” You fake moaned, feeling Nate’s hands squeeze your waist. He chuckled deeply and it made your skin crawl with uneasiness. “Fuck. Let’s go.” Nate said, quickly pulling you along. You were relieved he was walking towards the van along the sidewalk.

You knew the two men were watching and you could hear them getting ready to pull Nate inside. The sound of the door unlocking in your comm let you know they were ready. As you approached the van, you pulled away from Nate. “I hate to end our night so soon.” You said, feeling happy you were able to get him here. Nate looked at you confused just as you two stopped at the van. “What?” Nate asked, looking at you.

You smirked and the van door suddenly slid open and you saw a metal hand pull Nate inside. “What the fuck!” Nate yelled, instantly getting punched in the face. Bucky grunted and slammed Nate into the floor of the van. You rolled your eyes and quickly got inside, shutting the door behind you. You sat down in your seat and Bucky handcuffed Nate. “What is going on!?” Nate yelled, looking around.

His eyes fell on Bucky and he gasped. “The-you’re the-” Bucky clenched his jaw and gripped Nate’s coat. “Not anymore, you sack of shit.” Bucky spat, slamming Nate back down on the floor of the van. You crossed your leg over the other and looked at Bucky. He sat down and Tony drove away, taking you all back to the helicopter so Tony could take Nate to the holding cells for questioning.

Nate glanced between you and Bucky. “Why did you do this?” Nate asked, angrily sighing. Bucky looked at Nate. “It’s best if you shut your mouth.” Bucky said, clenching his fists. Nate looked over at you now and you smiled at him. “You’re gonna have loads of fun where you’re going, don’t you worry.” You said with a smirk. Nate rolled his eyes and tried to wiggle out of the handcuffs.

A few moments passed and you felt eyes on you. You looked up from your lap and saw Bucky staring at you and Nate smirking. He glanced between you and Bucky. “I assume you guys are a thing?” Nate asked, sitting up as best he could. Bucky’s head shot towards Nate and you sighed. “What of it?” You asked, crossing your arms.

Nate licked his lips and turned to Bucky. “Your girl has a nice ass.” Nate said, licking his lips. Bucky sat up and you heard his arm whir before he punched Nate in the nose, knocking him out cold. “Nobody touches my girl.” Bucky growled. Tony laughed and pulled up to the destination. “He already did.” Tony said, getting out of the van.

You rolled your eyes and got out, letting Bucky pull Nate along over his shoulder. He walked over to the helicopter and dropped him inside, letting Tony take him away. You watched the helicopter leave and turned to walk back to the van. Bucky’s hand caught your arm and you looked up at him. “That was a pretty loud moan you let out back there.” Bucky said, his jaw clenched.

You pulled your arm away with a sigh. “I didn’t mean it. I was doing my job.” You said, starting to get a tad annoyed. Bucky scoffed and shook his head. “You seemed very eager, Y/N.” Bucky said, anger laced in his tone. “I was doing my JOB.” You said again, looking up at Bucky with your eyebrows creased. Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose. “I hate that he kissed you and touched you.” Bucky whispered, his voice cracking.

You sighed and stepped up to Bucky, wrapping your arms around his waist. “It didn’t feel right. I only want you, Bucky.” You said, feeling Bucky’s arms wrap around you tightly. “I want to kill him.” Bucky said lowly. You shook your head gently. “He won’t make it, they’ll end up doing that for you.” You said quietly.

Bucky placed a kiss on your head and sighed. “You’re mine.” He said, lifting your head up to look at him. You smiled and blushed, leaning up on your toes to kiss Bucky. He quickly pulled you closer, his lips feeling perfect against yours. You pulled away, resting your forehead against Bucky’s.

“I’m yours.”

Note: I’m really sorry if this sucks! thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome. .c

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Marvel Comics have just announced another new X-Men series - Weapon X. The series will be written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land. The series will see the Weapon X program resurface, leading Logan to put together a new team to combat the threat. The team includes Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath!

‘’Hey, Cap! Better watch out.’’

‘’Tony, you’re my husband. You don’t want to do this.’’

‘’I am /not/ your husband. You’re my mission.’’

The Signs as Superheroes
  • Aries: Wonder Woman
  • Taurus: Ironman
  • Gemini: Magneto
  • Cancer: Thor
  • Leo: Superman
  • Virgo: The Hulk
  • Libra: Spider-Man
  • Scorpio: Cat Woman
  • Sagittarius: Black Widow
  • Capricorn: Batman
  • Aquarius: Captain America
  • Pisces: Robin, The Wonder Boy
Little Bundle of Joy

Request: Hello Darling ! :) May I request a bday imagine for my friend? I want to suprise her with it. A bucky one where his girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant but is afraid to tell him at first but after he notices something is wrong with her she tells him and he’ absolutely happy and excited. A few months later he’s still all overprotecting and already decorates the Apartment but gets mad when he sees you carrying heavy things. Just something fluffy hihi :) Idk but I can imagine him a great dad :)

Originally posted by ariesw1493

You were nervously pacing back and forth, resting your hand on your stomach. You knew your period was late but you thought maybe it was just the stress from going out on missions.

You looked at the intimidating test that would hold the answer to the one question you hadn’t thought of until earlier today during breakfast. You were so excited to have the traditional Saturday team breakfast feast.  

Everyone pitched in, cooking this and that, and the moment the eggs and bacon were filling the kitchen with it’s usual yummy aroma, you had to bolt to the trash can to empty your stomach. Bucky was worried but you told him you were fine as you left to the store to get some medicine.

You picked up the medicine and stopped by the pregnancy test isle just in case. Quickly taking one and checking out, you raced back to the tower. You rushed up to your shared bedroom and now here you were, waiting for the answer.

Your mind raced with the question: Am I pregnant?

Your question was soon answered as you took an anxious step towards the counter in the bathroom. You saw the two lines and tears filled your eyes. You covered your mouth and your hand flew to your stomach again.

You were having a baby with Bucky. You gently let out a sob and quickly grabbed the test, blinking away your tears to better inspect the results. I’m having a baby, you repeated a million times in your mind.

How were you going to tell Bucky this? Was he ready for that lifestyle? Would he run and leave you? No, he’d never do that. But would he happy with raising a child with you? Was he able to commit to something like this?

A knock on the door and a desperate cry to make sure you were okay made you bravely walk to the door and open it. You held the test behind your back so Bucky wouldn’t see it.

You looked up at Bucky and he immediately gripped onto your shoulders. “What’s wrong, Y/N? I heard you crying. Is everything okay? Are you sick?” Bucky’s questions rushed out and you let out a watery giggle as he checked your forehead for a fever.

You sniffled and let Bucky wipe your tears away. “I-I’m fine. I’m just, uh.” You had trouble forming a sentence. Bucky looked down at you, worry and concern on his face. “Baby, please. You’re scaring me.” Bucky pleaded, his blue eyes boring into yours as he stepped closer to you.

You let out another sob. “I’m scared.” You said, your voice breaking. Bucky’s heart broke at your current state. “Scared of what?” Bucky asked nervously, his thoughts running wild with any possibility of what could have you so upset.

You pulled your hand around and showed Bucky the pregnancy test. “I’m pregnant.” You whispered, awaiting Bucky’s reaction. A gasp fell from Bucky’s mouth and he stared at the test in your hand. Tears filled his eyes and he looked back at you.

“I’m gonna be a Dad?” Bucky questioned, a few tears falling from his eyes. You nodded and Bucky bent down to pull you up in his arms, letting your feet dangle above the floor. “I’m gonna be a dad!” Bucky yelled, a heavier sob breaking through.

You giggled and cried with Bucky, wrapping your legs around his waist. He pulled back and quickly captured your lips with his. It was sloppy and wet, the taste of both your tears mixing together, but you didn’t care.

Bucky set you back down and took the test from you, putting it on the bedside table as he took a seat on the bed. Bucky smiled widely and let his flesh hand rest on your still normal looking belly. “We’re going to have a baby.” Bucky said, his eyes bright. “Are you happy?” You asked, nervousness settling in.

Bucky’s head snapped up to you and he laughed. “Of course I’m happy! I’m, we’re, you’re-a baby!” Bucky shouted, pulling you in for another embrace. You laughed and held Bucky close. “I knew it!” You heard a yell at the bedroom door.

