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The /r/LoveLive subreddit is finishing up its Aqours 2nd anniversary time capsule project, which made me rediscover the first one.

I guess the time capsule worked - I had completely forgotten that I wrote a message prior to the 1st Aqours anniversary, and was very amused by what I had put down as a new Aqours fan.

The interesting bits:

  • “[M]y first favorite was Mari, and now it’s You” - I can’t believe I forgot about this. Mari was my favorite for a brief period of time, because she was basically a NozoEli lovechild (my #2 and #3 µ’s gals). I was interested in You, but not very invested in her at first because I didn’t know too much about her other than her being a sporty gal. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation Shukashuu came along. :’)
  • “CYaRon, AZALEA, and Guilty Kiss are just a little too similar to Printemps, lily white, and BiBi IMO” - REEEE past me forgot the exclamation point in CYaRon!…anyways, I was so, so wrong about this, haha. I honestly could not imagine the seiyuu in different subunits now, because they feel so at home. CYaRon! (in my biased opinion) has some particularly good chemistry among its members, between tsukkomi-Anchan and boke-Furirin/Shuka.
  • Honestly, the fact that I talked so little about the seiyuu is hilarious. I think the most obvious giveaway for that is when I referred to my favorite singers as “either Hanamaru or Yoshiko”, because present-day me would’ve said “King or Aikyan” instead. Not that I talked too much about them in my 2nd time capsule post either, but I think in my first one, it was because I had yet to descend too deeply into seiyuu hell. RIP my wallet though, I’ve spent money on weeb stuff for the first time ever because of how hard I’ve fallen for Shukashuu.
  • “Fave subunit: Guilty Kiss” - LMAO WHY…actually, I know why, it’s probably because I hadn’t fallen in love with “Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?” at that point. :^)
  • I can’t believe that “RubyMaru” was the first pairing I put down…I guess my RinPana bias was acting up. To be quite honest, right now I barely even ship them, because I treasure their friendship way too much. My 2nd anniversary post updated the pairing list with some more You pairings (and of course, ChikaYou was at the head of it, haha), and made sure to include the 3rd year OT3 for justice.
  • I’m pretty sure that it’s pointless to put down who my favorite seiyuu is at this point, because the day that Shukashuu is no longer my favorite will probably be the day that I stop being a part of the LLS fandom.
Build a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Choose a colour scheme. This would typically involve choosing one or two base colours which go with everything, such as black, white, brown, grey, or navy. Items such as trousers, handbags or coats would be bought in shades of these colours, so that they can be put with anything else in the wardrobe. After choosing the base colours, choose one or two accent colours, which are brighter than the base colours, and co-ordinate with each other.

These would typically be used for items such as tops, dresses, or accessories; once a colour scheme is established, all the items in a wardrobe should be interchangeable, as the colour of the pieces will always complement each other. Black is generally considered slimming on all body types.

Consider your body shape. Some cuts of clothing are more flattering than others; for instance, stylists often advise that women with wider hips wear cap sleeves, as they make the shoulders appear wider, and more proportionate to the hips. If the items of clothing chosen are flattering, the wearer is more likely to want to keep them in their wardrobe.

Choose classic shapes and patterns. While some cuts and patterns of clothing go in and out of fashion, there are others which are considered ‘classic’ because they do not date. It is wise to choose classic pieces for a capsule wardrobe, as they are intended to be kept for a number of years.

Choose high-quality fabrics. “Quality over quantity." As the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to own a few items of clothing which can be worn in a number of different ways, individual pieces will get lots of wear. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose clothing that is well made, and will continue to look good despite the heavy wear.


SPN Time Capsule Project

The episode The Memory Remains brought up an upsetting thought to me, in 100 years, maybe less, Sam and Dean Winchester may not mean anything to anyone, and this makes me sad. We can say that they are immortalized on video, but by the 50 year mark, after the show ends, it will be buried under 50 years of new TV shows.

