Happy 4th! :) Quick sketch of the Cap in my favorite version of his uniform. From my favorite Marvel movie. 

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IM A CAP AND AQUA MOON WOW I love Donnie Darko my favorite movie ever!!!

10 people I want to know better.

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Name: Jordan
Nickname(s): Jordass (Thanks Sydward)
Time/Date: 1:37 pm, July 1st Average
Hours of sleep: 3-5 during the insomnia part of my sleep cycle 10-12 during the recovery part of my sleep cycle (it’s fucked)
Last thing I googled: Chernobyl disaster Birthday: October 21
Gender: Male Sexual
Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'2"
Favorite color: Grey
One place that makes me happy: My grandparent’s lake cabin
How many blankets I sleep with: One
What I’m wearing right now: a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and a baseball cap Favorite movies: Time Bandits
Last book I read: Lexicon by Max Barry (currently reading)
Most used phrases: I don’t know any phrases
What I last said to a family member: “Seriously son?! Get up off the floor.“
Favorite Beverage: Jack and Coke Fav Food: Pizza
Last Movie I watched: The Judge
Dream Vacation: Europe
Dream Wedding: I don’t believe in marriage so none.
Dream Job: Children’s book writer.
Dream Pet: Every dog. In the world. Seriously.

Tag people to answer: that-asshole-henry (ditto), backwaterxsongbird, yourcharlottebrock. I have no other friends.

I'm just doing all of my tagged things like all at once


Name: Naomi
Where are you from: Many places. I live in the USA.
Favorite color: BLUE!? GREEN!? TRANSPARENCY!?!??
Write something in caps: I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE AJIN MOVIES
Favorite band/musician: KANA-BOON, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, Coldplay, Ling Tosite Sigure, Jin
Favorite number: 6, 8, 9, and 42. all for mathematical reasons.
Favorite drink: MILK
Last thing I googled: インパルス
First word that comes to mind: ヨーグルト
One place that makes me happy: Book Off!
Favourite character: Kokonose Haruka
Favourite book: you cannot make me choose
Last film seen at the cinema: ?….was it Big Hero 6? idk it was a while ago
Dream wedding: yo idk yo. I don’t wanna spend a lot of money though. or if I do the food better be the bomb and it’s going to be incredibly multi-cultural
Nicknames: my mom used to call me “Mimi” when I was little. My friend once couldn’t remember my name and asked if my name was “Nemo.” This Taiwanese kid at school has called me “Milk Rice” for the past like 5 years and at this point I’ve just accepted it. My 2 closest friends call me “Kags” or “Kageyama” and use that tag on stuff when they want to catch my attention. I do prefer to go by my actual name though. I think names are an integral part of who we are.
Dream job: First female Secretary General of the UN. but that probably won’t happen because this next Secretary General will most probably be a woman but I’ll get there. I’ll aim to be the youngest then.
What I’m wearing: Jean shorts and a red t-shirt


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What’s your name: Ariana 
When’s your birthday: May 13, 2000
Zodiac: Taurus😏
Nickname: ari, ari bear
Where are you from: Sacramento 
Have a crush: kinda
Favorite Anime: don’t watch anime 
What’s your favorite color(s): pastel pink, any shade of blue 
Write something in caps: DILDO
Favorite Artists: Miguel, frank ocean, childish gambino
Favorite Season: spring
Movies I’m waiting for: Sinister 2!
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Im not sending this to anybody that’s too many people to send it to so I’ll just post it on here instead
Name: sara
Age: 14
Gender: ??
Big/little spoon: doesn’t matter tbh
Favorite movie: cap 2
Favorite tv show: the office or the x files
Favorite music genre: all of them except country tbh
Can we talk about mundane things: ofc
Is it okay if I fall asleep: sure I probably will too
Are kisses allowed: if u want
Are pants required: probably bc i live with my parents
When are you available for cuddles: basically all the time
My place or yours: yours// my parents are annoying
Can we cuddle in bed or couch only: either is fine
Will you play with my hair: yell heah
Can we have a snack before: after and during//. I like snacks
Are pet-names allowed: sure

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Steve, what is the mun's favorite Marvel movie? (Anything Cap related doesn't count)

Fine… although I’m pretty sure it’s every cap movie out there but since that doesn’t count… I would have to say Cashmere’s second all time favorite Marvel film would be… Fantastic Four.

She says that’s not true and I need to say that it’s Iron Man. -Whispers- Traitor

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Name: Steph (Stephanie, but steph is so much easier)

Time and date: 11:28AM, 21/06/15

Average hours of sleep at night: probably about 7 or 8 

Last thing I googled: …Troy Baker….

Birthday: Feb 5th

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5’7″

Favorite color: orange

One place that makes me happy: umm the beach idk

How many blankets I sleep under: like 3

Favorite movie: The Fall, Cap 2, JURASSIC WORLD

What I am wearing right now: Hoodie and boxer shorts

Last book I read: The Hobbit

Most used phrases: ugh. what the fuck, amazing, nice, “i don’t wike it”

What I last said to a family member: cookies

Favorite beverage: apple cider is nice

Favorite food: fucking pizza

Last movie I watched: JURASSIC WORLD

Dream vacation: um idk going to new york around christmas time, maybe going to venice or something 

Dream wedding: something small but very uh cute (i’m dreaming of my wedding with kit okay?)

