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#let me tell you one thing about this #sebastian stan’s acting #all i see when i look at his face is terror #you can literally see 2340958 different emotions in his eyes #he’s breathing so heavily #and it just makes it look so real #he looks so afraid #but what shatters my heart the most is that he’s afraid of himself #bucky wanted to get away from everything #he didn’t choose this life #he was forced by hydra #bucky barnes is not a villain #i can’t look in his eyes in this scene and even imagine him being the villain #his eyes are screaming #help me #i’m sorry i took the lives of innocent people help me #i’m sorry i almost killed you steve help me #SO ANYWAY #props to sebastian stan for acting this out #because there was a lot of stuff going on in bucky’s internal monologue

Steve: At this point I doubt anything could surprise me.

Nick Fury: 10 bucks says you’re wrong.


Steve: Ok now there isn’t anything that could surprise me.

Alexander Pierce *quietly, in the background*: 1 Buck says you’re wrong.

Poor Steve

Steve: I’ve lost everyone I ever cared about, but at least I made sure the tesseract would never again fall into human hands. 

Nick Fury: Yeah. About that…

Steve: So much for that, but at least I was able to destroy HYDRA. 

Rumlow:  Well this is awkward.

Steve: At least I can still find some peace in the knowledge that even if his sacrifice was in vain, Bucky died a quick death and definitely didn’t suffer while I slept.

The Winter Soldier: Sup.