caps in 7

*mentally ill person expresses suffering*

neurotypical1: OMG You NEED HELP!!1! *string of slurs, insults and internet-stranger-diagnosing*

neurotypical2: Don’t let your mental illness define your life sweetie :) Get over it already :)

neurotypical3: O.O Are you dangerous?? I bet you’re dangerous!!

neurotypical4: *ignores you completely*

neurotypical5: :C Don’t HIDE behind your DIAGNOSIS!!!1! That’s not an excuse for doing [completely harmless thing]/ not doing [thing you literally can’t do]!!

neurotypical6: Have you tried yoga? Go for a walk you’ll feel better immediately! (aka I want to shut you up but sound like I care and then get offended when you don’t take my oh-so-helpful ~advice~)

*mentally ill person doesn’t express suffering/expresses something that’s not suffering*

everyone and their grandma: OMG you FAKE!! dOn’t you KNOW that people with REAL mental illnesses suffer REAL SUFFERING 24/7 you’re MAKING LIGHT of the SUFFERING of people with real MENTAL ILLNESSES!!1!!!11eleven
How will anyone ever take anyone with REAL mental ILLNESSES seriously NOW??? You have ruined EVERYTHING!!! How dare you NOT SUFFER??????????????? >:C


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