captain america has feeble life skills

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white-throated-packrat replied to your photo: I firmly believe this is how Hawkeye cooks, when…

Hawkeye is the sort who’d be perfectly happy with Bachelor Chow, as long as it came in cans. I suspect that Captain America is another one you have to watch very carefully when he cooks, just because the food situation when he was young was so dire.

Steve is canonically a terrible cook. In the eighties, when he had an apartment for the first time in years, he would go down to his landlady’s unit in the morning and she’d feed him and his friend Jonah breakfast because they were incapable of cooking it themselves and she was worried they’d burn the building down. At least once the comics show him burning a TV dinner.

Bernie, his girlfriend, seemed to live in fear of the idea of him cooking her dinner. They ate out a lot.

I think Steve was relieved to move into Avengers Mansion where Jarvis cooked all their meals.