capt morgan

10 musings in costume:

1. If you can hail a taxi in full Glinda, you can hail a taxi at any time.

2. To the dudes drinking Capt Morgan straight out of the bottle and not even trying to hide it, who made fun of me on the street - screw you…  Also, I hope you get arrested because you’re not even smart enough to put it in a brown bag.  Come on. You can make fun of me all you want but how sad is your Saturday when all you have to do is walk the streets of NYC and you can’t even afford to drink in a bar.  Or top shelf.  XD  Or be smart enough to at least hide it… o_O Had you been nice I’d have totally done the Captain pose with you in princess costume and had a fun old time.  I am the tebowing Star Princess after all.

3. I had a Giselle moment running through NYC because my friend forgot her Wicked tickets and ran back to the hotel to get them.  She blended in with the night; I – well, – I stuck out like a sore thumb running three NYC blocks behind her. :P

4. Because of point 3 I was immensely grateful I wore tennis shoes under my dress.  But so sad I didn’t get a photo of them …

5. Close your boning channels.  Close your boning channels.  CLOSE YOUR BONING CHANNELS.  Because I was rushing TWO costumes for Broadwaycon certain things had to be skipped.  One of them was closing my boning channels.  After being in full corset & boned bodice, where the boning wasn’t closed, I had welts under my arms from all the boning that poked me all day.  Not fun!

6. Kids can be charming - sometimes.  One highlight of my trip is when a little boy came up to me in the Javits Center (non-BroadwayCon-area) and asked me to grant him a wish.  He said he wanted to be rich (!!!!!) with lots of enthusiastic exclamation points.  I told him I did too.  And that I hoped it came true for both of us.  Maybe a true fairy would’ve said some crap like “but we’re already rich in health and love and blah blah blah”.  I feel your pain kid, and I understand XD

7. You can spend hours and hours and hours on a retractable, collapsible wand that’s supposed to be super convenient to carry around, and it’ll break the SECOND YOU ENTER THE CON.

8. Don’t expect BroadwayCon techies to have, or even know, what a leatherman is.  Or have pliers, knives, or gaff tape.  Techies, I’m a little disappointed.  Or maybe they were just baffled Glinda the Good was asking for a leatherman to fix her wand?  (like what the…? how the?)

9. People can be mean but people can also be really nice.  I met so many nice people at the con.  I just love that someone can sit down next to me and chat about costumes and theatre like we’ve known each other forever.  I’m awkward and untrustworthy and don’t fit in ever, so things like this mean a lot to me. It was great going to my first con and being around so many kind people.

10. We had a line at Wicked.  We. had a LINE.  I laughed so hard.  We were taking pictures in the Wicked lobby, random people were coming up to us, and it was hectic because it was 10 minutes to curtain.  Someone jumped in and tried to get a photo and the people in front of us were like, “EXCUSE ME we were in LINE!” – and we looked at eachother and laughed and we were like, “we have a LINE? people are LINING UP to take photos with us?”

The kicker: the next day at the Disney Store in Times Square, someone stopped my friend (who was wearing a Wicked hoodie) in the bathroom and apparently they were chatting about how her kids got to meet Glinda and Elphie last night at Wicked – and my friend’s like, hey, that was us!  Ahahahaha.  Small world, even in NYC….


11. Take your own photos – I didn’t take any photos and thought there’d be a million photos of me out there!  I can barely find any :( I hope more surface soon.  Maybe.  I might NOT want to see what I looked like.  Eeep.

I used to Key PA on a long-running TV show

One day we were shooting with about 20 large male background in full tactical military garb, weapons and all. The extras kept leaving their prop guns all over the place and the propmaster, typically overworked, asked if I could help keep eyes. So I asked the background to please gather round, and could they all please be mindful to keep their guns on their person at all times? Most of them obliged, except for one guy who had power-posed his leg up on a bench a-la Capt. Morgan, a prop gun laying unattended on the table near him. I asked him, “Is that your gun? If so, please keep a hold of it.”  He responded, “No, that’s not my gun. That’s a rifleTHIS [grabs his crotch and thrusts at me] is my gun.”

So I did what any sane person would do: ripped up his voucher and told him to GET THE FUCK OFF MY SET.  He laughed and said I didn’t have the authority to fire him. So I called over the (ex-military, male) Background PA and told him what happened, and he very politely and calmly told the extra, “Yes she does, now get the fuck off set.”