Matias at (capsule) new york

Matias is a small denim-centric brand based out of LA that also produces some amazing knits and shirting. It incorporates elements of a Japanese aesthetic into the lines and the structure…I had never heard of the brand prior to attending capsule but the pieces really stuck out to me. The toggle sweater blew my mind. I’m hoping it gets picked up by more NY retailers - it’s some fantastic American made product that doesn’t hew so closely to heritage ideas.

Capsule NY | July 2014

Hey check it out! The folks over at Capsule gave us a shoutout for our new BkT Field Jacket that we brought with us to their New York menswear Capsule show. Thank you Capsule for having us last week! We’ll see you again in Las Vegas this coming August and then again for the women’s Capsule show in September.

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