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Cookies (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 783

Request: A Steve xreader winter drabble where they are making Christmas cookies and it ends up being they both of them making a mess eting the dough and other fluffy things~ 

A/N - For geekyelvenchick, enjoy! Happy 25 Days of Fic-Mas! <3

“All I want for Christmas, is youuu~” you sang, dancing around the kitchen, Steve was out working so you were waiting for him to come home, except you didn’t realise he had finished work much earlier today. Because you had the festive music up so loud you didn’t hear Steve close the front door. The super-soldier walked towards the kitchen and started to chuckled as he watched you singing. “You’ve got a good voice (Y/N)” Steve smiled while you blushed.

“You aren’t supposed to be home yet” you returned your boyfriend’s smile and held your arms out. Steve walked over and into them, wrapping his arms around you, “It’s almost Christmas, they let me out early” he told you, pulling back so he could kiss your lips.

You smiled into the kiss but pulled away, “Since you’re home, you can help me bake cookies”. Steve smiled down at you as you snuggled into his chest, “Sure thing love” he kissed the top of your head, his hand dropped down to hold yours as you pulled away from him. You released his hand when you reached the kitchen side, “Can you grab the flour please? Someone put it on the top shelf” you teased him playfully, Steve grinned, “I forgot that you can’t reach it”.

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