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Wonder Woman is NOT Captain America. Please stop the hate.

It has taken Hollywood so long to finally release such a film like Wonder Woman and we should be celebrating. The ONLY similarity between Wonder Woman and Captain America is that their origins take place in the World Wars and that they both have shields.


While Steve Rogers/Captain America was an experiment to destroy Hydra and win the war, Diana Prince was a powerful amazon (by birth) who lived on an all-woman inhabited island called Thermyscira and helped her friend/lover Steve Trevor win the war.

Despite my blog being very pro-DCEU, I actually have a lot of love and respect for the MCU. I do not want to start hating the MCU fandom because their feelings are hurt about DC getting to show a few badass films. 

Believe me, there’s enough room in Hollywood for both Marvel and DC. Chill the fuck out.

You Jealous? (Bucky x Reader)

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NOTES: this is my first fic on this account, so I should probably introduce myself, hi, it’s Darcy (: also this is non Age of Ultron or Captain America Civil War compliant, because I live in that adorable AU where all these little superhero bbys live in a tower together and get along (mostly)

WARNINGS: language? Yeah, a lot of language, what did you expect, he’s an almost 100 year old assassin and you’re, well, badmouthed? XD

Word Count: 5450 words (oops, originally this was meant to be short ahaha)

Enjoy x


You sat on the sofa beside Tony, a minute sigh slipping from between your lips as you gazed towards the man with the metal arm in distinct longing.

“You and Frosty, huh?”
Shooting Iron Man a sharp glare, you looked in the other direction. “No.”

“Aw, why? You’re perfect for each other!”
“Shut it, Stark.”
He ‘ohhed’ knowingly, nodding in sudden understanding. “He doesn’t know, does he?”
Your lack of response provided him with all the information he needed.

He stayed silent for a moment, before finally speaking up again. “I made a bet with Steve that I could date every girl in the tower.”
You turned to him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you getting at, Stark?”
“Well, Steve bet $100 against me because he figured that the situation between Bucky and you would stop me winning.”
“Your point is?” You were getting impatient now.
“Pretend we’re dating, see how Bucky reacts. If he gets upset, you two go have sex or something.”

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Captain America: Civil War Featurette - Black Panther 

Sex Scene pt1: Sebastian Stan imagine

Your leg bounced uncontrollably as you pulled the robe tighter against your body. Not only where you new to the acting scene, you were also placed as one of the more… main roles. And one of the most shocking and important scenes of the movie was the big sex scene between your character and the main lead.

The whole plot of the movie revolves around the teasing and ‘hatred’ between the 2 characters. This was your first movie, so you didn’t really know what to expect.

“Nervous?” a deep voice asked as thick arms came from behind you. The deep heart throbbing voice that belonged to your costar… Sebastian Stan. He was basically a god that has descended on earth.

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The show will air on FX in early 2017 and is set within the X-men cinematic universe. 


Okay, I’m terrible at explaining but bare with me.
What if Wade was talking to Cap (or Tony. Yes. Super family), and he talks to Cap about this “piece of ass” that he banged last night. Cap somehow pieces together that he’s talking about Peter. Then Caps phone goes off, he knows it’s Peter cause of the ringtone, and it’s behind Wade (for some plot reason lol). Cap asks Wade to get it, Wade sees the picture of Peter and Cap/Tony or both as the contact picture and boom; Wade realizes he just banged the SuperHusbands son and he just bragged about it to one of them.
(Super long I know, I might as well have written it myself but I cannot write dialogue to save my life lol)


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