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AA!SteveTony; You know you say everything out loud.

Word Count: ~2800
Warnings: none?


Seventy two hours after Tony disappeared into his lab and failed to come out, Steve found himself outside the doors, punching in his entry code. He wasn’t the first Avenger to come knocking, but he was the first to come bearing food– ham sandwich, baked chips, and, at Natasha’s insistence, a bottle of coconut water. Because fluids were important, and nothing improved a mood quite as fast as sugar.

She was right in guessing that Tony’s mood would need improving. As soon as FRIDAY waved him in, Steve was greeted with a sharp, “What?”

Setting lunch down on the nearest flat surface, Steve grabbed the coconut water and headed toward the bank of screens where he heard Tony’s voice. He boldly shook the bottle in the man’s face and commanded, “Drink up.”

Tony scowled, potently, for all that he looked wrung out and exhausted. “I’m a little busy, Cap,” he said, distantly. “So, unless you need something…”

“I do,” Steve held up the bottle again. “Drink.”

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Does it ever strike you that Cap 2 begins with a challenge from Batroc: who are you without the mask? And the rest of the movie is literally Steve showing us? Who he is with, and without, the mask? The depths of his humanity? The breadth of his super soldier strength? The limits his body and soul meet time and again and then transcend? Steve is more than the weapon he wields or the costume he wears. He’s more than the weapon he’s become. And in Cap 2, we begin to see that. In Cap 3, we see his shield actually GET TAKEN AWAY. We rarely see him in his mask. If the shot of him HOLDING A HELICOPTER IN PLACE armed ONLY WITH HIS DESPERATION AND SUPER STRENGTH is any indication, we’ll see more of plain clothesed Steve, fighting massive battles in just very tight t shirts and an earnest expression. In the end, Steve is my favorite because we see his humanity and struggle in everything he does. Even in his physical prowess–it’d be so easy to portray his feats of strength with a casualness meant to highlight just how powerful he is. Instead, you see him strain. You see his muscles bulge and his jaw grit and you see uncertainty and determination war on his face. You see him WIN against all odds, and the sheer impossibility of odds are what make the victory so breathtaking. Behind and without the mask is Steve Rogers, not Captain America. Unluckily for Batroc, and other villains, that’s still a pretty fucking amazing hero to contend with.

Where to start reading Captain America?

Let’s start with Captain America: Man out of time then continue with

  • Truth: Red, White and Black
  • Captain America Disassembled
  • Captain America and the Falcon
  • Avengers Disassembled
  • Secret War
  • Captain America vol.5 #8-9, 11-14
  • New Avengers vol.1 #1-6
  • Young Avengers #1-6
  • Captain America vol.5 #10
  • House of M
  • New Avengers vol.1 #7-10, 11-15
  • Captain America vol.5 #15-21
  • New Avengers vol.1 #17-20
  • Civil War
  • Captain America vol.5 #25
  • Civil War: The Confession
  • Fallen Son
  • Captain America vol.5 #26-42, 43-48
  • Secret Invasion
  • New Avengers vol.1 #48-50
  • Captain America: Road to Reborn
  • Captain America Reborn
  • New Avengers vol.1 #51-60
  • Siege
  • Avengers Prime
  • Avengers vol.4
  • Captain America #602-605
  • Captain America Who Will Wield the Shield?
  • Captain America #606-619
  • Fear Itself
  • Captain America vol.6
  • Captain America and Bucky #625-628
  • Fear Itself the Fearless
  • Captain America and Iron Man #633-635
  • Captain America and Namor #635.1
  • Avengers Assemble
  • Avengers: X-Sanction
  • Avengers vs X-Men arcs
  • Captain America vol.7
  • New Avengers vol.3
  • Avengers vol.5

Also check out Captain America and Batroc, Captain America and the First Thirteen, Captain America and the Secret Avengers.

If you think i missed something or have any suggestions let me know :)

capnbumismoving-blog-blog  asked:

hello, i totally wanna read some captain america and avengers comics and i was wondering if you knew where i could start or any general direction because there's a lot of comics everywhere and it's deeply confusing. thank you for the help!

the beginner’s guide to TEAM AMERICA by me, a total beginner

featuring steve rogers, bucky barnes, sharon carter, peggy carter, sam wilson, and natasha romanoff

↳  the basics:
↳  next steps:
↳  deep cuts:
↳  bonus: avengers team comics recs for beginners

current ongoings:

  • mighty avengers (a current ongoing, probably the best team book marvel is putting out right now)
  • avengers, (the current main avengers title. there are…a lot of avengers teams. this one is lead by captain america and iron man)

  • new avengers (vol 1 is STUPID CUTE and is a good marvel team book that is pretty easy to follow along for the most part.)
  • secret avengers #1-21 (don’t read past 21), also captain america and the secret avengers. both new avengers and secret avengers are older and some larger events affect both books, but light googling will help you figure out what’s happening if you get too confused.
  • avengers assemble (avengers assemble is a great intro to avengers comics, especially if you’re familiar with the mcu but less so with 616. also note: this torrent contains 1-21 but the series goes to issue 25. I recommend starting at issue 9)

*note: I am giving you mostly torrent/download links. I am a big supporter of trying before you buy, though, so if you download these and like them, and if you can afford them, I highly recommend buying!!!!! comixology is the biggest (legal) resource for digital comics, and very handy if you don’t have access to a comic shop, but depending on your location, you can also find trades in your local bookstores or on amazon or ebay.


On va voir.

I could watch this all day.

“The Awesome Adventures of Batroc the Leaper”

So, this is something i had in mind for quite some time. Unfortunatelly, i don’t think i’ll ever find a way to pitch it to Marvel, so i did this quick fake cover(to dream, have fun and visualise it) and i’ll probably, do a fan comic when i find some time.

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