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Top tweet by Hanae Natsuki:

“As I previously announced during the live broadcast, and I’m sure many of you already know, I, Hanae Natsuki have gotten married! 

I’m happy that I was able to tell everyone directly from my own mouth.

Because of all the congratulations I’ve been receiving from my fans, friends at work, my senpai’s, and my staff, I feel very supported by all of you.”

Bottom tweet by Ishida Sui:

@hanae0626 Hanae-kun Congratulations…! I was so surprised, I spit out my tea, I really think it’s wonderful. I’ll always be cheering you on! “

anonymous asked:

in the calendar there's a page where tsukiyama and kaneki standing next to each other and tsukiyama have his hands on his heart while looking at kaneki T-T

You’re talking about this one, right???

Actually, Tsukiyama is often seen with his hand over his heart/chest which is a way to show that he’s genuine and honest about his feelings.

  • When he was trying to fool Kaneki that he cares about him. Putting his hand over his chest here is equal to saying, “Kaneki-kun, you can trust me! I have your best interest at heart!
  • Here, we see him being sincere when greeting his cousin for the first time.
  • And when he was complaining to the nurse that he has a stomach ache while it becomes obvious from Banjou’s words that he probably didn’t. (He wanted to seem like he wasn’t lying.) 
  • Here he’s earnestly promising to try his best and save Yuuma.
  • Here, he’s genuinely happy that Kaneki is alive. 
  • And here, while what he’s saying is true, he’s putting his hand over his chest to emphasize on it and in order to gain Sasaki’s trust since Haise knew nothing about him at that time.
  • Promising to fight to survive so the sacrifice of his family is not in vain.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few more times he put a hand over his chest but this is all I could remember but it’s enough to show the meaning behind it. :)

Kanou is most likely a sociopath, and while that in of itself that doesn’t make you a bad person in Kanou’s case he’s the kind of character that embodies the evil side of ”pure science” (The idea that science could go infinity further without human morals interfering).

In Kanou’s case his lack of empathy for those he experiments on mixed with his seeming lack of morals and delusions of grandeur is an awful coctail. Makes him the worst kind of mad scientist/pure science character.

Also he’s a good actor which make him extra unnerving…