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Lana: The WWE’s next legendary manager? [2015]

Professional wrestling is about many things, including a variation of styles, delivery, stage presence, and an ability to connect with the crowd. One featured superstar on WWE television has all of that and more, and she hasn’t even wrestled a match on WWE TV.

Lana is the voice of The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, who is currently involved in a feud against the “face of the WWE”, John Cena. Though Rusev’s actions have spoken for themselves in the infancy of his career, his mouthpiece, Lana, has heightened the fans’ disdain for the superstar. Lana has never shied away from being blunt with the fans of the WWE, proclaiming her distaste for America and delivering high praise for Mother Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Currently, the question I have is this… is Lana the WWE’s next legendary manager?

In the grand scheme of things, managers have come and gone for decades. Some have soared to great heights and achieved Hall Of Fame status, such as Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and Capt. Lou Albano. Some have been all but forgotten, such as The Jackyl, or Tennessee Lee. Right now, Lana has the chance to make a name for herself as the manager of a superstar who cannot be slain. He has all but conquered the entire WWE roster, racking up an undefeated streak against the likes of Mark Henry, The Big Show, and most recently, John Cena, who Rusev will defend the WWE United States Championship against at WrestleMania. If that match ends with Rusev standing tall over the fallen hero, does this mean that Lana has indeed successfully backed up everything she’s stated thus far? It’d be hard to deny anything she’s said against the United States and its heroes within the WWE.

At this point, it’s make or break. Rusev will be remembered for being the athlete that couldn’t be stopped for nearly a year, but Lana will be recalled as the strong woman behind the successful man. I, for one, am rooting for both Rusev, and Lana. What about you?