Steve ran in and stood beside you and Bucky. You backed away from Bucky and Steve pulled him in for a bone crushing hug. “This is amazing!” Steve said, laughing along with you and Bucky. 

Steve pulled away and bent down to hug you. “I’m so excited for you guys!” Steve said, making you giggle. “Thank you, Steve.” You and Bucky both said at the same time with wide smiles.

All of the worries you had disappeared. You knew you were ready for this amazing step in your relationship with Bucky.

5 Months Later

Your belly had definitely grown since that day you found out you were pregnant. Tony insisted that he give you the extra apartment above the rest of the floors. He wanted you guys around and everyone was excited to find out the great news.

Bucky was most excited, there was no doubt about that. He came home one day with a box full of pregnancy books and magazines, another box full of baby food, books, and little toys for the little bundle of joy.

You were currently setting up in the apartment, getting things ready. The past five months flew by and you didn’t have any time to waste. Bucky had decorated the apartment with baby proof things, making sure your baby wouldn’t get hurt. He was currently setting up the baby crib.

You were carrying, or trying your best to, a heavy box containing the changing table for the baby. You grunted as your belly sort of got in the way of holding it properly. “What are you doing!?” Bucky shouted, dropping his tools. He quickly stood to his feet and grabbed the box from your hands.

You sighed out, resting your hands on your big belly. “I was just bringing this to the room.” You huffed out. Bucky gave you a disapproving head shake. “Y/N, I’ve told you not to do any of the heavy work! I’ve got this taken care of.” Bucky said, leaning the box against the wall.

Bucky’s definitely become more overprotective of you since he found out the great news. He scolds anybody that comes too close to your belly, telling them that he doesn’t want to risk anything. It took Bucky a long time to let his metal hand caress your belly and you were glad when he finally did.

You knew you were perfectly fine with people touching your belly. The baby loved it, too. Bucky would even walk with you everywhere, always keeping his hand on your lower back. If you got too tired, he’d carry you to bed or to the couch even when you complained about being too heavy for him.

Steve once tried to rub your belly and Bucky slapped his hand away, saying he could hurt the baby. Steve always tried to give a small rub, wanting to feel his god child. You’ve scolded Bucky for not letting him, but Bucky never allowed anyone to if he was there.

“How could I hurt the baby, Buck? I’m barely going to be touching her belly.” Steve said, getting upset. “You’re too strong.” Bucky said as an excuse. Sure Steve was strong, but anyone knew how to handle a pregnant belly. “You touch it!” Steve argued, his brows furrowing. “I know how much pressure I’m applying.” Bucky stated.

You sighed, watching the two go back and forth. “Bucky, I’m sure Steve knows how to be gentle.” You said, making Bucky even more uneasy. Steve smiled proudly, reaching his hand back down to your belly. Bucky slapped Steve’s hand again. “Ow, Buck!” Steve yelled, pulling his hand back.

Bucky wrapped his arm around your belly protectively. “No touching.” He ordered, resting his head on your shoulder. Steve had stormed off in a huff and you laughed. Though, later that day, you let Steve rub your belly anyways.

You rolled your eyes at the memory but smiled nonetheless. Bucky walked back over to you and placed a kiss on your forehead, then your nose, and finally your lips. You smiled into the kiss and Bucky’s hands traveled to your ass, giving it a squeeze.

You let out a whimper and pulled away, swatting at his chest. “Hey now, that’s what made this little bundle of joy. Calm yourself.” You said with a giggle. Bucky smirked. “You just look so beautiful. Pregnancy looks amazing on you, Doll.” Bucky said before going back to working on the baby crib.

You walked over to the rocking chair, sitting down and watching Bucky get back to work. You were happy you had someone like Bucky to raise your baby with. You wouldn’t trade this for the world.

Note: happy birthday to your friend! I hope you two enjoy this little imagine! Bucky would be such a great dad, omg. thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome! .c

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Why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge Tony Stark...

I’ve seen a lot of this on the Internet… talk about how Tony Stark has no right to assume Steve Rogers is his “friend” in the Civil War trailer, given how badly they’ve treated each other over the years and how - let’s be honest - downright abysmally Tony has treated Steve. But before we rush into “HE’S A VILLAIN!” and coo over the snuggly-wuggly scenes between Bucky and Steve and talk about how much we hope they’ll kick Tony’s ass back and forth like a titanium football… let’s actually take a moment to break Tony down and figure out why he is so dead set on arresting - or even murdering - the Winter Soldier.

Tony Stark is still suffering from, in some form or another, narcissism, PTSD, and a whole host of other diagnoses we can only really try to pin on him as “fanon”. Given the way he treats people and how he acts, I would assume he never had close relationships with anyone as a child (especially considering he had no siblings and his parents likely didn’t pay him much attention, given that Maria was a socialite and Howard was distracted with 50,000 other things, and Tony even draws attention to this in Iron Man 2), which explains why his adult socialization consists of networking at events and galas (trust me, not as much fun as one would think), screwing random women he has no emotional attachment to whatsoever, and hanging out for hours upon hours in his lab with only Dumm-E (his first robot, whom he treats like shit as a way of showing his affection) and JARVIS, who has basically been programmed to pick up after him and assist him with the things he’s literally too insane/genius to remember (again, we could look into diagnosing him with other disorders following his symptoms, such as Asperger’s or ODD or even possible childhood abuse and other things that would interfere with his social relationships, understandings, and how he interprets everything around him, but let’s just leave it with what Marvel has given us canonically in the MCU). Even his relationships with Pepper and Rhodey are volatile as all hell.
He’s self-sabotaging in every single way, an angry selfish self-abusive man with alcoholic tendencies and no idea how to connect to people on a more warm, soulful, intimate level. He doesn’t understand what “friendship” is. And so, on the outside, he may appear to be snarking at Cap’ whenever he gets the chance, but that’s simply how he thinks you’re supposed to treat your friends. And everyone just accepts that that’s Tony - he’s a little broken, or a lot broken, but he’s trying. And it’s the effort that they all seem to appreciate. 

So let’s talk about Cap and Tony. Tony had to grow up listening to his father talking about his amazing, incredible man that he had known - that he had helped to create - who was not only strong and powerful and skilled enough to change the face of the war when hardly anyone assumed he could do it, but who had this incredible sense of judgement, of wrong versus right. Someone who believed in freedom, justice, and atonement for one’s atrocities. So now not only was Tony brought up in the shadow of a man who had reinvented and resculpted the way technology worked in the modern era - huge shoes to fill with his own business, intelligence, and engineering skills - but he’s also having to constantly live up to this revolutionary, incredible, wonderful person whom his father just couldn’t let go of (mention in the first Avengers movie, Tony bitterly comments on how his father “could never stop talking about him”). Who knows how long he hunted for the Valkyrie? He could’ve still been talking about finding him when Tony was a child, even if on the back-burner, and one can only imagine how much a young Tony with paranoid narcissism would be terrified of being replaced by this “god” his father was obsessed with. 
Then he meets this god, and immediately the hackles are up. He’s offended - why the hell didn’t SHIELD call him about what they were doing? And then, while he’s already feeling pretty raw, he meets this man who strolls in all justice and fairness and following orders (the last of which is the exact opposite of how his own mentality works). And it’s the man his father talked about for years, obsessed over, and so he’s immediately feeling attacked and vulnerable, and very very defensive. Over the movie, the two of them learn to work together, even if they don’t always see eye to eye.
In Ultron, Tony is quick to remind Maria Hill that Cap is in charge, even though he does pay for everything - he doesn’t stick around to find out what she wants, he’s quite happy to let Cap handle what Cap has to handle. And when Cap has a plan or gives orders on the battlefield, Tony doesn’t fight him - he knows who the leader is, and he does his job as a passive-aggressive piece of shit, but the respect is there, even if at times he lets his bitterness and rage and jealousy from childhood come out. It’s hard to be the bad boy or the antihero, struggling inside a web of torture and pain and self-hate and confusion in your own head, when someone else seems to have themselves together so easy. A lot of people take Tony’s narcissism and general dickish nature as him being an overbearing asshole - which he is, but that covers up a whole hoard of issues and insecurities that he just can’t face, especially not now, after everything that has happened. He has to be a rock, he has to be strong. And the more he feels his rage grow, the more he lashes out.
It’s been years between Avengers and Ultron. Who knows what Cap and Tony have been through in that time, raiding bases together, fighting alongside each other, trying to make sure the other doesn’t get killed. Thor tells Cap, “You and Stark secure the sceptre” - we all know how much Thor wants that sceptre back on Asgard, would he really trust a volatile concoction of two team mates he knows aren’t friends to bring it back? No, he knows that Stark and Rogers respect each other enough to get the job done, no matter what. That speaks volumes for how much their relationship must’ve grown over those years as they’ve learned to trust each other and fight together; even if there is a lot of tension still between them, as we see during some parts of Ultron (this is probably brought about by how tense Tony is about the whole “I’m the guy who killed the Avengers” thing), I imagine that the two of them actually function quite well together despite their differences, and have probably had some close-to-friendship moments in the quite wake of battle when they two of them have been feeling both vulnerable and victorious.
So are Tony and Cap friends? We don’t really have enough information to say otherwise. We only get these glimpses through the two-to-three hours Marvel allows itself for its movies, so all we can really do is go by the comic books, in which they’ve even been said to be FWB by the writers. I’m confident enough based on psycho-analysing the two of them through their movies that they were friends, even if their friendship could never extend to what Tony/Bruce or Steve/Bucky’s are.
[Bonus points: It may just be because Steve was the closest to him physically, but let’s just remember who it was instinctually Tony rushed to first when he saw them all laid out dead on the ground in front of him in the Scarlet Witch’s fantasy ;) This could be a huge indicator of how much a) Tony fears for Steve’s life, or b) Tony looks to Steve to lead them and take control of a situation that seems hopeless.]

