• Sam: I fell out of a building for him
  • Bucky: I fell off a train for him
  • Sam: how is that any different
  • Bucky: I died.
  • Sam: but did you really?
  • Bucky: becoming a Russia assassin is basically the same thing.
  • Sam: well I'm his wing man. Best wing man ever. Literally. I have wings.
  • Bucky: seriously. Stop.

Sam :[ in  a crowd and can’t find Steve] all right this calls for drastic measures

Sam: [ Uses hands as a microphone] BUCKY BARNES IS A VILLAN!

Steve:[ from across the room] WHAT THE F**** DID YOU JUST SAY?!

Sam: found him


Jotaro Kujo takes on Terence D'arby in a series of games to win back Kakyoin’s soul.

 Game 1: Taiko: Drum Master The Battle was hard fought on both sides, but Jotaro was caught off guard due to the work of an enemy stand. Winner: D'arby  

Game 2: Dance Dance Revolution Jotaro started off with the advantage as Star Platinum’s precision is second to non. But D'arby wouldn’t go down that easily. The result was by a hair. Winner: Jotaro 

 Game 3: Super Smash Bros. Melee Best of 3, Jotaro chooses Pikachu, D'arby picks Samus which proves to be to much for Jotaro. Round 2, Jotaro keeps faith in his Pokestand, while D'arby picks Zelda. Jotaro’s faith is well placed, and we go to one final round of Smash to determine the fate of everything. One last time Jojo picks Star Pikachu, D'arby goes with Capt. Falcon. The battle was intense drawing in a small croud. Winner: Jotaro 

 Kakyoin’s soul was saved and the Crusaders continue their mission to find DIO!


I am by no means some technically sound, expert player. But nothing gets me going more than a taunting try-hard Falcon.

PS he left IMMEDIATELY afterward. Like, the salt was so bad that he bailed before I was even done saving my replay.


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