Another project I did for my CMPA class. We had to create characters (or took ones that you already had) and make a screen cap or title screen in Adobe Illustrator. 

I chose to use Jackson and Pinion for this project. The premise is that they’re wondering around the frontier looking for a place to camp, but end up getting lost in a forest. They’re eventually led by a spirit to a ghost town. So it’s like a Halloween special????? idk honestly….

               Trains were the worst place to feel ill. If the person was unable to sit, the swaying of the train did nothing to ease their discomfort. People crowded around and made the poor passenger claustrophobic with their proximity. Sitting down wasn’t much better, as the seats were just as cramped and uncomfortable. At least, he thought, there was air conditioning.

                  Taking the train to Coney Island always felt like an eternal ride. As a child, staying in the Bronx, the two hours on the train almost deterred him from the boardwalk and its beach. Though the duration was much shorter, it still felt too long with his head pounding, his stomach in knots and his consciousness threatening to fade. If he fainted, they would stop the train and send him to a hospital that wouldn’t help him. He thanked God he wasn’t contagious, but doctors wouldn’t be able to do anything to help him. He just had to ride this one out. As he often did in these situations, he was seeking out a friend. He was starting to think it was a stupid idea. 

                 Alejandro took a few steps of his water, willing himself to remain upright and to ignore the glances of simultaneously concerned and annoyed passengers.


you know when you haven’t drawn some OC’s in such a long time that your style has improved drastically and now they all look so different and better. 

i’m kinda feeling it.

doodle post this time of some more Escapists characters. Noir, Barney. Cap, Al and Dawson occupy the top while team Dad and Mom Sam and Lacy scold a rowdy boy. Sally is there too.

o look an oc

their name is big gay baby (no seriously im too lazy to find a nice name so thats how im gonna call them)

its from that “design ocs with someone but don’t reveal them until they’re done and then they have to get together” that i did with robospierre

so look at this beautiful alien, they have 2 sets of arms and always holds their own hands because biG GAY BABY, they’re not super smart but they’re REALLY STRONG

only physically tho don’t yell at them they will cry

jub’s oc is an half broken android who wants to be an iphone

this is gonna be beautiful