A lot of people are throwing Ultron back in Tony’s face as a reason he’s a giant hypocrite. While we all like to laugh at the fact that he “created a murder-bot”, let’s take a few moments to actually remember why he did it.
PTSD is one of those things that never really goes away, you just learn coping mechanisms - while Tony may have proven (in Iron Man 3) that he isn’t reliant entirely on his suits, and got over some of his PTSD, a huge amount of it still exists. And as he realizes that he has a world to protect, as we’ve all seen, he is driven mad by a fantasy Scarlet Witch puts in his head, and tries to build something so that people won’t have to risk their lives, so that his friends won’t have to fight. “Isn’t that why we fight - so we can end the fight?” Whereas Steve seems to subconsciously be okay with total war all around him, Tony has had enough - his whole life has been about death and destruction, and he’s finally feeling years of guilt and regret. He doesn’t want to fight anymore, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else - he just wants it to end. 

The first person to hugely betray Tony was Obidiah Stane, who attempted to kill him (let’s remember this was back when he wasn’t used to flying all over the world as a superhero yet) and steal his company, and whom he found out had not only been selling his weapons to Islamic extremists and Ten Rings behind his back, but also arranged for his kidnapping and execution. Obi had been someone Tony was close to in the same was he was close with Pepper or Rhodey - he trusted him because he had to, because Obi ran the things he couldn’t due to his own mental instability. Obidiah was his father’s friend and trusted comrade, and he attempted to murder him in cold blood, several times.
JARVIS has been a part of Tony’s life for so many years now. When Tony is there, in the air, and his suit is failing and falling apart and he’s on the edge of death, JARVIS is the one voice he hears - always calm, always logical, always ever so slightly sarcastic. But now, JARVIS is gone. I don’t think Tony was thinking properly when he wanted to input JARVIS into the body Ultron had been building - he was terrified, and he wanted to do everything he could to help. He probably didn’t even realize he would be losing his best friend in the process, a best friend he thought was dead for days until he discovered him again. Now that friend is gone, it’s been months, and he’s probably missing JARVIS like a dead sibling. Vision made it very clear that he wasn’t JARVIS, nor was he Ultron - he’s a new creation, and probably isn’t exactly bonding with Tony considering he’s at the warehouse training for the Avengers with everyone (based on what we see at the end of Ultron).
And last, but very much not least, is the one person Tony actually connected with on some real sort of level - the man he genuinely believed understood him, the man who promised he’d have his back and whose back he also had. The man he actually smiled around, opened up for, invited back to his lab for playtime - these aren’t things Tony Stark does lightly, but when he first met Bruce Banner, there was something magical there which is why so many people ship them across the Internet - Bruce Banner had managed to touch a chord somewhere within Tony that I don’t think anyone - not even Tony himself - knew existed. Real friendship, genuine friendship, the type one would die for. Who catches Iron Man when he plummets from the sky and ultimately wakes him up at the end of Avengers? And who is the one who, for the first time ever, doesn’t treat Bruce like an explosive monster set on a hair trigger? Tony actually respects the man enough to help him build a suit to make him feel safe - has he ever done anything nice for anyone else? And I mean, not just nice, but thoughtful - he’s tried several times with Pepper, but with Bruce he instinctually knew what he wanted and needed to feel safe. If there was ever to be a Bucky to Tony’s Cap, it would be Bruce Banner.
And where is Bruce now? As far as we know, he’s still missing. Chances are, he hasn’t contacted anyone, including Natasha and Tony, and is trying to figure his life out. Tony had the best of friends, someone he actually connected with and who probably gave him some sort of purpose in life other than his suits. And now, he’s gone. He was violently ripped away from him in the heat of battle, when he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or even realize he was gone until it was too late. The void Bruce left in Tony’s heart when he vanished must be astronomical, and on top of an already bruised, broken, betrayed man, this isn’t a good thing for his mental stability.

In CA2:TWS, Steve and Natasha talk over some of the murders and assassinations that the Winter Soldier has been behind whilst he has been under the control of HYDRA. We see a cut out from a newspaper article about Howard and Maria Stark’s car accident. Howard Stark was on the forefront of technology at the time he was murdered, and had helped to found/fund SHIELD - he was targeted by HYDRA, assassinated by the Winter Soldier, and it was all covered up as a car accident. 
Imagine now if Tony were to find out that Bucky killed his father. Tony and his father were never close, but we have no idea what happened in that relationship… Maybe things were finally getting better now that Tony was a young adult and he and his father could work the company together. Maybe he finally had the relationship with his father that he had always wanted and craved as a child, or was working toward it at least. Maybe there was some light there, and he was finally in a place where he felt happier. And then his father and mother were killed, he and Obi inherited the company, and the last family he had was gone. And when you imagine it, imagine it on two different levels…
Firstly, it’s a huge betrayal to him. This is a man he has fought beside, and now he is refusing to at least hand the man who killed his family over to be tried and investigated - he’s harbouring a fugitive who has committed many murders, including Tony’s own parents.
Secondly, it’s a huge betrayal to his father, who was betrayed by a former friend, Obidiah Stane. Captain America… this is the person Howard Stark rambled for hours about, dedicated his life to, and was absolutely obsessed with. He called him a hero and a saviour. And now, that same very man he once cherished is refusing to bring his assassinator to justice. In fact, he’s violently defending him so that he doesn’t have to “atone for his crimes” (remember - narcissism and other mental disorders; in Tony’s mind he doesn’t understand and can’t empathize with other people’s friendships and reasoning, he only has his own to go on). Captain America, the soldier of ultimate justice, is refusing to hand over the man who murdered Tony’s parents in cold blood - that is ALL he can see in his head at this point, and he feels betrayed by not only his friend, but his leader.

Tony is dealing with so much loss and betrayal after Avengers 2, on top of everything he attempted to do and what nearly happened to the world, and one can only imagine where his mental state is at. The movies have slowly been unravelling his sanity - we saw it peak in Iron Man 3, and even in Avengers 2, and now he’s continuing to completely invert everything inwardly onto how it affects him (because narcissism). So when we look at his life at the end of the second Avengers movie, let’s see where he’s at: he wants to focus on his life and his company, he wants to focus on his relationship with Pepper (which may be suffering - remember how he commented that she “wasn’t available” for their party, not even enough to make an entrance or to congratulate him - while we can obviously attribute that to not wanting to pay Gwyneth Paltrow for her cameo, we could also wonder if things are maybe not so great with the two of them, especially after Ultron), and he wants to withdraw from everything that has been going crazy around him. I think at that point, he’s realized he’s slowly losing the plot and he needs to bring himself back down to earth. He has become aware that two of his closest friends are gone - one he will likely never get back, and the other, well… he thought their friendship was enough for Bruce to want to come home to it. He doesn’t even think about what Bruce must be going through - he’s physically and mentally incapable due to his own mental disorders. He just feels betrayed and abandoned… and very much alone. 

