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Come Dance With Me

@captain—americanna asked: Could I request a Steve X Reader where the reader is Dustin’s older sister and she sees how great Steve is with Dustin and she develops a crush on him and thanks him for being so kind to Dustin? Sorry if it’s to vague😂

Warnings: just pure fluff!

A/N: Sorry this took so long to do! I’ve been catching up on Stranger Things and only just got into doing these requests.


Snow Ball ‘84

This is what everyone had been looking forward too. Dustin hadn’t shut up about it to you. He was desperate to look good and had taken a few hairstyling tips from Steve on ‘how to get all the girls’ like he had said to you and Mike. You had to giggle when you saw him show up in the car with his hair all up and combed. Nudging Nancy, you point at Dustin and watch as she smiles and goes back to giving the cup to one of the school children. Looking past Dustin, you watch as Steve pats him on the shoulder and watches as Dustin climbs out of the car.


You couldn’t thank you him enough for what he had done in the past year. He basically became a babysitter along with you to Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max and sometimes Will. You didn’t understand how Dustin and Steve could have created such a good friendship within such a small amount of time. But Steve had promised Nancy that he would protect the kids, and to be really honest, that’s what he did.

Noticing Steve was looking into the gym, you hold your hand up and hurry from Nancy’s side and past Dustin, who just purrs at you. Shaking your head, you hurry out of the door and to Steve’s car, on which he was leaning into.

“Hey Y/N”

“Hi umm can I have a word with you?”

“Uhh sure..? What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothings wrong! I just want to thank you for being so kind to Dustin this past year. He’s really benefited from having another babysitter that’s not me and that’s actually a male”

Looking up from the floor, you see Steve staring at you. Hands starting to become clammy, you point back to the door and start stumbling over your words.

“Yeah-h I’m just g-gonna head back in-n now so see you a-around Steve”

Smiling quickly, you walk past the front of his car and start shaking your head, running through why you are such a stupid ass, when he calls back out to you. Stopping, you turn back around and swallow hard.

“Your welcome Y/N”


“I said your welcome. I’m glad that me and Dustin get along well. He’s a really nice boy. And you look really nice tonight”

“Oh umm thank you”

Steve walks round the back of the car and towards you, stopping just in front of the gym door, where everyone was talking and dancing. You stare up at him and smile shyly before he clears his throat and breaths out.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time but now just seems like the perfect opportunity. So Y/N, would you like to come to and watch a film with me tomorrow?”

“Is Steve Harrington asking me out on a date?” You smirk

Steve rubs the back of his neck and starts looking at anywhere but you. Shaking your head, you stand on your tiptoes and plant a kiss on Steve’s cheek. Steve stares as you stand back properly and as you move away to walk back into the gym. Turning your head round, you smile and beckon Steve towards you.

“What Y/N?”

“Come Dance with me”

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I feel like short and sweet works!

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captain--americanna  asked:

Congrats on 700! Could I request a Steve x Reader where the reader is Dustin's older sister and she and Steve are basically the squad mom and dad, like everyone calls them "Mom" and "Dad"? Maybe Eleven is confused because she thought Moms and Dads were supposed to be in love? Sorry if its super vague!

thank you!! and like you can have like 10 imagines because you’re one of my favorite blogs on tumblr omfg and yes this imagine sounds so much fun to write dnihidgnweijwej I’ll tag you in it when I post it! :D

I Know The Feeling

@captain–americanna asked: Could I request a Richie X Fem!Reader where the reader is like 2 years older than the losers and Richie is head over heels for her, but thinks she would never like him back because of the age gap, but she totally does?

Pairing -> Richie x Reader (why so many?😂)

Warnings -> Swearing(this is Richie guys😹)

A/N: I twigged it slightly if thats alright! The Loser’s are also around 15 here cause i has this idea for this request☺️ Henry Bowers and his gang is still in here as well☺️


The Loser’s Club had gotten use to Richie having a major crush on you, Bill’s older sister. It had all started when they were all sleeping over at yours and Bill’s house. You had sleepily walked down the stairs, tired from all the exams you had been studying for, when you spotted them all huddled in the living room. You had walked into the room and coughed, making them jump backwards and stare frighteningly at you. Shaking your head, you had asked them if they all wanted hot chocolates. And this is when Richie was gone.

He didn’t know what it was about you. The way you had felt comfortable around them in just a long baggy shirt or how when you were properly dressed, you wore leather jackets and ripped jeans. Richie liked your personality too; you were confident, you weren’t afraid to swear or speak your mind but you were also caring and funny. There was one problem though.

He was two years younger than you.

