caps: star trek

  • People watching Star Trek not knowing vulcans are touch telepaths.
  • You: huh they're a touching, you know comforting each other
  • Me, an intellectual: Spock is making sure that Kirk is all right regardless of what he says as they have a very strong bond and he cares
  • People watching Star Trek not knowing how intimate a mind meld is.
  • You: wow, Spock is really doing things for the good of the enterprise what a great guy
  • Me, an intellectual: despite the emotional vulnerability and general taboo of just mind melding whenever, Spock defies his very being to help Kirk in a way we can't fathom
  • People not knowing that on Vulcan touches between the hands are human kissing
  • You: it's so good for those platonic Hetero bros to comfort each other in a platonic hetero way
  • Me, an intellectual: they are making out in public something that is essentially unheard of on Vulcan and in that tradition. This is hugely intimate and to been like five minutes

I think that instead of Pon Farr being a torment or a terrible obligation for Jim it’s actually something he looks forward to being a part of and he likes making Spock feel at ease and comfortable with it and enjoys taking care of Spock when he needs it most. Pon Farr isn’t scary when they’re together, (even though Spock worries about injuring Jim during it,) it actually is something they share and it’s special to them idk ignore me


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Unexpected Guest - Pt. 3

This is part three of the story based off a dream I had the other night, and decided to write out. Nothing special or exciting, just a fun, fluffy story. Probably just one more part left?

3,522 word(s) of fluff

Warnings: None

Leonard x Reader

Part 1   Part 2

You blinked blearily as you awoke slowly the next morning. You laid there for a few minutes, willing yourself to wake up, the pain medicine leaving you slightly groggy. As you tried to move your arms and legs into a stretch to assess how sore you were, you were met with a sleepy growl. Arms snaked around and tightened around your middle, pulling you in close. You smiled as you felt the warm breath of the other on the back of your neck, breathing in and out evenly.

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anonymous asked:

Completely non-anime related at all, do you have any fic recs for Star Trek? I saw that you like Bones and he is my absolute fave (so salty about SO MUCH), but I don't know if you read Trek fic. Thanks!

I’m not much of a Spock/Kirk shipper (in that I like other pairings more, even if I see the massive amounts of potential in KS), so this list is pretty much Bones-centric, whoops. 

A Million Second Chances

You wanna stand by my side? Darlin’, your head’s not on right

Armed With Every Precious Failure

I’d Lie

I Took the Stars from My Eyes (and Then I Made a Map)

Just a Jealous Guy

Once Shot, Twice Shy

Pon Farr, Again?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Say My Name (And Every Colour Illuminates)

One Time Spock Walked In On Bones and Kirk Having Sex, and Five Times He Didn’t

Warning Labels (are meant to be ignored)

Even Moar Bones/M'Benga pre-slash



A Pearl of Great Price

That Love Weighs More Than Gold

The Case of Leonard McCoy

Running with Scissors

Wherefore Art Thou Cantankerous Bastard

If You’re Into It

A Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits


Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)




Make Me Believe

Words Come Later

The Morning After

Skin on Skin

A Mighty Fine Man

Faraway, So Close

Cluing In McCoy

A Calculated Risk

The Human Mating Dance (In Ten Easy Steps)

Too Much Is Not Enough

If You Stay

Flaws In The Design

Sharing Rooms

Spit On A Stone

Honorable Enemies

In Case You Missed It