Why is Tony so upset that Steve has chosen Bucky over him? Why is he fighting so hard to bring Bucky to justice? Other than the obvious conclusion here, which is that I have too much time to myself as I sit and wait for my bath to fill up…
Tony never stood a chance in life. Tony has been bent, bruised, and broken so many times (much like these other superheroes he’s fighting alongside), only he has a whole host of mental disorders that make it difficult for him to cope with everyday relationships and occurrences that other people would be able to handle. Over time he’s been betrayed by and lost some of the people he has allowed himself to actually grow close to - for a broken man who already has impulse control issues to see someone fighting so hard to defend someone, when he feels left alone and abandoned, it might leave his narcissistic mind wondering why he doesn’t deserve the same amount of love, loyalty, or friendship from other people in his life… why he isn’t worth it. 
Tony Stark is not a bratty, whiney asshole who believes he deserves Steve’s friendship despite treating him like shit. Tony Stark is a mentally unwell, self-abusive, unsocialized, broken man - lonely, lost, and at the very very end of whatever he has left tethering him to his sanity.
So when he sees a man whose respect he had to work hard to earn - and who he had to work hard to respect in turn - betraying him, betraying Howard, and betraying SHIELD for “his own personal reasons”, to a point where it looks like someone on Team Stark may be laying dead in his friend’s arms… it really isn’t that difficult to understand why those tiny, broken, whispered three words are so unbelievably heart-wrenching for anyone who can empathize with what Tony Stark is going through.

“So was I.”

Avengers Headcanons: How Would They Kiss You

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Steve: He is a classic man. His kisses are simple but full of emotion. He loves kissing your lips and your collarbone.

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Tony: He tries every type of kiss. He also is a major tease and pulls away when you lean in to kiss him but then drowns you with kisses to make it up to you. He likes kisses with a twist, like when you are chewing a gum.

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Natasha: She likes kissing you wherever she finds. Her favourite spots are behind your neck and the corners of your lips because she knows that she drives you crazy.

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Wanda: She likes butterfly kisses. But she loves passionate kisses as well. She always kisses you rather passionately after a mission.

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Bucky: He loves steamy kisses. He would kiss you and then stop and trail your jawline with kisses and soft bites.

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Sam: He is an expert in kissing and he loves French kissing a lot. He loves it because it’s more intimate and it flusters you a lot, and he loves seeing you blushing.

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Pietro: He loves stealing kisses from you and given you his speed, he always succeeds. Are you cooking? He would speed up and kiss you. Are you studying or reading a book? He would speed up and kiss your forehead. Not only you make his heart race but he loves how you ‘scold’ him afterwards.

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Peter: His kisses are short and a little awkward at first but after a while, he gets more confident and he manages to leave you breathless.

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Bruce: His kisses are tender and sweet. He loves kissing you after you or he have eaten chocolate or have drunk coffee.

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Clint: He is a master of kissing as he always discovers new ways to make you flustered and wanting more. His favourite kisses are when you are cuddling.

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Vision: At first, he didn’t understand the meaning of kissing. But now he very much enjoys it. He loves kissing the spots where your skin is the softest, like the inside of your wrist, your neck, your lips, your jawline.

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James: He likes kissing you the traditional way and enjoys Eskimo kisses when you are cuddled or when you are outside.

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T’Challa: He kisses you like you are made of glass, which drives you crazy. When you are the one kissing him, you kiss him a bit more passionately and he sure purrs sometimes.

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Scott: He loves kissing your forehead. For him, it’s a very tender and loving kiss but he doesn’t say no when your lips connect.

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Thor: He kisses you passionately and leaves you breathless every time. He also swings you while he kisses you, making you giggle.

Clint’s Daughter Part 3

Note: you guys wanted part 3, so here it is! I’m SO sorry if it sucks! feedback is welcome! .c

Part 1 Part 2 

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So maybe avoiding Bucky after your little activity wasn’t the best idea. You could’ve marched right to where your dad was and told him you like Bucky and let him deal with it his own way. But no, you were too chicken and told Bucky you needed time to think. After sending a quick text to Natasha asking if anyone heard anything, you were relieved to discover nobody had.

Thankful for that, you spent the next few hours contemplating how you were supposed to tell your dad about Bucky. You weren’t official yet, Bucky saying something like “I want your dad to approve before I ask you out”. You thought it was sweet, but something made you think Bucky didn’t feel good enough.

You cared a lot about Bucky. His past wasn’t sunshine and rainbows, he had a lot of baggage to carry, regardless of any of that, you knew he had a heart of gold. Sure, most of the time you were making out or kissing, but you enjoyed the little talks you’d have about him or yourself. He was sweet, caring, he made you laugh, he was a good person underneath everything.

You just hoped your dad would see that.

You sighed frustratingly as you read over the group text you just got from the team as you sat on your bed.

Tony: Party tonight at 7! Wear your fanciest dresses and suits!
Sam: What’s the occasion?
Tony: I bought a new suit. I want people to see it.
Steve: Tony, you’re unbelievable. Just take a self photo or whatever they call it.
Sam: That’s called a selfie, Steven.
Nat: Accept the fact that Tony has an ego the size of Mt. Everest and start getting ready.
Wanda: I can’t believe it’s in two hours, Tony!
Tony: You have plenty of time to get ready, Maximoff.
Wanda: Two hours is not enough time for me!
Sam: Women.
Wanda: Really? You took an hour to fix your hair and you barely have any.
Steve: Y/N, what color dress are you wearing? I want to match with you!
You: Um, I have a royal blue dress Nat bought me…

*Bucky’s face bubble pops up*

You smiled to yourself, remembering all the times Steve tried to match your sundresses with his shirts when you were younger. You sighed and felt your phone vibrate again, thankful it wasn’t on sound or else you’d have a headache.

Sam: Maybe I want to match with Y/N.
Tony: Just get ready!!
Vision: Vibrate
Wanda: Vis, you have to do that yourself.

You tossed your phone on your bed after turning the screen off and groaned. You were thankful you showered earlier, so that gave you more time to get ready. You walked over to your closet and reached for the bag that covered the dress you were going to wear. Natasha was right when she said Tony could plan a party for no reason, so you had to be prepared.

You put the dress on your bed, still covered in it’s bag to keep dust off of it. You heard a knock on your door and you shuffled over, your shoulders slumping as you opened it. Nat and Wanda were standing there, dresses and hair products in their hands. You moved aside to let them in and you shut your door.

They put everything down on your bed and Nat turned to you. “Okay, why do you look like you found out your childhood crush died?” Nat questioned as she crossed her arms. Wanda looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. You groaned and walked over to your bed, sitting beside the dresses. “Because! I don’t know what to do.” You said, flailing your arms.

Wanda looked confused and Nat sighed. “Just tell your dad the truth!” Nat said as if it were the easiest thing to do. “What? Tell my dad I fell for the guy who I had sex with and usually have my tongue in his mouth?” You asked sarcastically, making Wanda gasp. “No way! Everyone thought you two were just hooking up!” Wanda said, her eyes wide.

You sighed and shook your head. “No, it’s more than that. But you know my dad, he’d freak out. My ex didn’t get off the hook easily after what happened.” You said, grimacing at the memories. Your dad hated your ex and has since altered the image of any man being deserving of his daughter. Wanda scoffed lightly. “Tony, too.” She said, Nat nodding in agreement.

Your eyebrows creased with confusion. “Why Tony?” You asked, leaning back on your hands. Nat snorted and shook her head. “Okay, have you forgotten a very valuable detail between the Winter Soldier and Tony Stark?” Nat asked you, her eyebrows raised. You suddenly remembered what happened before and you sighed heavily.

So now you not only had to worry about your dad possibly breaking Bucky’s neck, but also Tony. Again. You fell onto your back on your bed and stared up at the ceiling. “Kill me.” You muttered, hearing the two girls laugh. “No way, this is too juicy!” Nat said, making you glare at her, her lips holding a smirk. “Kidding, but seriously, you’ve gotta tell your dad soon.” She said, pulling you upward by your wrists.

