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How The Avenger’s Ask You Out

Tony Stark (Iron Man)-

Tony shows up to your place of work and insists that you take time to have a conversation with him. It’s a bit embarrassing since all of your coworkers and your boss are staring at the two of you. However, because this is Tony Stark your boss makes quick movements to usher you towards Tony. Tony goes on a long winded speech about how you have some how stuck around longer than he thought and about how he thinks the two of you should go out on a date and see how it goes. The speech catches you so off guard that you can’t respond right away so Tony continues to talk about how great the date will be. The amount of uncertainty in his voice might have been heartbreaking if you were able to focus on it. Instead you quickly accept the proposition. 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)-

Bruce is incredibly nervous when he asks you out on a date. He sees you as this perfect human being that someone makes him both calm and excited at the same time. So when he finally decides to ask you out, he is terrified of something going wrong. He stutters his way through the question and a conversation that should have taken 30 seconds ends up taking over three minutes. You patiently wait through the whole thing and eventually say yes. As if there was ever any other answer to the question. Once it’s all over Bruce goes back to his work and secretly thinks over every single word he said and he kind of hates himself for how much he stuttered. But you said yes! and that’s all that matters to him. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)-

Steve’s question comes out as more of a suggestion than an actual question. The two of you haven’t known each other for a very long time and you’re more acquaintances than actual friends. But after having a few conversations with you he finds himself wanting to get to know you better and eventually decides to ask you on a date. So the next time he runs into you he heavily suggests that the two of you go out for lunch some time. He doesn’t want to pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable so he offers a bunch of ways you could get out of it and continuously reminds you that you don’t have to take the offer. You take it anyway of course. 

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)-

Clint is one of the cheesiest people that you have met, and he is not ashamed of that. He asks you out on your first date by tying a letter to one of his arrows and firing it into the side of your house near your door. You hear the impact from inside the house and go to investigate. After reading the note you look around playfully annoyed with the new hole in the side of your building. Clint is standing nearby with his bow still in his hands and when he sees you read the note he walks up to you to get your answer. You roll your eyes at him, but there really isn’t any question. You accept. 

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)-

Natasha is very forward when she asks you out on a date. She struggles for a very long time about whether or not she wants to ask you out in the first place. Her job is so dangerous she’s terrified that the instant she admits she has feelings for you someone is going to take you away from her. But eventually she decides to do it and she walks up to you and very clearly asks. “Do you want to go on a date with me?” She hasn’t even decided where she wants to take you yet all she cares about is getting an answer for you.

Thor Odinson-

Thor goes all out in his courtship of you. He recognizes that a lot of people simply ask the person they’re interested in, but Thor wants to court his crush in the same way he would court someone on Asgard. So he buys flowers, and candies and shows up at your house at all times of the days with compliments and other random gifts. It’s overwhelming to be sure, but after the embarrassment passes, the gifts are nice and normally the ideas for them come from small details that Thor remembers about you. And after a while of the spoiling he finally asks if you’ll honor him with a date to a nice restaurant that someone recommended for him. 

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)- 

Bucky doesn’t know everything about his past, but some of the things he does remember are his flirting abilities. He’s not as suave anymore but he knows how to make someone feel good and he uses that leading up to asking you out on a date. He makes sure that his intentions are clear when he’s interacting with you. He doesn’t want you to wonder if he’s actually flirting with you or if he’s just messing around so he makes sure you know that he’s flirting for real. He doesn’t want to rush anything and he wants to know if you’re interested in him back so he spends a while flirting and gathering your reactions. Finally when he actually asks you out it’s very straight forward. He talks about how much he likes you and enjoys your company and then asks if you would go out to dinner with him. He even offers to take you to a movie afterwards as if he needed to offer anything else to get you to say yes. 

T’Challa (Black Panther)-

T’Challa is another straight forward person who pretty much comes forward and asks you out on a date without much fan fare. However, he does bring along a bouquet of beautiful flowers to accompany his question. After you answer yes he goes into the details of the perfect night that he has planned for the both of you. Even he doesn’t know if he’s trying to impress you or if he’s just excited about the thought of taking you out on a date. 

