Isair would probably be a good dad. A reluctant one, but a good one. He’s Dalish after all, and since Dalish children are raised communally he likely spent at least some time watching the tiny ones so he has experience (not to mention a childhood’s worth of experience going “TAMLEN NO” “MERRILL PUT THAT BACK IT’S PROBABLY DANGEROUS” “CFDI GUYS”).

I’m such a liar. All I do is lie.

If you knew me irl, knew how I acted at home, you’d HATE me. I’m sometimes apathetic and callous towards my family. New vocabulary words that I think fit me.

Why am I such a fucking aSSHOLE? Why can’t I act as I should? Why am I so uncaring? What thE FUCK.

Someone tell Kai to fucking sHUT IT.

I might have a problem. But wHAT IS IT? I’m so mixed up! How can you even tell what the HELL it is! Or maybe I don’t! I’m just being sTUPID, there’s nothing actually wrong with me! I’m making shit up!