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*takes deep breath* lISTEN,,, you can really tell how much the teen wolf cast like and respect each other, not just as colleagues in their work but as people in their lives. It’s not just a professional relationship for them, it’s /real/, and it’s definitely partly due to the tone that tyler and dylan set since they were the leads AND best friends that the cast are more like a weird and loving family, even for the alumni that left seasons ago. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY OK.

This really hit home for me rn bc I’m watching the SDCC panel and melissa ponzio said it occurred to her that throughout all these years there was honestly never a bad day on set, because everyone on the cast and crew wanted to be there. tbh how many shows can say that?

idk man, it just feels weird that holland isn’t there. she is the only one of the original trio that hasn’t come and I get that she has other work commitments (highkey pumped for my girl moving onto other projects yas queen) but this is the final season. no more. finito. it just feels wrong. 

GUYS just like keep the faith. I know we’re lacking our Stydia-vitamins, we’re all feeling a bit weak. But that just means more surprises for us during the show! I honestly think that is better than getting a little scene in a trailer. 

Teen Wolf airs in nine days, my lovely fandom. Our vitamins are on its way.  

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Has "The Whistler" been deleted?

The Whistler 

It’s funny how three little words can make or break a life, just like how seven simple notes can call the forest from her slumber.

Dan Howell is a broken boy.

Broken and scarred and alone - he has been his whole life.

Not even his best friends could keep the scars from his wrists, so they gave up. Like everyone else. And just agreed on how much of a pathetic loser he was.

But he has an escape. A place where the air is fresh and the colours vividly innocent: the woods.

He has never shared his woodland escape with anyone, neither his little secrets with a pale blue and black bird named Phil.

But then a different Phil arrives.

do you mean this fic?

- Tori