Scientists claim that raspberry ketone stimulates the energy metabolism through a mechanism similar to capsisum. (Capsicum is a compound that is found in chili peppers that aids in weight loss.) Raspberry ketone in the body helps produce a hormone called Adiponectin which increases the body’s metabolism. 

Researches say the recommended dose is 100 mg a day, the equivalent of consuming 90 lbs. of raspberries!

It Works! offers Ultimate Thermofit. Ultimate Thermofit not only contains Raspberry Ketone but Capsicum and the ever popular Acai fruit as well. Take a look at the key ingredients listed below:

Vitamin B12
Capsicum fruit extract 
Raspberry ketones
Acai fruit 5:1

forty degrees south


le déjeuner; homemade iced sencha and pizzas, if I could call it that (capsicum, onion, ricotta, salad, mayo, Sriracha, balsamic)

le diner; vegetable lasagna from Box Hill with eggplant and pumpkin. What a beauty.

Wooh, it’s bloody blazing out here. Bushfires aren’t looking very good right now, poor Tassie. We visited a salmon and ginseng farm called forty degrees south with an adorable canine called George; hope they’re okay. In other news, I finally got my brother into Sherlock. Success.

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RANDOM RICE PAPER ROLLS When its to hot to even function and you’re sweating out of your ears, dis what chu gonna make: Beetroot, peach, yellow capsium, cos lettuce + prawn rice paper rolls. Multi-functional dish really, as it used up whatever was in the fridge, left me feeling light & satisfied and was pretty darn colourful! (And everyone knows colour = happiness) Give these a go next time you find yourself idea-less at lunchtime on a summers day!