capt. lewis nixon


Luz: I’ll tell you one thing about the Krauts, they sure clean up good.“
: All they need is a little Mozart.

: Beethoven.
: Sorry, sir?
: That’s not Mozart, it’s Beethoven.

Band of Brothers Part 9: Why We Fight

30 Days of Band of Brothers Day 9 ♠ Favorite battle scene
Crossroads - 5th October Operation.

Old Maj. Richard Winters: If you’re a leader you lead the way. Not just on the easy ones. You take the though ones too.

I like the battle scenes in this mini series, we are very close to the men, the confusion is always there and I love it. It picture how important it was to move, think and act quickly. I could have chosen Carentan, it’s the one which stroked me the most, because it’s also the less confusing. I always found D-Day battle scene (when they take the four guns) super confusing, less now of course, but at first I was just pausing asking myself: “damn what the hell just happen, who was there ?Carentan seemed so pitched clearer and I love it !

But yep, 5th October Operation my fav for a reason : the strategic. We see how good Winters’ leadership was and how he planned, making things work and men to follow him. So yep, that’s the one I’ll choose.


30 Days of Band of Brothers ❙ Day 3 ♠ Favourite female/civilian character
English Man in Albourne/Chocolate kid (and his father)/Renée Lemaire/German Woman.

They Depended on Each Other, And The World Depended On Them

Yes, I chose to name the four main civilian character that I kept in mind. Most of those guys actually have, for a few minutes, a strong connection with characters I like in the series.

Dick and the English man look like real accomplice, I love their exchange (and it is one of the many favorite scenes). Webster and the kid gain a silent affection that I find cute and overwhelming. Renée and Doc Roe have that strong relationship that we all imagine and hope for a moment it could become love. Finally Nixon and that German woman, their strong eye contact, plus the change between their first and second encounter.

I just feel their connection and that is enough for me to keep them in mind to put them in this categories. Couldn’t choose between the four because they four different relationship, I love them, they are so different but as strong.