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)-

Wanda hints at asking you out on a date for weeks before she ever actually asks you out on a date. She needs to be absolutely certain that you will answer yes before she actually asks. So for a while she jokes around with you about what dating would be like and if you seem receptive and not horrified by the idea she starts making her plans. She has to create mental barriers for herself so that if she’s met by rejection she won’t be affected by it. Or at least that’s the idea. And even though she could pry into your mind and figure out for certain if you’re interested in her, she doesn’t let herself. Because she doesn’t want a relationship to start with the invasion of your privacy. 

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)-

Pietro asks you out on a date very suddenly. He hypes himself up all day long and when he finally decides to ask you, he zips in front of you, asks very quickly and then runs away immediately. He doesn’t even wait for you to answer. In fact, he actively avoids you for the rest of the day, because he’s terrified of your answer. He loves to pretend he’s untouchable, but when it comes to things close to his heart, he is very protective. It takes you the rest of the day to finally catch up with him and corner him so that he has to talk to you. When you say yes he let’s out a huge sigh of relief and tries to dismiss his actions and act confident again. 

When I’ll watch Avengers: Infinity War

Me during every scene: 

Stage 1

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Stage 4


Petition for including the dialogue “No shit Sherlock” in a scene between Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch in Avengers: Infinity War.

Reblog this till it reaches MCU.

I’ll be honest - I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I did my best and I’m quite happy with how it ended but I feel like there’s more to Tony and the reader’s relationship that I should’ve explored. However, after the conversation with Loki it was just too long. You guys will let me know what you think. Thanks to @thefallenbibliophilequote for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: What’s the chance that you can do a second part to “The Beast” please?

‘The Beast’ (Part 2)

Part 1

It was the season of ice-cream and lemonade. All the windows in your apartment were wide open, as well as the doors to your balcony, on which you sat. After about twenty minutes of sun-soaking fun, you decided that you couldn’t tolerate the sunshine any more.

Despite the shorts and vest you were currently sporting, you could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead, which no amount of wiping away cleared up permanently. You opened your fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Just holding it helped you feel cooler, and placing it on the back of your neck, as you closed the fridge with your foot, provided small sweet relief from the heat.

You unscrewed the lid and poured a little water down your throat. Heaven.
“Fuck me, it’s hot…” you sighed to yourself as you ambled down the corridor. You’d already passed your front doorway before you realised someone had been stood in it. You froze.
“Perhaps I might be able to assist with that,” the figure said.

Moving onto your back foot, you leaned backwards and peered around the corner. You knew that face. Surely not…

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Scars ( Avengers Preference)

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Captain America/ Steve Rogers: Due to the serum, he doesn’t have any scars. Although you always wondered how he got that body. So, on your 3 months anniversary, you asked him. He was a big hesitant in the beginning, but he told you everything, the whole story and you couldn’t help but admire him more.

QuickSilver/ Pietro Maximoff: you found a huge bullet scrape on his shoulder. It was after you two went for a run. He was sweaty and he took off his shirt. Your eyes scanned his body, admiring his toned torso. That was until your eyes met his shoulder. A scrape on his bicep intrigued you. You had to know, so you asked him. He told you the whole story; how he “died” in the fight with Ultron, how he was saved, how this little shit stayed there to remind him of that period every day… By the time he was done talking, you were in tears. You literally jumped in his arms and because you caught him in surprise, he ended up falling on the ground with his back with you on top of his chest. You kissed his lips deeply, making him smile and wrap his arms around your waist holding you as close to him as he could.

Thor/ Thor Odinson: You found one on his leg. It was the first night he spent in your place. Due to the fact that he didn’t have clothes at your place, he had to sleep in just his boxers. Which, to be honest, was fine by you. You were cuddled on your bed, your legs intertwined, enjoying the silence. You felt something weird on his leg, something smooth… You went closer and traced it with your finger, making Thor jump a bit.
“How did you get that?” You asked him. Thor looked at you and removed his arm from behind his head. He opened his arms, signaling that he wanted you in between them.
“Storytime… Come here, my lady.”  He said and you went to his chest, snuggling to his warm skin. He told you about the fight with Loki on Asgard, the day the bridge was destroyed. You listened to him carefully. You then made him tell you everything about Asgard.Although you wanted to hear everything, the fact that it was like a fairytale wasn’t that much helpful. You fell asleep on his chest. He smiled at the sight of you asleep and began playing with your hair until he fell asleep too.

Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff: You saw the scar on her lower abdomen. You went to a pool for a swim and you saw it. She caught you staring at it, so she told you about when in Odessa, the Winter Soldier shot her to kill the nuclear engineer she was escorting out of Iran. You kissed her scar and she blushed a bit, even though she still denies it.

Hulk/ Bruce Banner: You saw nothing. But when you had a fight in which you were screaming, Bruce left your apartment. You began crying, thinking that it was over and he left you for good. When he came home, he found you on the corner of your living room, crying your eyes out. He put you on his lap and explained everything to you; the “other guy”, the reason he couldn’t get mad, that he left you so he couldn’t lash out and hurt you unintentionally, that he would hate himself if he ever hurt you. And you felt calmer, you felt loved.

Hawkeye/ Clint Barton: You knew about his hearing aid and you were super understanding. One day you found a bruise on his collarbone. You thought that he was cheating on you. When you asked him, he laughed so hard and explained that it happened during a combat training.

Scarlet Witch/ Wanda Maximoff: Right above her eyebrow. It was a small scratch that happened during a training, nothing to worry about… but you worried. You cleaned it up and put a band-aid on it. She found it really sweet and caring and ever since, you became her ‘nurse’.

The Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes: It was eating you alive to ask about his arm and how he got it. He told you everything he knew and could remember, which led to you crying and you two sharing your first kiss.

Loki/ Loki Laufeyson: He hurt his knee when you took him to show him everything about graffiti. He slipped and hurt his knee. It wasn’t something great, he just was overdramatic about it, wanting your full attention and affection.

LOVE TRIANGLE (Steve, Tony x Reader)

Request: Hi can I have an iron man and Captain America imagine about jealousy? I love when they bicker and argue! Please and thank you 😘😘 - @keepcalm-and-beyou

A/N: Hey) I’m sorry, it turned into some another thing😅 it was really hard for me to imagine it, but I think it’s a good one)
There is a jealousy moment and argue moment too! Hope you’ll love it! And I’m sorry if there is some mistakes, cause I write really fast 😅! ❤️✌️ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

On the way to Avengers Tower…
“It’s so big” you think while looking at Avengers Tower. It’s almost 2 month since you want to take an interview from Tony Stark, Iron Man himself! And finally after this long time you have a little time to talk to him… it’s 3 months since Airport Battle and everyone wants to know a little bit more about it! Of course up don’t work on some famous newspapers, you just have your blog on Internet… but it’s only beginning!

You are inside. You are on a lift .
You saw Vision playing chess and Natasha looking at the city through the window with a really pensive face, they didn’t notice you at first but then you said “Hey”
They looked at you surprisingly.
“Hey, what happened?” Said Vision with a smile on his face. Natasha is still looking at you.
“Hello, I’m (Y/N), I’m reporter… kind of… I have a meeting with Mr. Stark” you a little shame ‘cause you talk to an android tho…
“Oh, he is…” started Vision
“I’m right here” said Tony. He turn around and see him, he doesn’t wear t-shirt he has a towel on his shoulder - he just came out from a shower.
“Who sent us this beautiful rose?” He tried to joke, you smiled even if it sos took funny…
“We have a meeting, I wanted to take an interview, my name is (Y/N)” you stretch your hand to him. He takes it, but doesn’t shake, he kisses it and looks into your eyes.
“So… where will we talk?” It’s a little awkward moment, you take your hand back…
“Just wait for me in my office, I’ll be back in next 15 minutes! Romanov, show her where to go!” Said Tony and went to another room.
“I’m not your secretary, Stark” said Natasha with a strict stern look. “Come on (Y/N), this way” said Natasha with a tired smile.

