mercifulghoul  asked:

have you considered: nyma/allura

I HAVE, IN FACT. And I love it. I love it. Here’s some thoughts:

  • Before the Paladins touched down, Rolo and Nyma hashed out their game plan for stealing the Lions. Nyma’s schtick is definitely flirting, she’s an absolute pro, so the two bounty hunters agreed beforehand to follow Plan ‘Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em.’
  • Anyway, the Paladins exit the Castle and Rolo&Nyma go to meet them and then… Nyma spots Allura.
    • Nyma internally: Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Holyyyyyyy shit that is a Gorgeous Girl™. 
    • Allura: (opens her mouth to greet the trio)
    • Nyma internally: I’m gay. I’m Gay. Mystery girl open ur ports cause the SS Nyma is coming in for a docking-
    • Lance: Helloooooooooo nurse ;)
    • Nyma internally: GodDAMMIT.
  • Nyma flirts with everyone because she likes to but make no mistake… She’s a Big Gay. The biggest. But she has to follow the plan which means going along with Lance’s flirting. While Nyma’s working her charm on Lance she constantly sends wistful glances at Allura’s back… When will a pretty girl finally hit on Nyma… Why is her life so hard… :’(
  • At the end of the episode after the team leaves Rolo & Nyma on that asteroid Nyma is like, “Rolo holy SHIT did u see that girl? You talked to her right? What is she like? Do you think she likes girls? Rolo. Rolo pls.”
  • Anywayyy time passes and eventually everyone crosses paths with each other again. Lance is super wary of Nyma  at first (”Nyma you broke my heart!!” “No I didn’t.” “Nah, you didn’t.”) so he’s On Guard but Nyma just breezes right past him and heads straight to Allura.
    • Nyma: Hi there ;)
    • Allura: Um
    • Lance: ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
  • Lance voice: I should have realized… I should have known… Of course Nyma likes girls… That’s the only reason why she was resistant to my charms…
    • Nyma voice: keep telling urself that lol (goes back to flirting w Allura)
  • Allura & Nyma are the girlfriends who always look amazing together. Can you imagine what their closest must look like? Imagine the sheer amount of flannel.
  • Nyma wears the beanie Allura bought her and Allura wears this big scarf that Nyma made her. They are truly the Summer/Fall lesbian power couple.
  • Obviously Rolo/Nyma/Beezer are off doing their own thing while the Paladins are committed to saving the universe, but whenever Allura needs some help she just calls up her gf for backup lmfao. Except they always start flirting and end up getting sidetracked unless someone steps in LOL
    • Allura: Nyma? Darling, do you have a minute?
    • Nyma: I always have time for the prettiest girl in the galaxy ;)
    • Allura: Is that so? What a coincidence, because right now I’m looking at the most gorgeous girl in the galaxy ;))
    • Nyma: Oh? Should I be… Jealous? ;)))
    • Allura: Well I don’t know, should you be? ;))))
    • Shiro: Allura I’m sorry but… The plan?
  • After dating for a few months Nyma and Allura go on a date to explore some ancient ruins and they accidentally stumble upon a magic artifact and whoops! :) They’re impervious to all harm now :) Guess these lesbians get to live forever :) In love and happy :)
  • On that note, Nyma is the lesbian who brings a knife to a gunfight and wins.
  • Coran is absolutely smitten with Nyma and thinks she’s a delight. Nyma thinks that Coran’s moustache is totally rocking and that he’s a pretty cool dude. Allura almost cries when she realizes they get along famously, she loves her family so much.