captain amalia


Is there a height difference discussion going on somewhere that I’ve missed? Because I need to talk about it.

What the hell happened? When did Jared get that tall?  He’s practically the same height as Jen?! And I swear there was never that big of a difference between Jen and Colin before??? I know he’s fractionally further forward, but still….

anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to captain swan in the season finale? Is it true that Killian or maybe Emma popped a question (you know) or is it just rumors?

It’s speculation. Nobody knows what’s said between them, just that we get a lift kiss. 

And personally, I’m a firm believer in not setting your expectations too high. People often get a bit overly excited about things in this fandom, which is understandable because people are passionate about Captain Swan. But more often than not they end up disappointed because of it.

Am I the only one thinking Colin probably didn’t improv that entire bandage scene? Because that was a hell of a long scene with a load of set up and dialogue attached to it. I assumed he meant the tightening the bandage with teeth bit because Jen does look legitimately shocked in that moment.

I see a lot of people giving him all the credit and I feel like that’s a bit of a disservice to Christine Boylan & Jane Espenson.