Large Protein Nanocages Could Improve Drug Design and Delivery  

Using novel computational and biochemical approaches, scientists have accurately designed and built from scratch 10 large protein icosahedra – polyhedra with 20 faces – similar to viral capsids that carry viral DNA. The designed structures are made of two different engineered proteins, present in 60 copies each, which self-assemble into icosahedra. They have a wide variety of potential applications, from targeted drug delivery to the development of more effective vaccines, the researchers say.  

The findings, reported on July 22, 2016 in Science, follow a report in Nature last month by the same team describing the creation of the first designed icosahedron made of 60 copies of a single protein subunit. The current paper describes the design and construction of 10 icosahedra from two different protein subunits.

“The remarkable thing is that the computational design model is really close to the actual structure,” said HHMI Investigator David Baker of the University of Washington Institute for Protein Design, who led the study. “These are definitely the largest structures that have been created using computational design methods … so it’s a real milestone for protein design, because we can design these really complicated structures from scratch on the computer and they come out exactly right.”

Computational models of the 10 successful designs are shown via molecular surface representations (design names are shown above each model).  Each design comprises a pairwise combination of pentameric (grey), trimeric (blue), or dimeric (orange) building blocks aligned along icosahedral fivefold, threefold, and twofold symmetry axes, respectively.  All models are shown to scale relative to the 30 nanometer scale bar. Credit: Jacob Bale, UW

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