An hour and a half went by and you were ready for the party. You could faintly hear the music from your room and you sighed, putting in your dangling diamond earrings Wanda let you borrow. You let your hands travel down your hips, straightening out your dress. “You look so hot.” Nat said, coming up beside you, her teeth showing from her smile.

Wanda hummed in agreement, standing by your other side. You smiled and rolled your eyes as you shook your head lightly. “You guys look amazing.” You said, turning to look at them. Nat was wearing a white dress with a low cut front and Wanda was wearing a black sequin dress that had slits on both sides of her legs. Yours only had one slit, with a low front and back.

Nat and Wanda linked their arms with yours and you all walked out of your room, your heels clicking against the floor as you made your way to the elevator. You nervously shifted in your spot, watching the floor numbers change every few seconds. You tried to calm your thoughts and nervousness, but you couldn’t.

Nat gave your shoulders a squeeze as the elevator opened and you sighed, giving her a tight lipped smile. You had a feeling something was going to happen tonight and you weren’t sure if it was going to be good or bad.

You and the girls walked down the hallway and stopped outside the doors, seeing a huge crowd of dancing people. “Wow.” You said, looking inside at the detailed party. There was huge chandelier hanging beautifully, little rainbows of colors dancing along it, fairy lights strung all over the edging of the walls, tables along the sides with white table cloths, and a huge food table.

Nat scoffed and walked in ahead of you and Wanda. “I don’t see how he does it.” Nat said to which you hummed in agreement. Your eyes searched the place, absentmindedly looking for Bucky. You finally spotted him near the bar with all of the men except Tony. Surely he was in the crowd of people, showing off his new suit. Typical, none of them would dance on their own.

Bucky looked absolutely breathtaking in his suit. It was fitting in all the right places and his hair was slicked back, making his jaw and cheekbones look all the more defined. His eyes were shining a beautiful blue, the lights around him making him glow.

Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt Wanda pulling you along. You all stopped at the bar and all eyes lifted and fell on you. Not Natasha or Wanda, no. You. You gulped and shifted under their wide eyes and mouths. Your dad smiled and stepped towards you, pulling you in for a hug. “You look beautiful!” He said, hugging you rather tightly.

You hugged Clint back and as he pulled away, you glanced at Bucky. “Thanks, Dad.” You said with a shy smile. Sam whispered something to Steve, making him chuckle. Bucky looked at the two with anger plastered all over his face. 

Clint tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and placed a kiss on your head. “I’m gonna go find Tony. Don’t get into any trouble, okay?” Clint said before walking off, drink in hand. You sighed softly. If only you knew, you thought. 

Nat slipped away, gathering the attention of a man she clearly knew, as her hands were already all over him. You watched as Wanda pulled Vision to the dance floor, leaving you to stand here near the other three men. Sam smirked at you, taking a sip from his cup. “So, Y/N,” Sam said, gaining your attention, “That dress is amazing.” He said, his eyes falling down your body.

You tried to ignore his stare but you could feel the heat rising in your cheeks. You saw Bucky shoot Sam a glare and he gripped his glass in his flesh hand. Steve scoffed and stood from his chair, circling around your body. “No, amazing doesn’t cut it. This dress is FANTASTIC!” Steve said with a chuckle. He stopped beside you and held his tie out for you to see. “We match.” Steve said, smiling down at you.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Steve. “Okay, if I remember correctly, didn’t you always try to do that when I was younger?” You asked, looking up at Steve. He snorted and nodded his head. “I, uh, yeah I remember that.” Steve said, his eyes landing on your cleavage before he meet your eyes. You laughed along with Steve and forgot for a split second that Bucky was there. You cleared your throat and Steve’s cheeks burned red.

Bucky stood from his chair and shoved between you and Steve, walking off somewhere else. You watched after him and you were about to follow him, but Steve gripped your arm gently. “So, did you want to dance?” Steve asked, his tone hopeful. You nodded gently, he is your friend after all. Sam smirked after you. “I call next!” Sam yelled, making you laugh.

You danced with Sam and Steve together now, seeing Bucky’s figure sitting in his previous seat at the bar. Your dad and Tony were sitting on either side of Bucky, chatting along about nonsense. You twirled around with Steve, letting him pull you into him. “You really do look beautiful tonight, Y/N.” Steve said, twirling you again so you spun into a waiting Sam.

You smiled and danced along with Sam, his hand in yours and the other resting on your lower back. “Steve’s right, I can’t believe you used to be this shy little girl!” Sam said, laughing along with you. You enjoyed dancing with Sam and Steve, but the lingering stares were making you a tad bit uncomfortable. You were about to tell them you needed a break until Sam spun you into Steve.

Steve held you close and looked into your eyes, his hands coming up to brush along your cheek. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he started to lean in, until you heard what sounded like a woman yelling from near the bar and glass breaking. You pulled away from Steve and looked to the scene, seeing Bucky breathing heavily and the mirror behind the bar shattered from him throwing his beer bottle into it.

You, Sam, and Steve rushed over to the bar, the crowd dancing though their eyes on the Avengers before them. Clint was yelling at Bucky once you got there and you saw Tony holding his chest, his eyes wide. “What the hell is going on?” You asked, immediately resting your hand on Bucky’s arm. He was breathing heavily and his jaw was clenched.

Clint shook his head and glared at Bucky. “Yes, please do, tell us why you broke Tony’s mirror.” Your dad replied sarcastically, sounding much like you. The girls and Vision now joined and you saw Bucky sigh loudly. “It’s nothing.” Bucky grumbled, gently pulling his arm away from you. You frowned and you heart sank a tad, but you knew he needed some space.

This was clearly because Steve just tried to kiss you. You didn’t notice he and Sam had been flirting with you until now. Tony scoffed and shook his head. “Nothing!? You just broke a thousand dollars worth of a mirror for NOTHING?” Tony yelled, slapping the back of his hand against Bucky’s shoulder. He looked at Tony. “Yup.” He said, making Tony all the more angrier.

Tony clenched his fists and raised one, but you stepped in between him and Bucky. “Stop it! Stop, just stop.” You shouted, holding your hands up in front of you. 

A gasp fell from Steve’s mouth. “Oh no.” He said softly, making you and everyone else look at him. “What?” Clint snapped, “Sad you didn’t get your kiss from MY daughter?” Clint asked viciously. You rolled your eyes at how ridiculous your dad sounded. 

“Bucky.” Steve said, his voice soft. “I didn’t know.” Steve looked Bucky guiltily and you knew he had figured it out. The space fell silent and you felt Bucky’s hand rest on your lower back. “Didn’t know what?” Sam and Tony asked simultaneously. Your face started to heat up and you cleared your throat. It’s now or never.

You turned to your dad and he met your eyes. “Dad, I have something to tell you.” You said quietly, wincing when his eyes darted between you and Bucky. Clint furrowed his eyebrows and you could see the gears shifting in his eyes as he pieced it together. “No way!” Sam yelled, a light laugh falling from his mouth.

Clint’s lips formed a tight line and he stared at you, shaking his head. “Are you kidding me?” He asked, his tone serious. You nodded gently, feeling Bucky’s hand grasp onto the material of your dress. You could tell his was nervous and scared. Tony gasped now and took a step back. “WHAT!” He yelled, causing the crowd to stop their dancing.

Tony apologized and told them to continue on. He turned to you and shook his head. “Y/N, my own worst enemy?” Tony asked, making your mouth fall open. “Tony, this isn’t like that!’ You yelled, anger bubbling in your veins. How dare he think you liked Bucky to spite him? Tony scoffed and shook his head again, turning and leaving the room.

Clint started to walk away and you called after him. "Dad! Please, let me explain!” You said, seeing him wave his hand. Your shoulders slumped a tad and you turned to Bucky. “Bucky, I’m sorry.” You whispered, wrapping your arms around his waist. He held you close and sighed. “Just talk to them.” Bucky said quietly. You nodded and pulled him along, going to find Tony and Clint.

The others followed behind you and you could hear Sam and Steve whispering to each other in the elevator. “I can’t believe you tried to kiss her!” “I got caught in the moment, Sam! I didn’t know they were more than make out sessions!” “Dude, even I’m not that bold.” “Oh shut up, you know you wanted-” “Guys!” You shouted, turning to them as the elevator came to a stop.

