caps lock in text

Ash Ketchum and his pikachu are both autistic!!!!

i like to think that lots of pokemon can have human disabilities and disorders like humans since pokemon are often treated as equals since theyre a lot like people!!

autistic ash using pikachu to pressure stim by letting it ride on his shoulder!

autistic pikachu melting down with an electric shock every time somebody touches it without warning!

autistic ash having an intense special interest in pokemon!!

autistic pikachu having trust issues with meeting ash because it didnt know how to properly interact with other people and pokemon for a lot of years but then forming a bond with ash after figuring out how much they have in common!!

autistic ash missing lots of social cues and sarcasm and having brock and misty explainig things to him!

autistic pikachu had sensory overload whenever it had to be trapped in a pokeball and ash understands why and never forced it into one!

autistic ash having propagnosia and never recognizing team rocket through their even more subtle disguises!

autistic pikachu having brock make it very different food from the other pokemon due to its very finnicky sensory needs!

autistic ash AND pikachu being very attatched to eachother, because they can always help the other with their disorder similarities and understanding, helping eachother through problems like sensory overloads and meltdowns when ash and brock dont know what to do! ash probably carries stim toys for the both of them in his backpack!!

anyways,, autistic ash and pikachu!!!!!!!

1. Do you not think about the way things use to be?

2. we use to be so close.. how can you not think of me anymore?

3. did anything you say ever even mean anything?

4. Its not fair, its just not fair. All I can ever do is think of you and I can’t stop, I don’t know how to keep going when all I can think about is how you don’t love me anymore.

5. you use to text me I love you in all caps lock, and now you cant even pick up the phone. How the fuck  does that happen?

6. I think of you, and you think of her. How is that fair? I deserve better, and you deserve better. Isn’t it funny how we both can’t see it?

7. People keep talking about you and asking me about you, I don’t know what to say when they asked me what happened

8. I mean what happened? please tell me, I’m still trying to understand

9. All I can say is, I thought we had something that wasn’t there…

10. I thought you loved me back, but you really didnt..

11. look, I just want things to be like they were, I know its been months but if you loved me once cant you love me again? I don’t even give a damn if its pretend, I just need to feel something again. I just need to see your name pop up in my phone again. I need to hear your voice. I just fucking want you to care about me again.

12. why did you ever stop? I feel like I cant breathe all the time.

13. Where did it all go wrong?

14. please just pick up the phone, I just want to hear your voice.

15. I just miss you so much, it hurts so bad.

16. Its been months, why do I still feel the same way I did when you left?

17. I just want to stop hurting. I hate seeing you, I hate not being with you. I hate not even being your friend.

18. I wish I can tell you how I really feel.

19. I never told you how I really felt, we fell apart before I could and now its too late, maybe if you knew you would of stayed?

20. then again, I don’t think anything would of made you stay.

21. for what its worth, I am truly, completely, in love with you. and I don’t know how to get out.

—  21 texts I didn’t send 

I like secretary birds because the first time I ever saw one was at the San Diego Zoo. It was just sitting there, and I was like, “Now that’s a bird. Get a load of that bird.”


And also I like to imagine a secretary bird as an actual secretary at an office trying to type with its long lady legs.