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It’s not a typo…I am referring to the movie “The Last Samurai” that starred Tom Cruise back in 2003. There will be SPOILERS for this epic film, so you’ve been warned.

The story follows Capt. Nathan Algren, an American military officer hired to train Japan’s first modernized army to fight the resistance: the Samurai who still cling to their traditional ways of life.

Let just pretend Nathan and Kylo Ren are the same people.

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Nathan was hired by the Emperor of Japan, because Nathan had earned himself quite the reputation as an excellent soldier, and captain in the Civil War. But Nathan however, is haunted by his past. 

He feels as though he done wrong; taking part in the slaughter of innocent Indians who refused to join American society. But after the war is fought and the Indians are being assimilated into society, Nathan is bitter, broken and will do anything for money.

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Kylo Ren has earned himself a reputation as the First Order’s most feared enforcer. He’s not only force-sensitive but carries out his mission, ordering the slaughter of innocent villagers who refuse to bow to the First Order.

He goes out of his way, to show that he’s exactly what everyone sees him as…the embodiment of the Dark Side. And will do whatever it takes to become as strong, or maybe stronger than Darth Vader.

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Nathan is eventually captured by the Samurai he was sent to kill. His life was spared, because even though he was defeated, he still fought much like the white tiger in the Samurai’s vision.

But before Nathan was taken captive, he still managed to kill one particular Samurai. And Nathan later learns, that the Samurai he killed was the husband to the woman taking care of him.

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Kylo Ren killed his own father, Han Solo who was loved by Leia and was the father figure Rey always wanted. In Rey’s eyes, it’s an unforgivable act that later results in a confrontation.

It rises so many questions that have yet to be answered. But it’s very clear that Rey is angry, doesn’t understand him and might even hate him.

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Nathan is barely a captive, but an unwanted guest by those who think less of him. The woman taking care of him, silently hates him for killing her husband and the father of her two sons.

While exploring the village Nathan happens upon one of the sons sparring with wooden swords, and playfully spars with him until a Samurai sees this and is appalled. Nathan spars with the Samurai and is beaten. Publically humiliated, rejected and left in the mud.

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Rey has beaten Kylo Ren, undoubtedly humiliating him in the process. This girl who has no prior training in the ways of the Force, proved that even the Master of the Knights of Ren, could be beaten by a scavenger.

This was supposed to be his victory, and his complete transcendence to the Dark Side. Instead, it’s a moment of failure, that’s left a scar on his face. And to top it off, his offer to teach Rey was rejected and he was left in the snow.

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Nathan learns to overcome the difficulties of being an outsider. He begins to understand the Samurai as he gains their trust and respect. He questions the man he was before, as he’s trained in the ways of the Samurai. He even developed feelings for the woman who hated him.

Even though he killed her husband, she overcame her hatred and forgave Nathan. She saw that he was an honourable man, and even though the romance was subtle and not the focus of Nathan’s redemption…the two fell in love.

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Kylo Ren and Rey will definitely have questions of what happened on Starkiller Base. While she is being trained by Luke, he will be torn between the man he’s become and the man he was before.

Much like the Last Samurai, the Last Jedi has already approached a romance from a certain point of view.

  • they do have feelings for each other (anger, confusion etc.)
  • they will confront each other (exchange a few words, possibly fight)
  • they both mourn the death of Han Solo  

I see REYLO happening at a slow pace, that creates the illusion that it’s not there. And I think I prefer it that way…seems more realistic.

But while we pay the debt of humanity to our enemies, let us
not forget what we owe to our friends. About four years ago,
Capt. Hale, an American officer, of a liberal education, younger
than Andre, and equal to him in sense, fortitude, and every manly
accomplishment, though without opportunities of being so highly-
polished, voluntarily went into the city of New York, with a view
to serve his invaded country. He performed his part there with
great capacity and address, but was accidentally discovered. In
this trying circumstance he exhibited all the firmness of Andre,
without the aid of a single countenance around him that spoke
either respect or compassion, and though every thing that was
said or done to him was adapted to make him feel that he
was considered as a traitor and a rebel. Andre appeared great
in not contesting the clear grounds upon which he was con-
demned, and in refusing to employ the absurd and frivolous
pleas that Clinton would have put into his mouth. Hale,
though not at all disconcerted, made no plea for himself, and
firmly rejected the advantageous offers made him by the enemy
upon condition of his entering into their service. Andre earn-
estly wished the mode of his death might have been more like
that of a soldier ; but consoled himself by observing, that in
either way it would be “but a moment’s pang.” Hale, calm and
collected, took no notice of either of those circumstances. Andre
as he was going to die, with great presence of mind and the most
engaging air, bowed to all around him, and returned the respect
that had been and was still paid to him ; and said : “ Gentlemen,
you will bear witness that I die with the firmness becoming a sol-
dier.” Hale had received no such respects, and had none to re-
turn ; but just before he expired, said, aloud : “ I am so satisfied
with the cause in which I have engaged, that my only regret is,
that I have not more lives than one to offer in its service.”

Boston Chronicle, reprinted in the London Remembracer 1782

The first time that Nathan Hale’s fate and reaction to it appeared in print, according to “Yale and Her Honor Roll”