Bucky’s arm was held protectively around your waist, trying his best not to punch the two Avengers. You both knew he’d regret it. You sighed, all of you walking into the common room. Clint and Tony were sitting on the couch, unreadablelooks on their faces. You took a deep breath as they looked up at you. “I want you two to listen to me, please.” You said with a steady voice.

Clint stood to his feet, his hands on his waist. “Dad, I know what happened last time, but Bucky has been so sweet to me. I like him a lot. And it means more to me that you approve.” You said, looking at your dad. 

He sighed and looked at Bucky, raising his eyebrows. Bucky cleared his throat, his hand holding you tighter. “Clint, I won’t hurt her. I’m not like her ex. I promise, I’d never do anything to cause her any pain.” Bucky said, his voice soft.

Bucky looked at Tony. “And I’m sorry for breaking your overpriced mirror and scaring you. Though to be fair, you scream scared me, too. But anyways, I got jealous.” Bucky muttered the last part and you blushed, a smile forming on your lips. 

Clint snorted and you snapped your head towards him. He was covering his mouth and Tony was glaring at Clint. “Wait, TONY is the one that screamed?” Wanda asked, her eyes wide.

The room all looked at Tony and everyone started laughing, making him hide his face in his hands. “Oh my God!” Sam coughed from laughing so hard. Clint walked over to you and Bucky. “Clearly she really likes you, James. I can’t make her not date you.” Clint said, shaking Bucky’s metal hand. You smiled and bit your lip.

Tony gasped and stood beside the others. “Wait, what!?” Tony yelled, shaking his head. Clint sighed and turned to Tony. “He’ll pay for the mirror.” Clint said before turning back to you and Bucky. You smiled and hugged your dad tightly. “Thank you.” You whispered, feeling his smile against your shoulder.

You were sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a cup of water. It’s been a few hours since the party had ended and you said goodnight to everyone. You heard footsteps approaching the kitchen, seeing Bucky appear in his sweats and nothing else. You smirked and set your cup down on the counter. Bucky walked over to you and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

You held Bucky’s waist, smiling up at him. “Hey there, lover.” You said softly. Bucky chuckled and he bent down to pick you up, sitting you on the counter. “Doll, how can you still be so beautiful?” Bucky asked, his hands rising up underneath your old worn out band t-shirt. You let your eyes close as you felt his lips press to your pulse point.

A soft moan fell from your parted lips and Bucky smirked. You let your legs wrap loosely around his waist, your hands holding onto his biceps. “Bucky, someone could walk in.” You whispered, feeling his thumbs sneak under the band of your shorts. He chuckled deeply, nipping at your skin. “Let them, I don’t care.” Bucky said lowly, your hands gripping onto his arms as his hands moved to your thighs.

You suddenly heard someone clear their throat and Bucky pulled away from you, gasping. You saw your dad standing there and he held up a hand before you or Bucky could say anything. “Don’t. Just let me get my juice in peace.” Clint said, avoiding eye contact. 

He got his juice and stopped with his back turned to you and Bucky. “Remember, I’ll shoot your other arm with one of my arrows, James.” Clint said before walking out of the kitchen. You let go of the breath you didn’t know you were holding and Bucky turned to face you, his face red. 

“I told you!” You whispered as your cheeks flushed. Bucky let out a breathy laugh, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you.” Bucky said, holding your cheeks. Your heart fluttered. “I love you too.” You said before kissing Bucky, letting him carry you to your room.

You were full of joy and content, finally having the happiness you never knew you’d find in the arms of Bucky Barnes.


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Take Care Of Her

Request: Hey could you please do an imagine were natasha likes bucky but bucky likes the reader and the reader has a daughter who’s 4 and keeps leaving to pick her up from kindergarten and something sad happens? - @itsjusthaawo

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About two years ago, you had joined the Avengers with your daughter. It wasn’t easy being an Avenger and taking care of a 4 year old on top of it. You never knew what to tell your daughter when you came home with cuts and bruises, sometimes broken bones. You just always told her that you were protecting her from evil.

Everyone has grown close to your daughter, treating her as their own. You didn’t mind because sometimes you can slip in a nap or two during the day while she watches Sam and Tony fly in the air, or watch Wanda make her toys “come to life” with her “red floating magic stuff”.

When school time came around and school breaks came to an end, you were pretty sad. It meant not being able to see your daughter all day. You picked her up every single day and the smile on her face and her little wobbly run made it worth it.

You were waiting for the clock to strike 2:00 so you can make your way to your daughters school. You were getting your bag ready when you heard voices talking. You stepped closer to the door, hearing Bucky and Natasha talking to each other.

A sigh escaped Nat’s lips. “I just really like you Bucky. I’ve liked you for a long time. I thought you liked me back, but I see why you never made a move. Y/N is a great choice.” You heard her say, her voice was sad and you could tell she was hurting. You frowned at what she said, feeling for your friend.

What surprised you was that she said Bucky liked you instead of her. Why would he choose you over her? You love your daughter, as does everyone, but wouldn’t Bucky prefer someone who doesn’t have one so he didn’t lose so much freedom? Raising a child is a lot of work and stress on top of missions and important duties.

Also, Nat is very intelligent, she’s an amazing fighter, she’s funny, and definitely has the looks. You would’ve thought they’d end up together the way she jokes around with Bucky. But you realize now that he indeed never made a move on her. He never paid her that attention.

You’ve liked Bucky for a while now but you weren’t sure how to address it. Especially since your daughters father isn’t in her life as much as before. She asks about him, so you didn’t think bringing a new manly face into the picture would be a good thing. Sure, she’s used to the men in the tower, but she’s very smart and would know the difference between a friendly man and a romantically involved man. You’ve stopped dating altogether. It’s only been you and her since.

Bucky sighed deeply. “I’m sorry, Nat. I really am.” Bucky apologized. You heard his footsteps approaching and you quickly turned back to your bag, stepping away from the door. You checked the clock again and you had ten minutes left before you had to go pick up your daughter. You zipped your bag and heard Bucky enter the room.

You turned to look at him, your heart beating fast. “Hey, Bucky.” You said with a smile, acting as if you weren’t just eavesdropping on him and Natasha. He looked up at you and instantly smiled back. “Hi. You leaving?” Bucky asked, looking at the bag that’s now on your shoulder.

You picked up your keys and nodded. “I have to pick the hell raiser up, remember?” You said with a giggle. “Oh yeah. Would, um, do you mind if I go? I need some fresh air.” Bucky said, scratching the back of his neck nervously. You raised your eyebrows, shocked at what Bucky just asked. Nobody has ever gone with you to pick your daughter up.

“Sure, that’d be fine.” You said with a wider smile. Bucky breathed out and smiled. “Good. Well let’s go get her!” He said happily. You giggled and you both left the tower, getting in your car and driving off.

You were stuck in traffic, of all things. You had a long line of cars ahead of you and you were anxiously tapping on your steering wheel. You felt off and you didn’t know why. Something was wrong but you ignored it and focused on the road ahead of you.

Bucky could tell you were nervous as he was watching you from the corner of his eye in the passenger seat. “We’ll get there, Y/N.” Bucky said softly. You sighed, shaking your head. “I know, I’m just never this late. Why aren’t they moving?” You wondered, rolling down your window to get a better view of the line of traffic.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, just traffic. You decided not to take your normal way to the school and now you were deeply regretting it. You thought you’d get there quicker but it wasn’t happening today. You sighed heavily, checking the time on your radio clock. It was 2:25 and they let kids out at 2:30.

Bucky reached his metal arm over to rest his hand on yours. You took comfort in the cool temperature since your nerves were making your body heat rise. “Y/N, it’s okay.” Bucky reassured you. You nodded, feeling your nerves start to calm down. Having Bucky here made you feel a little better.

You leaned your head against your seat and the cars started to slowly move up. “Finally.” You breathed a sigh of relief. You followed behind, feeling even better now that you were moving along. Bucky’s hand now moved to your thigh but you didn’t mind. It wasn’t sexual, it was comforting.

A few minutes later, and you were smooth sailing. You were fifteen minutes late to picking your daughter up and you hoped she wasn’t an emotional mess. You were always on time. Bucky’s hand stayed on your thigh the entire time, seeing that it calmed you down.

