Matias at (capsule) new york

Matias is a small denim-centric brand based out of LA that also produces some amazing knits and shirting. It incorporates elements of a Japanese aesthetic into the lines and the structure…I had never heard of the brand prior to attending capsule but the pieces really stuck out to me. The toggle sweater blew my mind. I’m hoping it gets picked up by more NY retailers - it’s some fantastic American made product that doesn’t hew so closely to heritage ideas.


1939 World’s Fair - The Westinghouse Pavilion

The theme of the fair was The World Of Tomorrow, and one of the exhibits that best embodied it was the one from the Westinghouse Corporation. Nowadays it would look like blatant corporate shilling, but to depression era audiences, the promise of future full of convenient electric appliances was more than appealing.

The exhibits included a fully electric kitchen, hands-on industrial machinery you could play with, a bicycle held up by light beams, and most famously, the Westinghouse time capsule (to be opened in 6939), and Electro the Moto-man. The latter would become one of the more emblematic exhibits from the fair and could move on its own, count on his fingers, smoke cigarettes, and trade barbs with his “trainer”.

It’s also one of two exhibits at the fair to get their own Technicolor film. In this case it’s The Middleton Family At The New York World’s Fair.


Meeting ?uestlove on his birthday as well as taking a picture with him was a pretty great way to end Monday night, but honestly having dinner with cousins I didn’t know even existed was the icing on the cake. Props to my cousin Audey for recognizing ?uestlove as well as my cousin Christine for having the guts to approach him during his birthday dinner with his mom. Side note, ?uestlove is probably one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever encountered (not that I’ve met many). Not only did he get up to take a pic with us when WE were done eating, but he also thanked US for taking a pic with him?!?  


We hit the reset button Tuesday morning and by then we had been informed several times that the Polar Vortex Part II was heading our way. I’d been in snow before, but we had NO IDEA what we were in store for. 

Before we head out to Market, we usually put together a schedule of appointments. This year we reserved Tuesday as the day to hit all the big tradeshows. We started off our morning at CAPSULE. By now, we pretty much know what to expect at CAPSULE, but this year they added a little wrinkle by  including some Japanese brands such as Neighborhood, Bedwin, and Head Porter Plus to the show. CAPSULE was well put together this year and didn’t seem as busy as years past. We typically take this time to catch up with some of our vendors who have been with us since the store opened as well as catch up with friends attending the show. By the time our last appointment had ended at CAPSULE, the snow had begun to cause problems, so we decided to make our way to Liberty Fairs which was literally a 10-15 minute cab drive.

Two hours later…

Well it was safe to say that didn’t go as planned. We were very fortunate to catch a cab pretty quickly after leaving Capsule, but the fun had only just begun. A quarter of a way to Liberty Fairs our cab driver decided to kick us out because the snow had gotten so bad that he said and I quote, “I’m going home”. Well, we thought it couldn’t be that much further. Well….we we wrong. We were unsuccessful at finding a cab so we opted (not by choice) for a looooong walk tp the subway as well as one more cab ride into what looked like a ghost town.

Alas we had finally made it to Liberty Fairs. This had been our first year attending Liberty Fairs and we weren’t too sure of what to expect. Liberty Fairs didn’t disappoint and was very well-curated in my opinion. The time was mostly spent catching up with our friends/vendors that we practically consider family and haven’t seen in some time. By now I’ve lost track of how much coffee I’ve drank and was not looking forward to walking back out in the snow to grab a bite to eat before we went to the Bowling Tournament hosted by Liberty Fairs. 

Tuesday had come and gone like a blink in the eye and we were onto our final day of Market. Our last day was spent at showrooms as well as attending MAN SHOW which is a much smaller tradeshow that houses some of our brands like Our Legacy. We woke up a bit earlier Wednesday to stop in at Dominique Ansel to pick up some cronuts and see what the hype was all about (let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint). Wednesday was ACTUALLY the coldest day by far even though the snow had stopped and on our way to the MAN Show we literally thought our feet were going to fall off from frost bite. At one point, I kid you not, I couldn’t even feel my face. After our last appointment we had some spare time to roam around the city and check out shops like Dover Street Market and Inventory as well as eat one last time before we headed back home to much warmer temperatures because quite frankly we were over the cold weather.

As I’ve said before, Market can be a rather chaotic time for us, but I’d like to thank all our family and friends who we had the pleasure of seeing while we were in town. Our time at Market is usually too short to see everyone, but we’re very thankful to see family and friends while in NYC.