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Why Him? || Jughead Jones


A/N: Sign me tf up for angst omfg. Also this is really short but I hope you like it!!

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As you drove the short distance to Betty’s house, container of hot chicken noodle soup resting on the floor on the passenger’s side, you wondered what illness the blonde could’ve had.

Betty had gone home immediately after school, saying that she felt sick. You knew Betty rarely got sick and you wanted to help her out. She was one of your closest friends. You told her everything and vice versa. So what kind of friend were you if you didn’t take care of her?

You parked the car in the Coopers’ driveway and walked up to the front door, knocking on it gently. When you didn’t get an answer, you knocked again. No response.

Huh. Weird.

You decided to try and see if the door was unlocked. It was. With a creak, the door opened and you stepped inside the house. It wasn’t unusual for you to let yourself into the Coopers’ house and vice versa. Your two families were basically… well… one big family. Betty was like your sister. You placed the container soup on the counter and and began the trek upstairs.

Thinking Betty was up in her room resting, you quietly walked up the stairs, hoping you weren’t disturbing her. You got to her door and opened it without knocking.

“Hey, I know you’re sick and—” you began but stopped when you saw Betty heavily making out with someone on her bed.

The two of them sprung apart and you covered your eyes with your hand before you could see who was kissing the blonde.

“Oh, God, sorry!” you exclaimed, blushing furiously. “I didn’t realize you had company.”

Who was it? Archie? Veronica?

You heard a chuckle and you froze.

You knew that laugh.

You removed your hand from your eyes and your heart sank at what you saw. Betty and Jughead sitting on the her bed together. They had obviously been making out. If you catching them in the act wasn’t proof enough, both of their lips were swollen.

“Great timing, Y/N.” Jughead joked, smiling cheekily.

You knew he meant no harm by the comment, but it stung just the same. You turned your attention to Betty, who wasn’t smiling. She was looking down guiltily, avoiding eye contact with you. Jughead’s smile faded as he realized you weren’t laughing.

“You knew,” you said softly to Betty, and she looked up at you.

Tears welled up in your eyes.

“For ten years. You knew. And you still…” you trailed off, knowing if you continued you would start crying.

Jughead looked back and forth at you and Betty, confused. He got up.

“Y/N, what’s the matter?” he asked, walking towards you.

You quickly shook your head, backing away. Jughead stopped, hurt at the fact you were trying to get away from him.

“N-Nothing, I-I was just shocked to see you two together, that’s all.” you said, surprised you were able to keep your voice steady.

Jughead rose his eyebrow at you.

“I don’t think—” he began but was cut off by you shaking your head again.

“No, it’s fine, Jughead, don’t worry about it. Trust me. Um, I’ll see you guys at school, alright?” you said, your voice cracking on the last word.

You dashed out of the room and down the stairs, grabbing your keys from your pocket. You heard fast footsteps behind you.

“Y/N, wait!” Betty exclaimed.

You ran faster as you rushed out of the door, quickly unlocking your car door, getting in. You heard shouts of your name but they were nearly deafened by the sound of your heartbeat. You shakily put the key in the ignition before the car roared to life. A bang on the passenger side’s window was the last thing you heard before you backed out of the driveway and onto the street, tires screeching hideously as you sped away.

You drove home, tears streaming down your face as the loud music blared with one question on your mind for your “soul sister.”

Why him? Why Jughead?


A/N: Gotta love angst. Hope you enjoyed!! Send me feedback!!

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Ohh my favourite atoms usually involve chewing! Chewing on bottle caps, those squishy rubber thingies to help you grip pens, and (this one is oddly specific) googly eyes. Crunching ice is good too! I also like passing a really smooth marble between my hands or just putting it in my mouth because it feels soooo nice and smooth. 😅 So uh yeah those are my favourite stims

You guys are so creative! 💖🐰


Some sort of Tsukki test since the wig finally arrived along with the knee cap pad thingies.

Still needs some serious cutting and styling, it’s also lighter than I thought it would be but it’s not awful so, I can deal!

I’ll be at MCM London on the Saturday if anyone wants to say hi!!

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(one word prompt thingy)


Kurt turns his head for only a second and spots Jane landing about fifty feet away in her Falcon suit, her curls braided in a tight halo around her head as she runs towards him. He shouts at her–“STAND DOWN!”–and turns his attention back to the relentless Winter Soldier, who has him pinned to the concrete floor of the parking structure. 

The Soldier’s long, disheveled curls are falling into his eyes and catching on his eyelashes as he presses his silver hand closer and closer to Kurt’s throat, but he doesn’t seem to care. With his bigger, more muscular frame, encased in that black fight suit and horrifying–but beautifully crafted–metal arm, he is a foreign being, so changed from the sweet Blaine that Kurt used to know, so many years ago, that Kurt struggles to reconcile the two personas. 

But Blaine is in there, somewhere. Kurt is sure of it. The Soldier’s eyes–Blaine’s eyes–have not gone cold; he is still as intense as he was seventy years ago, still as passionate, and if the seemingly bottomless well that his emotions draw from has not gone dry, Kurt still has something to work with. He keeps his voice low, hoping Jane can’t hear him, and says, “It’s me. It’s me. I know you didn’t get much time with this particular body of mine, but you still know it. You’re my best friend, my–my love, please, see me. Blaine, I know you can hear me. Listen, baby, please. You know who you are.”

There’s a flicker in the Soldier’s eyes; it’s just a split second, but it’s enough. Kurt bucks and rolls them over, pinning the Soldier to the ground with his arm across his throat, and then–