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“I used to think of myself one way. But after this, I am something else. And still me, I think. But that’s not what everyone else sees.” 

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Avengers Drinking Game:

Play at your own risk.

(Randomly) Assign each member of your party a role. The character card is that person’s cue to drink. The Avengers card provides cues for everyone to drink.

Might want to consider making drinking when someone says ‘Tesseract’ optional. It is said 31 times in the film. Unless getting black-out drunk is your intention.

Obligatory safety message: Please drink responsibly.

All characters are property of Marvel.

A record of things said by Stucky and Staron shippers...

Staron shippers

  • “While Sharon is underdeveloped as it is, there can and should be more room for her to grow”
  • “Sharon does a lot in CW, she aids Cap on his journey to find Bucky and risks her job for it.”
  • “Sharon is fantastic woman and she deserves none of this petty hate, we need to appreciate the few women we have in the MCU.”
  • “She’s not JUST the love interest.”
  • “Sharon is not disrespecting her aunt, Peggy does not want Sharon or Steve to mope about over here, the world will not stop for Peggy. She want’s both of them to be happy, especially Steve- #proudaunt.”
  • “Staron is a lovely couple.”
  • “It’s not that we hate LGBT representation, we are for it- but there’s no need for the disrespect.”

Stucky shippers

  • “I hope that bitch is thrown against a wall.”
  • “Sharon is nothing but a love interest.”
  • “Sharon has no place in the MCU.”
  • “Sharon is a manipulative bitch.”
  • “Why have her when you have Bucky!?”
  • “she’s icky.”
  • “Bucky hated that kiss you can see it in his face.”
  • “Peggy is rolling in her grave.”
  • “Sharon is just a “no homo” character.”
  • “Steve should not have kissed Sharon.”
  • “straight ships are gross.”
  • “There’s so much sexual tension in that elevator.”
  • “Sharon used that speech to push herself onto Steve.”
  • “Sharon fans are bitter lmfao.”
  • “No, i’m bitter, I hate women, and my white cis male gay ship is better than you.”
We fucking need to create the Drinking Game: FANGIRL EDITION

I don’t know, you watch some Film/ Tv series with your friends and drink every time a specifical thing happens.


  • You watch Sherlock, and drink every time Watson looks at Sherlock with puppy eyes 
  • You watch Doctor Who and drink every time the Twelfth Doctor yells “Clara!
  • You watch Merlin and drink every time Merlin and Arthur behave like a married couple 
  • You watch the Captain America saga and drink every time Steve and Bucky act gay
  • You watch Outlander and drink every time Jamie and Claire make out
  •  and soooooo on

We all would end up drunk after more or less 3 minutes

It would be amazing!

For today’s cocktail o’clock, we have a somewhat classic Americano (no Captain America jokes please).  This drink consists of equal parts Campari and Vermouth, with just a splash of soda.  The somewhat classic comes in here as I 1) add a little extra Vermouth and 2) have a heavy hand with the seltzer.  This is mostly because Campari is super bitter, and bitter flavors don’t always go well with my palate.  But if you do like those bitter flavors, this makes a great pre-dinner cocktail as Campari is often drunk as a digestif to stimulate the appetite.

Served with dried orange slices (aka ‘what the hell did I buy these for again?? *looks around warily* ‘oh well, into the drink you go’) and in a mason jar, because that’s the Brooklyn hipster in me coming out….yeah, not really, I just don’t have proper highball glasses and have to make do with what I have. ;)

Okay, time to soak the bum foot some more (it’s not broken, guys, though I appreciate the concern) and finally sort through my disaster of a WIP folder…

Name tag

Rules: enter your answers and then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name and then answer each question. Real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice.

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name: Cristina

a four letter word: Casa
a boy’s name: Cara
an occupation: Cook
something you can wear: Coat
a food: Cachopo
something you find in a bathroom: Champoo
a place: Chicago
a reason for being too late: Coke issues
something you shout: CRAP
a movie title: Captain America
something you drink: Coca cola
a type of car: Citroen

(SPOILERS) Lying awake at night, squinting at the ceiling and wanting to write a T’Challa/Tony fic


am I the only one who sees this potential

both warriors, heirs to an empire, shared pain of a parent dying

T’Challa personality calms Tony’s down in a way no one can understand, listens to Tony, is dominant and close by whenever he can be, Tony snarks and flails but T’Challa has already seen through this facade since he met him (funny what you learn about a man when he’s sitting alone in the aftermath of a batttle he never wanted to fight). For some reason, T’Challa feels protective, stations himself at Stark’s home with him. He would return to Wakanda when he was needed. T’Challa was the first to witness Tony’s nightmares when things were settled. Afghanistan, then Obadiah. Then falling from deep space. Alone. Then Captain America. 

Then came the drinking. T’Challa watched Tony pop something into his mouth when the drinking was no longer enough. But sometimes, Tony would let him into his lab with little resistance, wave his hand around with insults here and there about “what the cat dragged in.” Tony would take steps back when T’Challa took one forward.

The signs were all there. So without permission, without a reason, he would advance until Tony was backed to a wall. And hug him. Tony was silent. Until the tears came.