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

I propose that the SPN fandom, create time capsules to be open in 100 years, to reintroduce these amazing brothers to people in the future. The capsule(s) should be buried after the final season comes out on DVD/bluray (which will be many years from now… right??) in a safe place that is more than likely to last 100 years, with instructions to open it on a certain date. If several time capsules are buried throughout the world, its much more likely that some will be open than if it’s just a single one, and the more that get open, the more likely there will be an SPN revival!

What should the capsule contain?

  • All seasons of the series on DVD/blu ray.
  • A blu ray player to play them on (in case such things don’t exist anymore)
  • SPN Memorabilia ( T shirts, bumper stickers, funko figures, etc)
  • Fan art
  • Notes from fans about how much they mean to us
  • Conferance videos
  • copies of photo ops
  • Maybe a little fan fic?

I feel like this would be a wonderful tribute to the show, and Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark (and other cast members) would be flattered, and maybe even want to participate! How nice would it be if a whole new crop of people fell in love with this show and these boys the way we have?

I am in no rush what so ever for the show to end, so we can start this project, but we would all need time to get ready to make this happen, like finding the best spot to bury the container, and to make a proper container that will keep the items safe for 100 years.

Anyone going to to the conventions should ask the boys if this is something they would like to see happen. Even if they say no, or dont want to participate, I am sure they would love the sentiment and it would earn big smiles, seeing how much we love them, and thinking their grand kids, and great grand kids, can be part of this revival :) 


Agnes Denes
Tree Mountain, first planted in 1996
A Living Time Capsule - 11,000 Trees - 11,000 People - 400 Years,
Yl j rvi, Finland

“The development of Tree Mountain took 14 years from the original design concept in 1982, to its commissioning by the Finnish government at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992— to its completion in 1996 in middle Finland. A mountain needed to be built to design specifications, which by itself took over four years and was the restitution work of a mine that had destroyed the land through resource extraction. The process of bioremediation restores the land from resource extraction use to one in harmony with nature, in this case, the creation of a virgin forest. The planting of trees holds the land from erosion, enhances oxygen production and provides home for wildlife. This takes time and it is one of the reasons why Tree Mountain must remain undisturbed for centuries. The certificate the planters received are numbered and reach 400 years into the future as it takes that long for the ecosystem to establish itself. It is an inheritable document that connects the eleven thousand planters and their descendents reaching into millions, connected by their trees. This family is the original green generation, the term that became so popular recently in people’s terminology. This family from around the world are proud custodians of the trees that bear their names and grow through the centuries to a lush manmade virgin forest. Tree Mountain is a collaborative work, from its intricate landscaping and forestry to the funding and contractual agreements for its strange, unheard-of land-use of four centuries. The collaboration expands as eleven thousand people come together to plant the trees that bear their names and remain their property through succeeding generations. The trees can change ownership—people can leave their tree to their heirs, or transfer it by other means, even be buried under it—but Tree Mountain itself can never be owned or sold, nor can the trees be moved from the forest. The trees are made by nature, the mathematical positioning created by the human intellect to form a true alliance of man and nature.” -AD

Agnes Denes: Tree Mountain — A Living Time Capsule (1996), Finland. A massive earthwork and reclamation project where a “mountain” was built on the site of an old gravel quarry volunteers from different countries planted 11,000 Finnish Pine trees in an intricate pattern designed by Denes. The volunteers were then each given inheritable certificates (valid for 400 years) which granted them responsibility for the stewardship of one of the trees. 

Would there be a Vegeta without a Bulma?

Would Vegeta have a place in Z without his relationship/history with Bulma?