Your stomach sank when you saw the empty strip where parents picked up their children. “Bucky.” You said quietly, leaning further up in your seat. You pulled around to the front entrance and the place was empty except for the principle’s car and a few others that belonged to the staff.

You inhaled shakily and thought maybe she was waiting inside the school with the principal. Bucky was on high alert now, searching the area out of his window for any sign of danger. You pulled up and stopped your car, putting it in park before stepping out.

The wind blew some of your hair into your face as you looked around the front area of the school. Bucky crossed around to your side and grabbed your hand, his own nerves getting to him. “Let’s go.” He said as you walked to the doors.

You walked inside, the school smelling like finger paint and crayons. You walked over to the principles office after not seeing a teacher waiting with your daughter. Your hands were starting to shake as you thought of the worst possible outcome.

The principle looked up at you from her papers and smiled. “Hello, how may I help you?” She asked, taking her glasses off, letting them dangle from her glasses chain. “I’m late picking up my daughter. She isn’t-I don’t see her here.” You said softly and Bucky rubbed your hand with his thumb.

The principles eyebrows furrowed. “You’re Y/N Y/L/N, right? A man said he was your husband and he took her.” She said as she looked between you and Bucky. You gasped and held your hand to your chest. Her father is back. Bucky looked down at you and held you close, his hand resting on your lower back.

The principle stood to her feet when she saw your reaction. “I’m so sorry. He said you were running late and let him come get her. Oh no.” She panicked and you swear your legs felt like jelly. Your ex husband was a bad man and you always told the team to watch out for him anytime they went out, just in case. You haven’t seen him in years, not since you escaped Hydra. Bucky’s hands tightened around yours and he pulled you out of the school building.

Tears filled your eyes and your breathing was coming out in short heavy exhales. Bucky stopped and turned to you, his hand resting on your cheek. “Y/N, focus. She’ll be fine. I need to know where you think she is.” Bucky said, grabbing your keys from your hand. You wracked your brain, thinking of any possible place he could’ve taken her.

You sobbed and smacked your hand against your forehead. “I don’t know!” You said, your voice breaking. Your daughter was probably terrified, she hasn’t seen her father in years. How could the principle not call you to confirm that information? You were angry, scared, and helpless all at once.

Bucky quickly put you in the passenger seat and rushed around to the drivers seat. Bucky gave you your phone and cranked your car, speeding out of the area. “Call Steve. Get everyone out searching.” Bucky told you, his hands gripping your steering wheel.

Your eyes were blurry from the tears but you quickly speed dialed Steve’s number. He answered on the second ring. “Y/N!” Steve yelled as you yelled his name. “Steve, my daughter-” You sobbed into the phone and Steve cut you off. “It’s all over the News. Y/N, your ex husband is- he’s-Y/N, meet us at the address I’m going to text you. Okay?” Steve said before the line cut off.

Your heart dropped and you sobbed uncontrollably. “What did he say?” Bucky asked, a low growl in his voice. You could tell Bucky was angry. “He-he’s giving me an address. It’s live on the News.” You managed to choke out. Bucky grabbed your phone and read the address, quickly speeding after dropping your phone in his lap.

The car ride seemed longer than it actually was and you couldn’t control your crying. Your daughter was in danger and you had no idea what was about to happen. All you knew is that you needed to focus and be strong for your daughter. You couldn’t let her down.

Bucky slammed on the brakes and rushed out of the car, you following closely behind. Bucky gathered weapons from a hidden compartment in your trunk and gave you a handgun. Putting in your comm, you sniffled and looked up at Bucky. He watched you closely, grabbing two more guns for him to use.

Bucky leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “We’re going to get her back, Y/N. I’ll be damned if I let her get hurt.” Bucky said, his voice soft yet stern. You nodded and pulled away, looking around the area. You could see people running around and the News van a couple feet away. “Come on.” Bucky said, grabbing your hand in his.

You both ran towards the crowd and saw Tony flying around up near the tallest building in the area. Your stomach dropped and you saw Steve standing outside of the building. “Steve!” Bucky yelled out, catching his attention. Steve ran over to you two and it looks like he had been crying. “Bucky, Y/N. Your daughter, William has her.” Steve said, confirming everything.

You let out a sob and suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. “Y/N, we’re going to get her, I promise. We don’t know what he has planned, but-” A loud intercom in the area sounded through the air. You all three looked to the sound and saw your ex husband with your daughter near the edge of the building. He was holding her on his side and if you listened closely, you could hear her crying for you.

William turned on his mic and Steve ran off, leaving you and Bucky to watch. “My dearest Y/N,” William started to speak, “Come back home to me, my love.” He continued, making your stomach twist. Bucky growled and cocked his gun. “Stay here. I’m about to kill that bastard.” Bucky placed a kiss on your head but you stayed still, staring up at the scene before you.

You quickly grabbed Bucky’s arm before he left. “No! No, this is my problem. Let me go up there.” You said, tears filling your eyes again. Bucky looked at you and shook his head. “There’s no way, Y/N!” He said, his blue eyes staring into yours. You sighed and looked up to William. “Times wasting!” William called out, your daughter squirming in his arms. Tony sighed into the comm. “We can’t fight him, he could end up dropping her off.” Tony said, his voice sad.

Bucky growled, looking up at William. “You’re not going alone.” Bucky said, turning back to you. You quickly pressed a kiss to Bucky’s cheek. “I’m not arguing over this. Stay here.” You said, turning and running into the building. Bucky stood outside, calling over some of your teammates. You ran up the stairs as fast as you could, finally making it up to the top.

You pushed the door to the roof open and your daughter screamed out, her eyes red and puffy from crying. “Mommy! Mommy!” She screamed, reaching her little arms out for you. You held back a sob and bravely walked over to William. You stood a few feet away, seeing Tony and Sam hovering in the sky in the distance. “Y/N, just be careful.” Sam said. You sighed, “I will.” You said quietly.

William smirked at you and patted your daughters leg. “Nice to see you again, Y/N. It’s been too long. Tell me, how is it working for the Avengers?” William sneered, his eyes staring right into yours. You scoffed and wiped at your cheeks. “Forget about that. Give me my daughter back.” You said, your voice slightly shaking. William tsked and shook his head. “You see, she’s my daughter, too.” William said, touching your daughters cheek. “Isn’t that right?” He cooed.

Your stomach turned when your daughter recoiled and used her tiny hands to move William away. “Mommy!” She cried again. You stepped towards her and William took a step backwards, getting closer to the edge of the building. You stood still and looked at William pleadingly. “Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. Just let her go.” You begged, your eyes blinking away more tears.

William sighed out, tapping his chin. “Come home to me.” William said, his eyebrows quirked. You scrunched your nose up in disgust and decided you just needed to trick him into thinking you’d go with him. Then Tony and Sam can take care of him. You slowly stepped towards William. “Fine. But my daughter stays with the Avengers.” You said, standing tall and crossing your arms. “What!? No, Y/N!” Wanda screamed into the comm.

You frowned and sighed again. “Y/N, you can’t go with him!” Bucky yelled next, the sound of his running in the background. You knew he was coming up now, you could hear his heavy boots climbing up the stairs. William bent down and put your daughter on the concrete. She ran to you, her legs carrying her straight into your arms. You instantly started crying again as you picked her up in your arms, your handgun dropping to the ground beside you.

Your daughter clung to you and gripped onto your hair tightly. “Mommy!” She cried into your shoulder. You held her close and sniffled. “You’re okay, sweetie.” You said, gently caressing her soft hair. Bucky suddenly burst through the door and you quickly turned to him. Bucky rushed over to you and pulled you into a hug, your daughter pressing closer to you. “Y/N, please, don’t do this.” Bucky begged you, pulling away as he looked at you.

Your daughter whimpered and reached for Bucky. “Daddy!” She yelled, reaching for Bucky. You gave her to Bucky and she wrapped her arms around Bucky’s neck tightly. Bucky’s lip quivered and he held her close, his metal hand gently cradling her head. “You’re okay, little doll.” Bucky said, not minding of what she just called him. He kissed her temple gently. You heard William clear his throat. “I’m waiting.” He said in a menacing voice.