Dream pets: a husky and a german shepherd and RAPTORS

Dream job: idk. umm playing video games full time? that’d be cool… or an actress… so i can become bffs with chris evans

I tag: treatyosellff hairninja motherflaca knave-of-heartss and anybody else who wants to do this

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1, 18,19, 25 bro

Omg thanks bro

(all of them will be in order, progressing to most favorite)

1. 5 favorite movies:  Kingsman, Whiplash, Mad Max: Fury Road, Cap 2, Inception

18.  5 favorite actresses:  Keira Knightley, Lupita Nyong’o, Jessica Chastain, Zoe Saldana, Hailee Steinfeld (actually these aren’t in order I love them all equally)

19. 5 favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlie Cox

25.  5 favorite bands: Royal Blood, Beck, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots (the first two might not be totally accurate bc I’m starting to like just individual songs instead of whole bands)

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(Cayla I didn’t have to change like any of these answers like are we the same?)

Time and Date: 6:38 pm, July 1st
Name: Kayla
Nickname(s): Kay
Birthday: June 14th
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bi
Height: 5′9′’
Last Thing I Googled: How to spell Buddy Valastro’s name
Favorite Color: purple pink and blue oops/
One Place That Makes Me Happy: Driving in my car
How Many Blankets I Sleep Under:  just a sheet during the summer.
What I’m Wearing Right Now: Short shorts and a turquoise tank
Favorite Movies: contact, Kingsman, Cap 2, Inside Out, Mad Max
Most Used Phrases: fuck, I feel it

What I Last Said To A Family Member: What?
Favorite Beverage: Dr Pepper
Favorite Food: Sushi
Last Movie I Watched In The Theater: Inside Out (it’s so good I cried the whole time jfc)
Dream Vacation: A stay-cation here, showing De around my favorite places in Seattle.
Dream Wedding: Small, outdoors, lots of color
Dream Pet: A fucking shark pls
Dream Job: A job where I can travel to different countries and study Archeoastronomy relevant to that country/region.

Idk who to tag sorry.

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What’s your name?  Ann

Nicknames: Annie, bruh-chan, Drake, and bunch of other weird inside joke names

Where are you originally from? Ohio, USA

What is your favorite color? depends on my mood but blue or purple

Write something in all CAPS: SAVE GANSEY

Favorite artist/band: arctic monkeys 

Reasons to smile: good movies, friends, and food

Number: 6

Favorite drink: vanilla bean frapp from starbucks (ik basic)

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

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What are your top 5 favorite marvel movies?

1. Cap 2
2. Cap 1
3. Gotg
4. The avenger: aou
5. Does bh6 count? (Technically it’s a disney/marvel movie so..)

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Name: Cariel
Nickname: Cari, Chickadee
Birthday: June 9th

Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5′8″
Favorite color: Does rainbow count? :D
Current Time: 11:03 AM
Last Thing I Googled: Klingon Dictionary
Blankets I Sleep With: One in the summer, a little wolf blanket my friend got me
Favorite Fictional Character: Cap. America
Favorite Famous Person: Nichelle Nichols
Favorite Band: Fall Out Boy
Last Movie I Saw: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Dream Trip: Anywhere that’s not America… probably going back to Berlin for a while. ^w^
Dream job: Forensic Medical Examiner

I won’t tag anybody, because… because. x3 If you wanna do it, go for it.

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All even numbers ❤️

aww yay, thank you darling xx

2. a picture of me
i’m just gonna put the link to my last selfie in here

4. last time i cried and why
uh i don’t know, i think because of a movie, but i don’t actually remember?!

6. favorite band
fall out boy or bastille for sure!

8. top 5 (insert subject)

10. biggest turn on(s)
hmm, nice jawline and cheekbones, a mischievous smile and an adventurous character

12. ideas of a perfect date
going to a museum or somewhere where i can get food

14. piercings i want
maybe another ear piercing, but idk

favorite movie
ugh so hard to decide, probably cap 2 and pride and prejudice. and fight club, definitely fight club.

18. phobia

20. anything you want to ask

send me numbers! :D

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Name: Madlena (Maddie for short)
Birthday: October 11th
Zodiac: Libra
Nickname(s): Mads
Where are you from: Bulgaria
Favorite colour: Black
Write something in all caps: RAAAAH
Favorite artist/band: Too many
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite number: 5
Movies I’m waiting for: None
Reasons to smile: my gf, fictional dokis, my friends, etc
I tag: sessklok ortolanis zuccher-o enchanted-snail williammurderfaceofficial mbissbinkola nd andyone who wants to do it tbh

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hey jana! one of my favorite movies is cap 1 (ofc) but I also love fargo and baz luhrmann's romeo and juliet<3 hope you're having a great day!

hi! yes pls cap 1 always. hope you’re having a great day as well!

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