The first thing I’d like to point out is that a saiyan being in a relationship is HIGHLY unusual, as revealed in Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Minus chapters. In fact, Vegeta’s relationship with Bulma is a testament of his unusual nature, even compared to Goku. If you think about it, Goku’s prior head injury has given him the flexibility to be in human relationships - and even so, the depth of Goku’s relationships is uncertain. Meanwhile Vegeta, the saiyan prince – the model of his race – is simply tempted into something as unusual and indulgent as an intimate relationship, head injury not required. So yes, Vegeta is, no doubt, unusual. He cries, has emotional outbursts, and experiences sentimentality (especially when it comes to his home planet). Even Goku does not experience many of these things. Vegeta is arguably the most emotional character in Z. And this begs the question – what if he wasn’t. What if he was like any other saiyan warrior, and had never gotten involved with Bulma during those famous three years?

-Let’s get past the obvious point – the lack of Trunks. For now, why don’t we pretend Trunks’ existence isn’t crucial to the series. And if Trunks DID come into existence through a solely sexual relationship between Vegeta and Bulma, let’s say that this hypothetical, unemotional Vegeta is as unattached to his son as he is to Bulma.

-This would mean that Vegeta’s sole reason for staying on earth between the Frieza Saga and the Android Saga would be his rivalry with Goku and his desire to battle the androids. Fair enough. This was the original trajectory anyway.

-Vegeta would likely eventually move out of Capsule Corporation to live by himself and provide for himself. This is plausible. During the saiyan saga, we saw Vegeta on a distant planet happily chomping on raw alien body parts. That’s gotta count for something. Boy’s got survival skills.

Now things get a little tricky.

-Post-Cell, Vegeta might stay on earth for lack of having anywhere else to go – but this is a stretch. With no human attachments, I have no doubt that Vegeta would go off into space and become the new Frieza (probably worse). Thus ends Vegeta’s role in the series, at least as a protagonist.

But just for kicks, let’s say Vegeta DID stay on earth.

-His sacrifice during the Buu saga would be for the sake of all the humans in general, which I could never see happening. By then, the line between him and Goku would be growing too thin. Vegeta has always been unique because of his selfishness compared to Goku. He is selective about those he cares about, and in the end, it gives the series more leverage to exploit it, in choice moments, such as the death of Mirai Trunks by Cell’s hands. I can’t see a scenario in which he could come to love earth without Bulma and/or Trunks. Thus, Vegeta would likely disappear after the Cell saga, as previously stated.

Moving on… Is Vegeta inherently open to relationships? – who really knows. We know that he was emotional for a long time, but we don’t know how long he was susceptible to relationships. He wasn’t particularly attached to Radditz or Nappa early in the series, nor to anyone else. Did Bulma trigger this development? Something to ponder on.

In conclusion – No, Vegeta could not exist as a protagonist without Bulma, for the same reason that Nappa, Radditz, or any other saiyan could never exist as a protagonist in Z. The very nature of a saiyan conflicts with the possibility of altruism and other protagonistic features.

Theory: Bismuth knows something Rose didn’t want her to know.

Bismuth was bubbled and stored in Lion, a creature not even Pearl knew about. So it would be easy to assume none of the CGs know Bismuth is still intact. Why? 

Bismuth is not corrupted. If she were, she would still be stored with the other bubbled gems

Bismuth was not separated to keep her safe. I played with the idea that perhaps Bismuth was separated and kept in Lion to keep her safe from the Diamonds and live on as a kind of living time capsule to pass along the story of the Crystal Gems should the remaining team be wiped out. BUT if that was the case, why would Rose leave her in Lion for 5000 years? The danger had passed long ago. And we know Rose has had recent contact with lion as seen with all the Greg-era memorabilia stored there.  

Even if Bismuth WAS kept as a “time capsule,” why keep the plan from the other gems? In the promo, Garnet and Pearl seem very surprised and pleased to see Bismuth. They act very intimate and kindly towards her. This was a close friend. Perhaps because they were close friends, this is why Bismuth was bubbled and hidden instead of destroyed after learning sensitive information.

It is possible the Bismuth is somehow dangerous, but it seems unlikely that that is the case because in the promo she seems very kind and even sensitive (when not in battle, of course). And that still doesn’t quite explain why she was separated and hidden. 

The rest of this gets a little off topic so it goes under a readmore~

Has Rose hidden other gems? 

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