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it feels like the tvd writers are trying to fit a billion different plots in the last few eps and now there all just executed poorly

I agree. I think they wasted a lot of time with the Sirens. If they had kept that to an episode or two, and then focused more on the actual Devil being the main villain, things wouldn’t have seemed so rushed. Now they are just crushing all returning cast, etc into one or two episodes and it could have just been a stellar 16 episodes instead of 13 crappy ones and 3 decent ones. That whole Bonnie potentially being God (or whatever she is/her new powers) could have come about way sooner, Enzo could have died earlier, Stefan could have spent more time as a human (and does he really need to “almost die” every single episode? We get it, he’s gonna die. And we know it won’t be until the finale, so you are kind of wasting our time but reminding us how fragile he is). And how many times do Caroline and Stefan need to break up? All of these things, especially the repetitive ones, to me, are wasting screen time (plus the incessant need to give Matt a purpose this season which could have been explored so many seasons ago, it’s ridiculous). 

With all the repetition, the rushing, the pointlessness and especially the RETCON, this season has been so much less than it could have been. And I really expected more from Kevin Williamson, who was back writing episodes this season. 

But hey, I guess whatever gives Damon more screen time. 

Bonnie Damon dialogue

Sorry if this sucks.

How the dialogue would have went if Bonnie’s selfishness was about her growth as a character and not about stomping on Bonkai. How it would have gone if this was truly about Bonnie growth, and not about Damon and what he wants.

Bonnie has shown Damon all of the times Kai has hurt her, she then screams at Damon to get out.

Later on Damon tries again, and this is how the conversation goes:

Damon: “Bonnie my mother, she could help Stefan turn his humanity back on, and he could help Caroline turn her humanity back on. Don’t you want that?”

Bonnie bristled at the statement, of course she did. But there had to be another way to turn their humanity back on.

Bonnie: “I’m sorry Damon, but I sacrificed everything to stop Kai getting out of prison, yeah I failed, but that’s how much my morals mean to me. I won’t go against the morals I value so much to let a woman who has killed thousands of innocent people out of her prison.”

Damon: “But Stefan and I have killed innocent people.”

Bonnie sighed

Bonnie: “Just because I warmed up to you two as my friends doesn’t mean I now have to go around letting every murderer out of prison, just because you two are murderers too.”

Damon: “I never said you had to go let murderers out of their prison…”

Bonnie cut him off.

Bonnie: “You basically in a roundabout way called me a hypocrite by pointing out that I’m willing to help one murderer but not another, if you really want to use that argument, then I might as well just go around letting everyone out of prison.”

Damon: “Bonnie…”

Bonnie: “Don’t. It was impossible for me to hold onto my morals completely especially since my best friend became friends with vampires. But I want to try and hold onto my morals as best as I can, it’s a part of who I am. If you respect me, then you’ll respect that.

Damon sighed, it was time to try another tact.

Damon: "What about revenge? You could leave Kai behind in 1903, as payback for him leaving you behind in 1994.”

Sigh, so much for respect. Bonnie knew Damon was only using revenge as a ploy to get her to go against her morals. The nerve of him! The old Bonnie would have caved, but not this new Bonnie. The prison world had changed her, and she wasn’t sure if she loved the new her or if she was afraid of the new her. The idea of leaving Kai in another prison world was alluring, but she refused to be used again.

Bonnie: “Nice try Damon, but when I take revenge on Kai, it will be purely for my benefit not for yours. I will take revenge when I am ready, and it will be for me, not as a ploy to benefit you.”

Damon looks speechless as Bonnie walks out of the room.

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do you think they'll bring enzo back? and do you prefer bonenzo or bonkai?

I prefer Bonkai. Bonkai forever and always. But Bonkai ain’t ever gonna happen. I’m just hoping for a face to face scene next episode. And I do like Bonnie and Enzo together (as in I like how happy he made her and how much they are meant to love each other, although I think their chemistry lacks in a lot of scenes and her wearing his blood around her neck was weird AF). 

But they kind of already brought Enzo back, he is in the special dimension where Bonnie can find him. I don’t think that he will come back to life, per say, but I think that he will stay on that special plane for good and they will be able to have some type of relationship. Bonnie has to have some type of happy ending or Julie Plec is just a straight up masochist. 

Blogs that intentionally exclude black characters from their graphics are suspicious as fuck. Especially those who do it because of shipping reasons. Black leads like Finn, Iris, Michonne, Bonnie, ect are so fucking rare in movies and television, and the fact that some people go out of their way to erase them from the narrative is telling. Not wanting to make graphics that revolve around certain characters is perfectly fine. Not liking a character is perfectly fine. But when you make graphics that are supposed to include the entire cast of a film or television show and you go out of your way to make sure the black characters aren’t in it, that’s fucking telling.

It’s like making a post listing all the presidents of the United States and randomly leaving out Obama.