captain america 2 plot

This picture… Is amazing!!!

There’s a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

And this picture definitely delivers on that.

This one picture, gave me an idea.

To give you amazing people my idea on how to make the Zootopia sequel, zoo-tacular XD!



Anyway guys, my idea has the same type of plot, but I have other ideas to turn it around, and make it more interesting.

So lets get on with the idea, shall we?!

Here we go then!

So this picture made me think.

Of this idea I had in mind.

But, what is the story?

I think that the key to making a great story is inspiration.

Many great filmmakers have been inspired by many things throughout their lives, that made them make great movies.

Zootopia’s film directors were inspired by the movie, “Chinatown”, this movie is basically a kids version of, “Chinatown”!

So I think, that the next sequel should be inspired by a movie.

Not just a movie, a sequel.

One of the best sequels of all time!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Again! My opinion!

I am not saying that Zootopia 2 should be exactly like this Cap movie, but it should elements from that Marvel movie and be incorporated into the next Zootopia film!

Think about it.

This would be a huge inspiration into making a film from Disney Animation!

Judy Hopps has some important similarities to Steve Rogers!

They are both optimistic.

Have good fighting skills, Judy is a cop, Steve is a super soldier.

Both represent the good guys.

Are proud of doing what they do.

And the two made big mistakes.

Judy made a mistake of being offensive to Nick at the press conference.

In which Judy lost Nick as a friend.

And Steve failed to save his friend Bucky, losing his friend. Which transferred to years later, Bucky being a Hydra assassin, and Steve failed to tell him that he’s on the wrong side. 

Steve even said, “Please, don’t do this.”

So the two have been through very harsh times in their lives.

Anyway, back to the idea!

What if Zootopia 2 was a undercover spy, mystery action film?

The original genre of Zootopia was to be a spy film like James Bond, so make the sequel an undercover James Bond type film, and it would be a great idea to make this sequel different and unique. 

It can also be open to being a funny undercover spy story, it could play some clever jokes on maybe… Spy movies XD!

And my villain idea would be having a huge corporation giving predators and prey a vaccine that will tamper their heads! It is almost like savage, it’s just that prey and preds don’t go fully under controlled.

Thanks to @theycallmekipper for that vaccine idea, she’s very talented and awesome! Check her out!

And the villain could be either a newcomer, joining the ZPD, turning out to be an undercover corporation head trying to take over Zootopia. Doing things similar to Bellweather, but this guy, don’t know the name, wants to separate preds and prey because he just simply doesn’t think its natural for the two to get together.

Or a more personal villain, like Nick’s dad. Because he’s sick and tired of other animals before throwing shit at him like he’s a wall. 

This could lead to the inter-species romance subplot. All starts with the corporation trying to separate preds and prey, and half of Zootopia that they don’t like change, ignoring Judy’s speech from the first movie.

And everything just connects, I really think this could work.

Like and reblog with your thoughts.

That is my take.

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You know how in cap 2 the winter soldier was the B plot of the movie even though it was called Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I hope its the same for cap 3. I hope civil war is the b plot of Captain America: Civil War.

So what am I writing tonight, brain?  Identity porn, weirdass royal AU, teenage intern Dummy attempts to flirt, Phil and Clint make bad life choices, post Captain America 2 SHIELDhusbands, Avengers make Bad Fashion Choices, or Plot v. 7?  Answer some things from my inbox?

Or are we just going to write bad dialog and giggle again?

Nice to know I’ve got choices.

So basically what im getting out of this whole 4chan business is that 4chan is Hydra and Tumblr is Shield and this whole raiding drama is basically the plot of Captain America 2