captain jacksparrow

The other sparrow.

Captain Jacksparrow x sister!reader.

You were captured by the British Armada and now Jack, your brother, is trying to get you free.  Will it work?

A/N: 12 days until the premier of the new movie dead men tell no tales.  Can’t Wait!

  The salt filled the air as the waves rocked the ship.  Soldiers walked in the deck above you as the went about their routine.  Its had been three days since your crewless ship was captured and you were thrown into the metal cell.  A couple of holes were on the wood that aloud you to see some natural light and a very small breeze.

A guard began to twirl the keys in his hand.  He began to laugh.  “Three more days until your trial.  Then off to your hanging.“  You filled your eyes at the blonde man. 

"You all seem to think it’s easy to hold me captive.  I’m just being patient.  I don’t have a boat at the moment and need to get one on shore."  The man only chuckled.

"Keep thinking that." 

"Remeber no-one messes with (y/n) sparrow and gets away with it."  You were close to your brother Jack, who was known for his amazing escapes, and you both seemed to know when the other was in trouble. 

Two days later you found your self humming ’s pirates life for me’ while tapping your foot to the beat.  You finished eating the piece of bread the guards gave you for breakfast and tosser the plate in the air and caught it.  Each time it you caught the plate your bracelets clashed against the plate. 

One thing brought you out of your haze.  The sound of canons and a voice that always made you smile.  Rushing to the little hole in the wood, the sight of the pearl filled your eyes.  "There’s Jack.”

The guard that was usually by your side left his post to go help on deck.  The cell door was held in place by metal pegs which were easily knocked out of place.  Running out of the cell you rushed to the wall were your belongings were kept and threw everything on. 

As you approached the deck, a body fell down the steps.  Gibs looked down the steps and shouted back to Jack. “JACK I FOUND HER!”

“Hello, (y/n).  How they been treating you?"  He lifted you on to the deck.  "Decient, but food quality could be better.”

Turing around to join the fight you began to cut through the British.  It was all going well until the captain decided to go against you.  You sword was decorated in blood and you forehead covered in sweat.  You began the dual and fought valiantly, until you lost your sword. 

The weapon flew out of your hands and into the water.  You ran from the captain along the rails and launched on to a rope hopefully swinging away.  As you swung the ripe was cut and you fell.

Rolling across the deck, a couple of ribs broke and your head had some your blood across it.  It hurt to move.  Soon the captain stood above you with his blade raised above his head.  As he was about to bring the sword to your chest a blade sliced through his.  The body fell to the side to reveal your brother holding his blade.

“Well sister, looks like you are lucky to have me as a sibling." 

"Jack, just help me up.  I broke something."  He lifted you up and took you to the edge of the ship.  Some of the crew on the other side lowered a plank which Jack lead you across. 

"Its good to be back.  Is there a doctor?"  Gibs raised his hand.  He lead you to the medical room  and began to wrap your ribs.  Jack was there to make sure you were ok.  After a couple days of testing and drinking the rum, Jack let you steer the pearl.

You let out a couple of words under your breath. "We’re devil’s and black sheep we’re really bad eggs. Drink up me earties, yo ho”


Let’s try this again. I added a nice pic of Jack Sparrow at the top, so hopefully this post will start spreading. But…

“The problem is not the problem…” The problem is with this quote!!!

PLEASE can we STOP SPREADING that quote around? It is NOT something that Jack Sparrow EVER said in any of the POTC films. This quote is from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, not from Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a MISQUOTE and has been wrongly identified with Jack Sparrow.

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