20 minutes later…
You sit on a chair waiting for Mr. Stark and reading a questions.
He opens the door and comes in.
“So, let’s start, I’m ready” said he, sat right in from of you! “Coffee maybe, ha?”
“No thanks!” Said you, “I’m don’t have a lot of time so…”
“Okay” says Tony, stands up and takes a bottle of red wine and two wineglasses. “Then this will help” he said with a smile.
You decided just don’t pay attention…
“So, first question, Mr. Stark.
What was the reason of all that happened? This battle is just horrible, especially for friends that saved the world, like, 3 times…?” You asked, you looked at him, his smile is gone, he drunk a little Ana started:
“All of this happened because of stupidity of one person! We all could avoid this… but we didn’t. We did a lot of things together, yes, but now it all seems like nothing important. Next question please” he said, he started look nice again and tried to smile.
“Okay” you wrote everything on you notebook and recorded to your phone. “So, Mr. Stark…” he interrupted you:
“Just Tony please, cause I can call you with you name, (y/n), so do you!”
“Okay, I’m sorry.” It’s really surprisingly, he always knew that Stark is very mean person…
“So next question:
We all know that there was Spider-Mn himself, he often appears in Queens and suddenly he appears in Berlin with completely new suit, as we can see on videos that surveillance cameras took. He question is: do you connect with him now? Where is he now? And do you know who is behind the mask?” You asked and you’re looking at him now.
“Oh yeah, he helped us a lot. Very nice kid. You are right, a made a new suit for him! And i can say it’s amazing! Not as good as mine of course but still, I’m Stark or not!? I don’t think I can tell you where he is now, but I do connect with him, a lot! Of course I know who is behind the mask, I know everything about everything! I assure you, it’s not his last “big adventure”, you will hear about him a lot soon.” He drunk a little bit more. You didn’t yet.
“Okay. Next one:
Do you know where Steve Rogers is right now? Rumors say that he and his team, Vanda Maximoff, Ant-Man, Falcon and others escaped from prison, is it true? And what will happen to Avengers now? Literally half of the team is kind of criminal now, how can people trust you now?” He looked very thoughtful! After a little pause he started:
“I don’t CARE where Rogers is. I don’t even want to know it, I have a lot of another things to think about! About prisoners, yeas it’s true, but I assure you they will not appear for a long time! We are still Avengers! Team that will help you people still exist. You can trust us, we are not guilty because of other’s mistakes…” he was really serious!
Suddenly, your phone ringed, you got a message…
“Who is texting us, honey?” Asked Tony
“Excuse me, what? At first not “us”, second please don’t call me like this anymore. I have to go to another interview, thank you for your time.” You sand up and left.
“We will continue later, bye!”

Next morning…
Your home.
You woke up, took your phone and saw 3 notifications.
from “S”: “I will be there at 8 p.m!”
From unknown number: “Yesterday I was a little drunk, I’m sorry, let’s continue our interview today in “SEVDA” restaurant. Tony Stark.”
And a notification from your blog: “your last interview post got 1 million 749 thousand views! It’s the most successful post, and it’s on the Top of recommended posts! Congratulations, (Y/N)! Administration!
“I have a thing to do, but I think i can combine it all! I will be there at 7.30 p.m! mr. stark but it’s only an interview!” You answered to the first message.

“I’m really thankful for your message. I looked for you for a long time! Let’s meet today in “SEVDA” restaurant at 8 p.m?” You sent this to the second message!

Your phone rings twice again…
“of course! So deal then, at 7.30 p.m in SEVDA restaurant! I will send you limousine to your home… be ready at 7.00 p.m!” From Tony Stark
“Oh really? Okay) I will be there!” From “S”

You are shocked because of Tony’s message. Limousine? No, no, it’s just an interview…
“I can get there on my own. I don’t need limousine, it’s not a date, just an interview!” You sent to Tony.
“Of course, of course)” you got the answer…

Restaurant “SEVDA”
7.28 P.M
You don’t wear something special, but it’s a restaurant at least, you have to look good so you took on your best dress…
You came in, surprisingly nobody was there, “but why” you think, it’s Friday’s evening.
You saw Tony right in front of you, as soon as he sees you, he stands up and goes to you.
“Good evening, (Y/N), lets sit?” Said Tony, he took your hand like it’s a date… you took it away and said “what is going on Mr. Stark? Where is everyone?”
“I rented all restaurant for this evening, so no one can interrupt your interview.” He said with a smile. You’re sitting now, there is a wine on the table, candles and you can hear some romantic music…
“Mr. Stark, I already told you, it’s just an interview. It’s not a date and it will never be! Now please stop it all! If you think that every girl loves you are wrong! I don’t, it’s just my job!” You are really disappointed by all this situation!

