If you had told Phil a few years ago that he would soon be in a relationship with Captain America, he wouldn’t have believed it. But that was the truth, as amazing as it sounds. He could now come home after a hard day at work, or a casual Sunday afternoon after walking the dogs, and find Steve in his kitchen, cooking his favorite salad just for him. He could just get behind him and wrap his arms around him, and Steve would hold his head to kiss him for the best kind of welcome. Sometimes Phil still didn’t believe his chance but it didn’t matter as long as Steve was there.

Every time they won a battle, either Captain America himself or the Avengers, people were happy and cheered for their heroes. They would congratulate them, show their gratitude and give them presents sometimes to thank them. But nothing was more important to Steve than the greetings of his lover, his one and only Phil Coulson, super agent and tiny Avenger in the shadows. His hugs made all the pain and exhaustion go away and when Captain still had to deal with the wounds closing or the broken bones slowly healing, he could count on Phil’s touch to make him feel much better.

The air was cool, the night turning cold after the long ride. They had stopped by Brooklyn Bridge to watch its lights in silence, not saying a word for a moment. After a while, Steve turned around and took Phil in his arms.

“Please… I love you so much… promise I’ll never do it again, please… forgive me?” he murmured.

Phil rested his forehead against Steve’s with a  sigh and slipped his hands under the warm leather jacket of his husband.

“I forgive you…”