Growing older had done Richie good. He was still a lanky boy, but now he reached about 5'10, with only Stan taller than him(“I will fucking grow taller than you so i can bash your head in with a stick” Richie had threatened) He no longer wore his big ass glasses and instead used smaller sized ones. Richie had slightly grown his hair out, so it was now a bundle of black curls. No longer were Hawaiian shirts his thing, Richie wore all black. The only thing stopping him from asking you out was this two year age gap. You were graduating high school this year while Richie still had two years left.


Pushing open the school doors, you walked along the corridors, backpack slung over one shoulder, heading towards your lessons. You didn’t really skip lessons, you didn’t really pay attention in the less important ones. All you wanted to do when your graduated was leave Derry. Anywhere would be good that was away from your parents. It’s not that you didn’t like them, it’s just ever since Georgie’s death, which was about three years ago, your parents stopped caring for you and Bill. You understood that they had to grieve and everything, but so did you and Bill.

“Hey Bill, you alright guys?” You called out to them

“H-Hey Sis, w-we’re fine” Bill smiled

Nodding, you smile at the rest of the Loser’s and head along the corridor, passing Henry Bowers and his gang. You hated them with a passion. Henry always seemed to act like you were ‘his’ but still had the nerve to make fun and pick at your brother and his friends.

“Hey Y/N, you free after school hottie?” Henry calls out in front of everyone

“Go away asshole” You mutter, pushing past everyone

“Aww come on Y/N your little loser brother is big enough now” Henry coos

“Hey Henry, being a Dick won’t make yours any bigger. In fact, it won’t every work because it can’t even qualify for a shrimp!” You shout

Smirking, you walk past the laughing crowd and into your classroom, leaving an annoyed Henry and a shocked Loser’s Club staring at where you were standing.

“Dude…that was fucking hot” Richie mumbles

“R-Richie…sh-hut it” Bill groans




Looking up from you seat in the canteen, you see a panting Stan staring wide eyed at you. Why had Richie gotten into a fight? Dumping the rest of your sandwich onto the tray, you grab your backpack and run out of the canteen. Heading along the path, you jog onto the field, seeing a huge amount of school kids and teachers on there. Throwing your backpack to the floor, you sprint over to the crowd and mingle your way through. Getting to the edge, you see the Loser’s Club gathered around a obviously sitting Richie. Walking over, you stand next to Bill and stare down at Richie, who was scowling at the ground.

“What the hell happened?” You ask

“Don’t ask Y/N. Richie will just get worked up even more” Beverly sighs

Nodding, you grab Richie’s forearm and pull him up, pulling him through the crowd and away from them.

“Where the fuck are we going?” Richie moans

“Can you shut up please? I’m taking you home so you can get bandaged up idiot” You sigh

You would also be able to get some answers.


“What the hell were you thinking Rich?” You ask, placing an ice pack on his eye.

Richie hisses and grabs the counter top, squeezing it till his knuckles turned white. Sighing, you grab a tea towel and wrap the ice pack in it, placing it back onto his eye. From looking at his injures, you could tell Richie had put up a pretty good fight. His eye was bruised and swollen along with his lip, his right cheek was bruised and so were his hands with little cuts dotted over them.

“What do you expect me to do Y/N? Let Henry talk shit about you? You would of punched him as well if you had heard what he had been saying”

“What did he say?”

“He was saying how he would ask you to your dance and be all gentlemanly and shit but then I said you would never go with him. Henry ignored me and then started talking about what he would do with you after the dance and I got mad and shit so I punched him. And then this happened”

Staring at Richie, you smile and place the ice pack onto the counter. Leaning up, you place a kiss on Richie’s cheek. He stares at you as you move back, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. Giggling slightly, you go back over to the fridge and place the ice pack into the bottom cupboard.

“I like you”

Turning round, you stare at Richie as he looks straight back at you, black curls tumbling over his eyes. You walk back over and lean onto the opposite counter, continuing to look at him.

“You l-like me?”

“Yeah. In fact, I’ve liked you a long fucking time but, being a stupid shit, I was just nervous that you’d turn me down because I’m two years younger than you”

Laughing, you reach over and grab his hand, pulling him into a tight hug, laughing into his broad shoulders. Richie stands there but soon warms up, wrapping his arms around your back.

“Let me guess! This is the time where you tell me I’m too young for you and th–”

“I like you as well idiot. There was no need to be scared”

Richie laughs and hugs you tighter, lifting you off your feet slightly.

“Well shit…someone’s excited” you say, laughing

“Well yeah… You would be if the person you were head over heels for liked you back” Richie says

“Yeah I know the feeling”


A/N: May or may not have something to do with my story😉🤷🏼‍♀️

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