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I'm glad you're back in some capacity anyway... mental illness is kicking my butt too, I had a really short but really scary psychotic episode for the first time... thought spiders or something in the dark of my room were impersonating my friends and trying to kill me :/ you always make my day a little better though I'm rly happy you're back ;0c

gosh, that sounds horrifying.. i’m sorry to hear you had to go through something like this. glad you were able to pull through! you’re a tough cookie, anon. i know these things are uncontrollable and unpredictable, but i still really hope it doesnt happen to you again any time soon.

and aw dang thank u so much

i honestly cannot stress this enough but im!! so glad to hear that i’m somehow able to brighten ur day at least a lil bit!!!! if my silly posts really can make at least one person smile, then i’ll try to keep posting/being on there/doing what i do as often as possible!!!!

Solange Went Heavy Boy Brow and Statement Boot For Opening Ceremony

As the winter season continues on, Fashion Week is in full effect so New York is all a buzz. Opening Ceremony has always been one to celebrate diversity in its collaborations as well as its celebrations—last evening was no different. 

One of our fav Rebel Muses, Solange Knowles attended Opening Ceremony’s Spring ‘17 Live Capsule Collection at the David H Koch Theater in the Lincoln Center last night, amongst a host of celebrities (Claire Danes), musicians like (Blood Orange) and some of the fashion worlds elites to celebrate the launch event. Solo was spotted rocking a soft curly coif, dark boy brows with a bare fresh face. She wore a short black patent leather sleeveless dress, with a high split adding some drama and paired it with monochromatic black and white striped knee boots making it an absolutely bold statement for the night.


Agnes Denes
Tree Mountain, first planted in 1996
A Living Time Capsule - 11,000 Trees - 11,000 People - 400 Years,
Yl j rvi, Finland

“The development of Tree Mountain took 14 years from the original design concept in 1982, to its commissioning by the Finnish government at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992— to its completion in 1996 in middle Finland. A mountain needed to be built to design specifications, which by itself took over four years and was the restitution work of a mine that had destroyed the land through resource extraction. The process of bioremediation restores the land from resource extraction use to one in harmony with nature, in this case, the creation of a virgin forest. The planting of trees holds the land from erosion, enhances oxygen production and provides home for wildlife. This takes time and it is one of the reasons why Tree Mountain must remain undisturbed for centuries. The certificate the planters received are numbered and reach 400 years into the future as it takes that long for the ecosystem to establish itself. It is an inheritable document that connects the eleven thousand planters and their descendents reaching into millions, connected by their trees. This family is the original green generation, the term that became so popular recently in people’s terminology. This family from around the world are proud custodians of the trees that bear their names and grow through the centuries to a lush manmade virgin forest. Tree Mountain is a collaborative work, from its intricate landscaping and forestry to the funding and contractual agreements for its strange, unheard-of land-use of four centuries. The collaboration expands as eleven thousand people come together to plant the trees that bear their names and remain their property through succeeding generations. The trees can change ownership—people can leave their tree to their heirs, or transfer it by other means, even be buried under it—but Tree Mountain itself can never be owned or sold, nor can the trees be moved from the forest. The trees are made by nature, the mathematical positioning created by the human intellect to form a true alliance of man and nature.” -AD

Tagged by @kierkegarden​ - I am a living time capsule, answering tags eons after they happen…. sounds legit right? >__>

Rules: Answer the following questions and tag 9 people.

• 1
Q: How old are you?
A: 34.

• 2
Q: What’s your current job?
A: Jack of all trades in a software company (product management, development, localization, QA). we just had a reorg, so I will probably focus on development for a while.

• 3
Q: What are you talented at?
A: Listening, being mediocre, sinning, giving massages, making martinis

• 4
Q: What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?
A: Not being a disappointment for those who depend on me

• 5
Q: What’s your aesthetic?
A: Gay space vampire unicorns. I really like flowy/drapey things like capes, especially in conjunction with otherwise tight clothing.

• 6
Q: Do you collect anything?
A: I passively collect computer parts and other things ‘that might be useful’.

• 7
Q: What’s a topic you always talk about?
A: Food, by a long shot. Then maybe interpersonal relationships.

• 8
Q: What’s a pet peeve of yours?
A: When people aren’t aware of the space they occupy, e.g. when PEOPLE DON’T FUCKING MOVE INTO THE TRAIN AND STAND AROUND THE DOOR. These people also never move off the train to let people get off either. May they suffer greatly for this.

• 9
Q: Good advice to give?
A: Stop worrying about other people’s opinions, unless your survival depends on it. Live your life in a way that lets you be at peace with yourself. Stay true to yourself, and you will naturally attract and inspire people.

• 10
Q: What are three songs you’d recommend? (I suck at song recs, but these are some ‘songs’ I like. I know a symphony is not a song. Shush.)
A: Parov Stelar - Catgroove and Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 “New World” and Utada Hikaru - Colors

Not tagging anyone because it’s so late and also because I don’t want to bug anyone. If you’d like to be tagged when I do another one of these, please let me know!

Agnes Denes: Tree Mountain — A Living Time Capsule (1996), Finland. A massive earthwork and reclamation project where a “mountain” was built on the site of an old gravel quarry volunteers from different countries planted 11,000 Finnish Pine trees in an intricate pattern designed by Denes. The volunteers were then each given inheritable certificates (valid for 400 years) which granted them responsibility for the stewardship of one of the trees. 


thinking out loud | Week 0 | a trip to the motherland

In which I try to work out some thoughts on China.

THINKING OUT LOUD is a new series project attempting to capture weekly visual snippets of what’s on my mind for a full year.

Some might call it “vlogging”. Others might be more pretentious filmmaker types who feel the need to title their vlogging and mentally legitimize it as an artistic endeavor. Guess which category I fall into!

Really though, I struggle pretty hard with the practice of vlogging, but I love the idea that YouTubers have managed to create little time capsules of their lives in a way that’s kind of particular to this community. The wonderfully eloquent mrtimh talks about this at length in his Collage 2014 video, I highly recommend checking out his thoughts and his channel

I personally find talking into a recorder much easier than talking into a camera, so I’m scraping together my little time capsules the way I best know how. The focus of my channel has been and always will remain on my filmmaking work. So I’d be lying if I said this project wasn’t a departure into a whole new terrifyingly self-conscious territory for me, but hey, it’s a new year, why not, let’s roll up our sleeves, finish our drinks, and get kinda sorta personal with it for a change.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

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