Hey, so, remember how I wrote a book about an autistic girl who fights demons?

This one?

Well, it got featured in an author friend’s Best of British showcase and it’s currently sitting at #26 in YA urban fantasy on Amazon.

Unlike Lady Ruth - which is always in the steampunk #20 because not that many people write steampunk - HUNT is almost never close to the top #20!

So, if you haven’t picked it up, now would be the best time because it might actually get somewhere in the genre chart.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s free!

So, here’s the download link! Go get your awesome urban fantasy book!

What? You’re still not convinced? Okay fine, more reasons:

  • It’s an #OwnVoices title
  • It’s the first book in a long-running series, so there is plenty to catch up on if you like it
  • The main character is also bisexual
  • Every single review from an autistic person is positive
  • (Ableists and biphobes are another story and are why I want to bleach my eyes…)
  • The main character gets attacked by a demon and finds out she has magic powers!
  • And one of her teachers turns out to be a ghost who was sent to help her out
  • She’s just, like, possessing someone
  • And there’s a new kid at school and he’s all mysterious
  • Bonus points if you figure out where that’s going
  • And the MC gets a crush on him but she’s all angst central and all I DON’T HAVE FEELINGS FEELINGS ARE STUPID
  • But then it’s like, no, you have to use your feelings to learn how to use your magic
  • And it’s like a whole thing about emotional maturity and friendships and MAGIC FRIENDSHIP SWORDS
  • Okay, I’m saying too much
  • Just go read it! It’s free!

That feeling when your concentration is shot, so you’re just staring at your computer screen, flicking through different tabs on your browser without really reading anything, waiting until you can actually focus enough to do work.

And you know that you could flick over to a video game for a while and then you’d at least be doing something.

But it wouldn’t be your work, and if you can play a video game, why can’t you do your work you lazy fu-

And you listen to this voice and just keep flicking through your browser, despite the fact that you know that playing video games tends to bring back your concentration.

Though then there’s the issue of potentially playing and going into hyper-focus, which wouldn’t help anything…


dear terfs:

you don’t like the t at the end of lgbt?? i know how you can fix it!!! it’s realll simple…



leave!!11!1!!1! get the fuck out!!!!!!1111!1!1!1!! 

you don’t want trans people in the same community as you??? don’t be a part of the community with trans people in it!!! that’s all there is to it, sweets!!

all of the letters in lgbt+ are equally important and equally part of the acronym!! your “right” to kick trans people out is exactly equal to a trans person telling gay people to skedaddle!! guess what though?? nobody is doing that to you!! 

your letter is not more important than the t!! your letter is not the leader!! you have no fucking right to gatekeep the community, because *and this may shock you* you don’t fucking own it!!! 

!! this goes for all gatekeepers. !!

the lgbt+ community is not yours!! your part of it does not get to decide how valid other parts of it are, because the part that you don’t think is “valid” is worth the same amount that your part is!! 

you don’t like a certain letter that is in the acronym?? YOUR OPINION DOES. NOT. FUCKING. MATTER. you are the M.I.N.O.R.I.T.Y of us. we aren’t fucking oppressing you, you’re just being a snotty asshole!! it doesn’t matter who you are!! if you hate any part of the lgbt+ community, or you think that some parts aren’t “worthy” of being here, you are a snotty, nasty, crusty asshole!! you are the same as any sort of person who hates any part of the lgbt+ community. 

this has been a psa.