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Y/n hummed as she pulled the cookies out of the oven and set them on the counter to cool off.

Today was a free day for the avengers. everybody else was asleep or out on their own.

Y/n had decided to bake some cookies, since she had always loved baking so much.

As she let the Bach cool off somebody walked in, Bucky.

“Hey buck” he said with a smile and he nodded, he had always been a very silent person. But he would occasionally send her a small smile and wave.

“Ooh oh!” She said, waving him over and grabbing a cookie, it was soft but still warm.“try it!” She said and he shook his head.

“No I’m good y/n, I never really liked sweets that much so-”

“But Bucky!!!” She whined.“ Pleases???for me?” She asked and he blushed deep red and nodded.

“Fine, I’ll do it for you or whatever.” He humbled and took a bite, his eyes then widend.

“Oh my God!” He said and took another bite.“ Y/n these are amazing!” He said and she grinned.

“ I know,” she giggled, “ I rule.” She said and he nodded with a smile. If baking made Bucky smile, she’s bake every day.

“Hey guys I heard a yell.” Tony walked then grinned at what he saw. Bucky sitting at the counter with a child like smile as he munched on a cookie. And y/n, wearing an apron with flour and chocolate on her cheek, watching him with a small smile.

“Ohh cookies!” Tiny said and ran forward and took a bite and sighed.“ Holy shit y/n these are amazing!” Soon all of the others walked in and saw the food.

“Who made cookies?” Steve asked as he sat down and took a bite.

“Y/n did, the amazing baking goddess!” Tony said through a mouthful of cookie.

Soon enough everybody got one and their reactions were all very similar.

“ this is so good! The chocolate is melting right in my mouth!”

“ y/n I will pay you one hundred dollars daily to make more of these.”

“ zis is amazing y/n/n!”

“Peitro is right! Y/n these taste great!”

SHe giggled,“ well thanks you guys but I suggest you slow down a bit cause there almost out and I have no more ingredients.” She said, causing them all to look a the tray and see that she’s right.

Only five cookies remained,and soon tree as tony sole two and ran down the hall, and Sam snatched one and scarfed it down as him and rhode took off after tony.

“Well then,” Steve said slowly.“how about we-”

“ THERE MINE!” Natasha said as she pushed Steve away and reached to get one, ony to be pushed away by Clint.

“Haha!” He laughed as he held the tray above his head.“ All mine! All of these are-”

“Mine now.” Peitro chuckled as e sped and snatched them out of his hand in the blink of an eye then zoomed down the hall. All of them sprinting and yelling after him.

Except Bucky.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair,“ damn. I only had one too.” He mumbled and she grinned and poked the tip of his nose, causing him to blush and looked up confused.

“Don’t be so sure Barnes.” She grinned and pulled out five plastic containers filled to the brim with cookies.

He grinned and walked over, giving her a hug and a kiss in the cheek, causing her to blush.

“Y/n your amazing.” He said and and she grinned.

“ I know.” She said and e chuckled and took a bite of a cook and sat down on the couch with her.

“ how long do you think it’ll take for them to catch Peitro?” He asked and she chuckled.

“ I don’t know but I know hell have eaten them all by then.”

“Well then we better eat quick and hide the leftovers.”

“Sure thing Barnes.”

So this was fun and please request marvel imagines is love quicksilver so please don’t hold back!

Cookies (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 783

Request: A Steve xreader winter drabble where they are making Christmas cookies and it ends up being they both of them making a mess eting the dough and other fluffy things~ 

A/N - For geekyelvenchick, enjoy! Happy 25 Days of Fic-Mas! <3

“All I want for Christmas, is youuu~” you sang, dancing around the kitchen, Steve was out working so you were waiting for him to come home, except you didn’t realise he had finished work much earlier today. Because you had the festive music up so loud you didn’t hear Steve close the front door. The super-soldier walked towards the kitchen and started to chuckled as he watched you singing. “You’ve got a good voice (Y/N)” Steve smiled while you blushed.

“You aren’t supposed to be home yet” you returned your boyfriend’s smile and held your arms out. Steve walked over and into them, wrapping his arms around you, “It’s almost Christmas, they let me out early” he told you, pulling back so he could kiss your lips.

You smiled into the kiss but pulled away, “Since you’re home, you can help me bake cookies”. Steve smiled down at you as you snuggled into his chest, “Sure thing love” he kissed the top of your head, his hand dropped down to hold yours as you pulled away from him. You released his hand when you reached the kitchen side, “Can you grab the flour please? Someone put it on the top shelf” you teased him playfully, Steve grinned, “I forgot that you can’t reach it”.

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