capsule toy


Discover Thunderbirds are go capsule toys at game archade near the work place.
Last year, I got it all.
However, I tried again.

This capsule toy is a series that tb 2, tb 3, tb 4, tb 5 hits.
(Part 1, tb 1, tb 2, tbs, the mole.)
It was tb 2, tb 4, tb 5 that I did three times.

Now after this, tracy bros will assemble.

職場近くのゲームセンターにて、サンダーバードare goのガチャを発見!







Insert coin (or vibranium shield) and lots of love to save your beloved one from another dimension :D

The request from @sailorbettery regarding the final episode of AA S3! And since I am a believer of true love always saves the day so I can’t help but draw my version of the story :D So let me introduce to you the Capsule Toy Machine version of Dimension (Yeah sorry I know it looks like a Crystal Ball and please don’t ask me how Steve’s shield was inserted and then come back let’s say it is the power of love (what)) and the happy ending they deserve :D

I have only slept for a few hours and after drawing this for more than four hours I don’t really know what I am drawing/saying, all things seem to make sense when I was half falling asleep at that time so sorry please forgive me for the bugs QwQ

Hope you like it!