caps in 7


drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!


get to know me: 1/5 teams

team 7

“my name is naruto uzumaki, i like cup ramen! what I like even more is the restaurant ramen iruka Sensei buys me. what I dislike is waiting 3 minutes for the cup ramen to cook. my dream… is to surpass hokage! and then… have all the people of this village acknowledge my existence!”

“i’m sakura haruno, the thing i like is… well… the person i like is… umm… should i say my dream for the future…? kyaaaaa! the thing i dislike… Is naruto. my hobby is…”

“my name is sasuke uchiha. there are tons of things i dislike but i don’t really like anything. and… i don’t want to use the word “dream” but… i have an ambition. the resurrection of my clan and… to kill a certain man.”


the first 3 caps are from S1, during the bonding/training exercises, coran directing them with advice like “the paladin code demands you put your team members’ safety above your own!” and “protect your teammates, or no one will be there to protect you!”

the remaining 7 caps are from S2, and while keith and lance still sometimes rile each other up or try to outdo each other, i think these moments prove how much better they’re becoming at watching out for each other and keeping each other safe. the elevator scene has gotten a lot of focus, perhaps because of its prolonged focus on their teamwork, but i think smaller moments like these do a lot in the long run to provide foundation for future bigger moments. you could consider them examples of subtle showing, not just telling, that will make their future scenes as a good team/partnership all the more effective and believable! their rivalry is a lot of fun and i doubt it will ever go away completely, but it can be balanced into something more mutually helpful that doesn’t end with getting too caught up in bickering and crashing and burning.