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The Match Was Beyond Phenomenal. Even Though It Was A Draw, This Is A Tremendous Victory For The Lions!

Hear Them Roar, Baby!


I completely forgot I had these on my computer, and just rediscovered them. I’m not sure if the images are even online any more. Pictures from deleted scenes in Star Trek. God, god, god, I wish someone would restore these and put them back into the dvd versions!!!

Part 1: Elaan of TroyiusPart 2: Elaan of Troyius, Errand of Mercy, Friday’s Child, The Savage Curtain, Arena, This Side of Paradise.Part 3:

Stay here and never you mind
The lights of the town are blinding you
The sailors they come and they go
But listen to what’s reminding you
Handsome men surrounding you
Dancing a reel around you

Home you’ll go and it’s there you’ll stay
And you’ve work to do in the morning
Give up your dream of going away
Forget your sailors in Galway

Listen to the music flow
I’m falling for the flow of home
I’m home to dance till dawning

Stay a while and we’ll dance together now
As the light is falling
We’ll reel away till the break of day
And dance together till morning

- “Téir Abhaile Riú”

[ listen to the full Celtic rendition of Téir Abhaile Riú here ]

Non-specific things I said while watching Star Wars Episode VII

Don’t worry, these don’t spoil anything unless you’ve already seen it.

  • Who’s going to write film scores after John Williams is gone?
  • He will henceforth be known as “General Fuckboy”
  • Gwendoline Christie is my queen and I will follow her into the trash
  • …wrong levaaaaaaaaahhhh!
  • Oh no, he’s hot
  • We all knew this would happen
  • Girl power!
  • Geography keeps stealing my kills.
  • I went to Ireland once.
  • Say something I’m giving up on you…

Cute Couple!

Paul O’Connell Greets George North After Wales Beat Ireland.

Or Are They Making Plans For A Rendezvous After?

That’s A Pair I’d Love To See, Baby!

Even The Dogs in the Street Know
(CS Ireland/Dog AU — Part 1 of 2 | | AO3)

The curved patchwork of Irish road was rain-slicked and steaming, the only remaining evidence of the cloudless sky Emma had stepped out under on her run earlier in the afternoon. In her defense, Ruby’s grandmother had called it “perfect weather for a jog.” In hindsight, though, she should have known better. Leaving her phone at the house was a mistake.

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