captain america is eternal

You know when people say:
“I would die for you”?
When they want to explain
How important that person is to them?

I suppose they say that
Because they value their life
More than anything else.

For me it’s different, though.
I never cared much for my life.

So, there is no question
Whether I’d die for you or not,
I would,
Because between us two,
Your is the life that makes more sense,
And because I’m selfish like that,
I would never want to live in a world
Where you’re not in it anymore.

So, no.
I would never say:
“I would die for you.”
To explain
How important you are to me.

No, I would say:
“I would live for you.”
Because with you,
My life seems to make sense, too.


How important you are to me // e.k.

[for @hoechlbutt]

Waiting for Civil War Trailer be like:

  • Mum: so, April is a big month for you isn't it?
  • Me: yeah it is! Only 22 days!!
  • Mum: ...
  • Mum: but you're 16th birthday is in four days...
  • Me: were we not talking about Age of Ultron?
  • Mum: ...
  • Me: well, to me this film is a whole lot more important than my 16th birthday.

Stucky: Say cheese!!

ok so this was a little gift for the great Shanology …dearie I suck with words so I made you this happy stucky you can have it full size hehehe…. I really hope everything is better soon for you, I know we aren’t the closest friends but I care and think of u as a tumblr I’m here for you ok *hugs* :)

“S’gonna rain, Steve! And I really think I was faster on foot!”

“If you can keep up, we’ll be home before we get wet. And we are on foot!”

2014 best of.

favorites of 2014. i consumed more movies than anything else in 2014, and it shows.

  • best movie: The Incredibles (2004) | honorable mentions: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Snowpiercer (2014), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), Into the Woods (2014) | guilty pleasure mention: What’s Your Number? (2011)
  • best tv show: Selfie S1 (ABC) | honorable mentionsHow To Get Away With Murder S1 (ABC), Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2 (FOX)
  • best cartoon: Bee and Puppycat S1
  • best bookThe Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman
  • best comicHawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja, & Annie Wu | best issue: Hawkeye 20
  • best album: Things to Ruin (2010) by Joe Iconis | honorable mention: Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live (2013) by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk
  • best song: Never Heard Nothing from Things to Ruin (2010)
  • best musical theater performance: Heathers the Musical - closing night show | honorable mention: Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill - May 31st matinee show
  • breakout character: tied, Kate Bishop & Steve Rogers

Here they are! My cosplays of 2015! All new & a count of 27 of them! That’s a new record for me! 😊✨