caps lock is coming

backtozain  asked:

you're the krabby patty to my spatula 💙

the french to my fries 💙

the youtube to my video 💙

the “Si” to my “is hella cute” 💙

the apple to my sauce/pie 💙

the good to my morning (i hate mornings though, but talking to you every day is definitely one of the best parts) 💙

the Silva to my pride lands 😂💙


and of course, you’re a half to a pair of individuals that I love and appreciate more either of you will ever know… (it’s you and V, btw 😂) 💙💙💙

Omfg I’m fuckin dyin, I just realized this came after the “I’m gonna yell at you okay?” one you sent the other day jsfdksjkdfjff the simba one omg the simba one i can’t breathe

@808s-and-d1sco-face come getcha friend, they wildin  😂 😂 😂

*makes grabby hands at shan’s face*

nativehueofresolution  asked:

for the hate meme the mcu

  • br*tasha coming from nowhere
  • “i’m a monster cause i can’t have kids”
  • basically all of aou
  • also the inhumans taking over the classically mutant storyline
  • all the gay people & all the black people die on aos
  • the iron fist show
  • the anti-asian racism in daredevil
  • the anti-blackness of jessica jones
  • the lesbophobia of jj as well
  • making hydra cool and trendy despite the fact that they’re literally nazis
  • jane foster had no agency in thor 2
  • and now she’s not gonna be back for thor 3
  • i hate a lot things abt that shitty franchise okay
Leaked Suicide Squad set transcripts

Joker: Come to the dark side, Harley. We have cookies.

Harley: What?

Joker: ROFL, what if shoelaces were spaghheti?

Harley: Joker, are you okay?

Joker: Yah, I’M Ju5t R$andoooom looool, rofl, WAFFLES.

Margot Robbie: Director, can we take 5 please?

David Ayer: Yeah okay, I’m too terrified to keep directing anyway.

chris evans is gonna go to his hospital dressed up as cap soon…lock ya windows batten down the hatches….death is coming. death is coming