captain albert

Julian Albert and Leonard Snart

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Both had rough childhoods, and want to be different from their parents. 

2. Both have/had a sister whom they love dearly.

3. Both use sarcasm as a self-defense mechanism. (But are also genuinely sarcastic and annoyed with people in general.)

4. Both have a secret soft side.

5. Both hated Barry Allen.

6. Both had to rely on Barry Allen to help them fight their personal demons.

7. Both started to reluctantly care about Barry Allen.

8. Both joined teams of crime-fighting superheroes.

9. Both fell for women who could kill them without breaking a sweat, but wouldn’t. 

10. Both helped the respective women they fell for to fight their inner demons, by convincing them “That isn’t who you are.”

11. Both of them are impossibly stubborn.

Conclusion? If they ever met, they’d either hate each other, or befriend each other immediately. Either way, it would be Barry Allen’s worst nightmare.

Can we just say LOVE TO ALL SWEET BBYS. I am sooo fucking sick and tied of all this fucking hate. They are all fantastic actors and they portray their characters beautifuly but people need to stop hating and just enjoy the beauty.
—  Me about all the hate and bullying in ships and fandoms and life in general.

Dear Tv and Movie Writers

Seriously Stop blowing Holes in My Ships


Prince Harry talking to Jack Whitehall  at the Royal Variety Performance (and making really strange faces)

  • Me: *finishes watching The Flash s3e1&2*
  • Me@Barry: I want to slap you with a dead fish b/c everything's changed and YOU HURT CISCO
  • Also me@Barry: I will hug you forever and never let go because now Caitlin has powers and Cisco might use his powers and and Julian Albert and you are husbands and hopefully he isn't evil and and bc of your fuck up CAPTAIN COLD WILL COME BACK!!!!!!! ALSO YOU BETTER BRING HARRY BACK SOON BC I MISS HIM
VQ Theory!

“General there’s something out here, I’m gonna need to recruit some heroes.”

“Heroes? You mean like yourself? Uhh… Who did you have in mind commander?”

“All of them.”

Guys! I have a theory! The general suggested that the commander meant heroes like himself.  Now if we consider the characters that steam powered giraffe has made so far via ballads, We have The Ice Cream Man, Captain Albert Alexander, Rex Marksley, The Suspender Man, Roller Skate King, Lily (A.K.A Air Heart), Commander Cosmo, and Cosmica (A.K.A The Daughter of Space).  I have a theory that Commander Cosmo is going to bring everyone together including Steam Powered Giraffe, GG (and possibly find some new characters as well) in the next album to take out whatever it is that Commander Cosmo found!

(Edit: Added Roller Skate King)