It’s already too late. You already saw the face of the criminal. You became a witness. It’s no use if you close your eyes now. This is the essence of the final interview that you wanted. To make you witness this fatal secret of the criminal scene. And the fact that I still tried to block you from it. Did you think there was a honey pot in here? 

Sorry about capspamming, but this was just too good of a reaction shot.

Malika is like ‘bitch really?’, Varric is ‘I find this mildly alarming, how about no’, Dorian is looking for a way out and Cole is like ‘mom I’m scared’.

(Also is it just me or have they changed something about the blood splatters? It’s been a couple of months since I last played, but I’m reminded of DA2. I also think they added those lighter-colored blood stains in the characters’ faces - which is kinda cool, but looks a little funny in contrast to the amount of gore they’re covered in otherwise. :D)