Bucky looked over at William and sighed heavily. “I have a plan.” You said, whispering to Bucky, loud enough for everyone to hear. “What is it?” Steve asked, standing below with Nat, Clint, and Wanda. Vision had joined Tony and Sam in the air, and you took a deep breath. “Just let me go to him and as soon as I get there, just kill him. Simple.” You said, lightly shrugging your shoulders. Bucky looked down at you, his eyebrows creased. “Let’s do this.” Tony said, readying his suit hands.

You placed a kiss on your daughters cheek, then Bucky’s. You walked away, heading back to William. As you were walking, he crossed his arms and smirked at you. You sighed and stood in front of William, your eyes glancing up at Tony. William gripped your arm and you knew it was time. “Go!” You called out, signaling Tony and the others to start attacking. They flew down and William turned around just in time to let you go and Sam to punch him in the face.

You turned to run away, but William quickly grabbed you. “Stop or I’ll shoot her!” William yelled out, pulling you into the front of his body, facing the three Avengers. You gasped and your heart started beating fast in your chest. “William, you need to let her go.” Vision said, holding his hands up in front of him. You felt the gun pressing against your side. “I don’t fucking think so.” William spat.

He jerked you up more, digging the gun into your side. “William, please.” You sobbed, thoughts of you and your daughter rushing through your mind. “Tony, do something!” Bucky yelled through his comm. “I can’t let her little girl go! DO SOMETHING!” He yelled out, sobbing into his comm. You closed your eyes and let a few tears go. Tony rushed over to William and that’s when you felt it.

You felt the bullet pierce through your skin and the collective screams in your comm from your teammates. Tony shot at William, shooting him down as you slipped onto your knees, your vision blurry. “Y/N!” Voices screamed all at once, the sound faint but still there. You rolled onto your back and looked down, seeing a pool of blood at your side. Bucky ran over to you, the others following him.

They all fell to their knees around your body and Clint took your daughter from Bucky, turning her away from the scene before the others. “Oh my God.” Bucky said, his hand putting pressure on your wound. You struggled to breathe, every gasp for air shooting pain through your body. “B-Bucky. I’m so sorry.” You rasped, feeling yourself fading. “Y/N, don’t you do this to me!” Bucky pleaded, his voice cracking. The others were holding each other, crying as they looked at you.

You coughed, blood splattering out. “Please, take care of her.” You said, your eyes blurry from your tears. Bucky kept putting pressure on your wound. “Tony, fuck, do something! Help her!” Bucky yelled. Tony sobbed and wiped the hair from your forehead. “She’s lost too much blood.” He said, his voice low. You coughed again, taking a deep breath. “She needs you guys. I-I can’t-” You said, looking up at Bucky, your voice failing you now.

Bucky shook his head and Steve held your hand, leaning down to press a kiss to your head. “We love you, Y/N.” Steve said as he choked on a sob. You smiled despite your body shutting down. “I love you guys. Bucky, I-I’ve always loved you.” You said, turning your head to Bucky. His face was red and his eyes were filled with tears.

You took one final breath and felt yourself slipping into darkness forever.

Note: I GOT CARRIED AWAY, SORRY IT’S SO LONG. thanks for the request! I made it sad for you, I hope you don’t hate me, hehe. enjoy! feedback is welcome! .c

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Every SteveTony Fanfic Ever (the it never gets old remix)

Steve decides that he has to rescue Tony before he collapses from sleep deprivation due to an all-night engineering binge working on his repulsors/Clint’s exploding arrows/Nat’s stingers/Bucky’s new arm/something Fury yelled at him to do for SHIELD. Steve buys bagels/doughnuts/cupcakes/sandwiches during his morning run, freshens up as soon as he gets to the Tower, and wears a white, almost transparent t-shirt that shows off all his delicious muscles. Even though he’s still damp from the shower, Steve takes the elevator down to Tony’s workshop.

Dummy and Butterfingers chirp happily as soon as Steve arrives and he moves to pet them, then tosses them a ball as they scurry after it with tiny beeps of joy.

JARVIS informs Steve that he just missed Tony awake ten minutes ago. Tony is hunched over his desk fast asleep, face smeared with oil/grease stains, tank top all rumpled, and hair all messy, but he is still the most beautiful man Steve has ever seen. Steve smiles to himself and sits on the couch/in his own Cap-designated corner with all his art tools to make a quick sketch of sleeping Tony. He’s already finished up five super secret Tony sketchpads. At first they’re just sketches of Tony in his armor, but recently the pages are full of Tony’s long, slender fingers/his smile/the curve of his back and ass.

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Proposals (Avengers Preferences)

I’m feeling a bit wedding-y today because I’ve been watching Say Yes to the Dress on repeat


Warnings; none

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve seems like a real traditional kind of guy, but it’d actually be really simple. The past few years would have been a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs and new experiences, and he’d just want something really short and sweet. It’d probably be completely random, like laying on the sofa watching a film, and he’d just randomly produce a ring and ask you to marry him.

Tony Stark/Ironman

It’s no secret that Tony is richer than rich. He’d go all out - A whole fancy meal, fireworks, a slideshow of photos of you two. But the actual proposal wouldn’t fit in with all that - You’d reach the end of the night and he wouldn’t have done it. When you were both tired and drifting off to sleep, he’d just hold out a ring to you and ask you. 

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier 

Bucky spends more time than you realise on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. He got the idea from there - You all went out to your favourite theme park and got on one of the biggest rollercoasters there. You didn’t notice that Steve, Sam, Bucky and Clint all had signs in their hands. It wasn’t until the photos of you on the rollercoaster were printed out that you realised the four signs read ‘Will you marry me?’ You then turned round and he would be smiling innocently, on one knee, with a ring.

Thor Odinson 

The Asgardian proposals were slightly different to those on Earth - It generally consisted of one of the counterparts of the relationship, if opposite sex, usually the male, would simply announce that they loved the other person, and hand them a ring, letting them know that they would soon be married. This was a rather shocking experience when he ‘proposed’ to you in front of your family at Christmas. (’Y/N, it has come to my attention that I have deep feelings for you and would like to spend the rest of my time with you. So, we’re getting married!’). Luckily, you were ecstatic.

Loki Laufeyson

Unlike his brother, Loki was actually accustomed to the Earth traditions of proposing. So much so, it was even more traditional than any of the Avengers. A meal at your favourite restaurant, Loki paying for it all, and then a ring in the bottom of your ice cream sundae.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Bruce would be really, really anxious. He’d plan a whole evening that would look like something out the film, and then realise that you both enjoyed more simple things. So, he called it off and ordered take out, and you watched the Bridget Jones Diary, finishing off the evening with him just outright asking you.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Clint would both piss you off and impress you with the proposal - You would pick up your favourite book one day, to find a huge square cut out the middle of the inner pages, and a ring. The words ‘marry me?’ would be in huge letters over the text. Your initial response would be to scream, but that urge was overtaken by the whole proposal thing. 

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Sam is generally a laidback guy, so his proposal wouldn’t be at all over the top or really cheesy. Actually, it was quite cheesy, but not in the negative way. He proposed with pizza, so yes, it was actually cheesy. You opened the pizza box, and across the top it simply said ‘marry me?’ - He didn’t buy a ring just yet, because you went out the next day and chose one together.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro didn’t exactly ask you. You were getting ready for work one day, and a familiar flash of silver passed by you. You didn’t think much of it, until you looked at your finger to see a ring. He grinned at you and said ‘So?’ and you just returned the smile, nodding.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda would also do it quite simple like her brother, but would actually ask you, rather than simply putting a ring on your finger and hoping for the best. It would just be a normal day of you guys going to work, except after dinner, when she would ask you. She wouldn’t want anything over the top, because she was quite humble and big proposals had always made her cringe a bit. Either way, it would be perfect for both of you.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff getting married? Her actually taking time out of work to do a huge proposal? That wasn’t happening. It was sort of a funny story - You were in Las Vegas with the rest of team, and it just to happened to be your three year anniversary on the same weekend. You were both a little bit drunk, but she still knew then that she wanted to marry you. Next thing you knew, you both woke up the next morning, without the foggiest as to what had happened the previous night. To your surprise, there was a ring on your finger. You both briefly remembered her putting it on your finger and muttering something. She was worried you were going to take the ring off and say it was a drunken mistake, but instead you smiled with content, rolled over, and fell back asleep.