“Mr. Stark, I’m sorry, but we couldn’t stop this person, he says he has a meeting here with a girl who’s name is (Y/N)” said a security guy after a little awkward silence…
“And who is this person?” Asked Tony
“It’s, *khm* Captain America… Mr. Stark” said a security guys, with a little scary…
“What? Oh really (Y/N)? You don’t want to be with me on a date, and also you invited HIM? How long do you know each other? How long are you together? You know he is criminal!” Tony just freaked out when he heard his name, he looks at you with some mad and disappointed look.
“Mr. Stark, at first, who are you to talk with me like this? I know my place so you better know yours!!!” You stand up: “Second, I just wanted to take an interview from both of you together! And we are not dating and it’s none of your business!” You looked at security guy and said “I’ve been waiting for this moment to take an interview from him for a long time! And now when it’s almost done I don’t want anything to spoil this moment! Now immediately let Him in!” You are so mad and you can’t control yourself, you just can’t be calm anymore… the security guy didn’t move, he just looked at Mr. Stark with a questionable face.
“Mr. Stark, tell him to let Steve in right now, or I’m leaving!” You still didn’t sit, You are waiting for his reaction. After a minute of thinking he said to security guy let Steve in!
“You know, I can just call the police and they will come here in a minute! And next time you see him is in a prison! But I will not do it now!” Whispered Tony to you!
You said something kind if “thank you”…

Steve comes in! He wears black traditional suit, he has bouquet of flowers in his arm… he sees you and smiles, then he sees Tony and his face changes a little.
“Ahaha what the hell you wear?” Tony laugh
“What the hell are YOU doing here? Ha?” Said Steve with really serious face!
“I’m giving some interview, don’t you see fool? What are you doing here?”
“I’m on a date with (Y/N)” said Steve, he put the flowers on the table and looked at you
“What?” Asked you and Tony at the same time, you are shocked!
“What the hell is going on with both of you? Of a girl invites you somewhere it doesn’t mean she loves you!” You freaked out.
“Definitely it does, I know you like me (Y/N)” said Tony with a smug smile.
“She doesn’t like you! She invited me to this restaurant! For a date!” Said Steve, he looks at Tony now.
“Oh God! It’s just an interview what the hell is on your minds???” You asked.
“Why did you invite him? Do you know he is virgin? And he is 95 years old, he didn’t even kiss a girl, ever!” Said Tony.
“Oh really? But I know for sure that I done need to take some pills.” Said Steve.
“Shut up!” Said Tony with a scary look.
“Oh why?” Said Steve, then he looked at you: “he takes some pills I think you know for what! I know it since a year ago!”
“But it’s not… you know what? I’m still better then you at this case!” Said Tony with a smile!
“Take you suit ON and let’s find out!” Said Steve, he is serious.
“Oh I thought we on the contrary should take our suit off for this case” Said Tony with a smile on his face!
Steve opened his mouth trying to say something, but you interrupted them:
“Stop it! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! How did you live with each other before? I don’t like both of you guys, and finally I have a boyfriend and we will get married soon! Bye, I hope you won’t kill each other now!” You took your stuff and left the restaurant!

1 hour later

Steve and Tony eats some shaurma in a local cafe!
“I know for sure, if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she would prefer me , not you!” Said Tony…
“You really want to start it again Stark?” Asked Steve..
“Just kidding… relax!” Said Tony…
“But she is beautiful isn’t she?” Asked Tony with a smile on his face.
Steve nods and smiles too….


Captain America artwork for a Free Comic Book Day Poster Im making for my job. Check out my previous artwork of Wonder Woman for this poster, right Here!! 

We are doing Martha’s Vineyards first ever Free Comic book Day in July! I’m donating over 200 comic books from my personal collection for the goal of doing some good in my community on MV. If anyone actually wanted to donate comic books to help us out in our cause to giving 2 free comics to everyone who walks in our doors, I would so appreciate it! PM me for details.