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HeyO! This was a bit of something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Had it in my mind to do an Irish/Celtic/Gaelic/Welsh/Scottishwhathaveyou guide for awhile. Finally got around to it, at the very tail end of summer. So here goes.

Aos Sí: Irish term meaning “people of the mound”, they’re comparatively your faeries and elves of Irish mythology. Some believe they are the living survivors of the Tuatha Dé Danann. They’re fiercely territorial of their little mound homes and can either be really, really pretty or really, really ugly. They’re often referred to not by name, but as “Fair Folk” or “Good Neighbors”. Never, ever piss them off.

Cat Sidhe: Cat Sidhe are faerie cats, often black with white spots on their chests. They haunted Scotland, but a few Irish tales tell of witches who could turn into these cats a total of nine times (nine lives?). The Cat Sidhe were large as dogs and were believed to be able to steal souls by passing over a dead body before burial. Irusan was a cat sidhe the size of an ox, and once took a satirical poet for a wild ride before Saint Ciaran killed it with a hot poker.

Badb: Part of the trio of war goddesses called Morrígna with sisters Macha and Morrígan, Badb, meaning “crow”, was responsible for cleaning bodies up after battle. Her appearance meant imminent bloodshed, death of an important person, and/or mass confusion in soldiers that she would use to turn victories in her favor. She and her sisters fought the Battles of Mag Tuired, driving away the Fir Bolg army and the Formorians. In short: total badass.

Merrow: The Irish mermaid. They were said to be very benevolent, charming, modest and affectionate, capable of attachment and companionship with humans. It is believed that they wore caps or capes that would allow them to live underwater, and taking a cap/cape of a merrow would render them unable to return to the sea. Merrow, unlike regular mermaids, were also capable of “shedding” their skin to become more beautiful beings. They also like to sing.

Púca: Also called a phooka, these are the chaotic neutral creatures of the Irish mythos world. They were known to rot fruit and also offer great advice. They are primarily shapeshifters, taking a variety of forms both scary as heck and really really pretty. The forms they took are always said to be dark in color. Púcas are partial to equine forms and have known to entice riders onto its back for a wild but friendly romp, unlike the Kelpie, which just eats its riders after drowning them.

Faoladh: My all-time favorite Irish creature. Faoladh are Irish werewolves. Unlike their english neighbors, Faoladh weren’t seen as cursed and could change into wolves at will. Faoladh of Ossory (Kilkenny) were known to operate in male/female pairs and would spend several years in wolf form before returning to human life together, replaced in work by a younger couple. They are the guardians and protectors of children, wounded men, and lost people. They weren’t above killing sheep or cattle while in wolf form for a meal, and the evidence remained quite plainly on them in human form. Later on, the story of an Irish King being cursed by God made the Faoladh a little less reputable.

Dullahan: Dullahan are headless riders, often carrying their decapitated cranium beneath one arm. They are said to have wild eyes and a grin that goes from ear to ear, and they use the spine of a human skeleton as a whip (What the WHAT). Their carriages were made of dismembered body parts and general darkness. Where they stop riding is where a person is doomed to die, and when they say the human’s name, that person dies instantly.

Gancanagh: An Irish male faerie known as the “Love-Talker”. He’s a dirty little devil related to the Leprechaun that likes seducing human women. Apparently the sex was great, but ultimately the woman would fall into some sort of ruin, whether it be financial or scandal or generally having their lives turn out awful. He was always carrying a dudeen—Irish pipe—and was a pretty chill guy personality-wise. You just don’t ever want to meet him—it’s really bad luck. 

French Vocab: Les Pays

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  • l’Albanie [f] | Albania
  • l’Allemagne [f] | Germany
  • l’Andorre [f] | Andorra
  • l’Angleterre [f] | England
  • l’Autriche [f] | Austria
  • la Biélorussie [f] | Belarus
  • la Belgique [f] | Belgium
  • la Bosnie-Herzégovine [f] | Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • la Bulgarie [f] | Bulgaria
  • Chypre [f] | Cyprus
  • la Croatie [f] | Croatia
  • le Danemark [m] | Denmark
  • l’Espagne [f] | Spain
  • l’Estonie [f] | Estonia
  • l’Écosse [f] | Scotland
  • la Finlande [f] | Finland
  • la France [f] | France
  • la Grèce [f] | Greece
  • la Hongrie [f] | Hungary
  • l’Irlande [f] | Ireland
  • l’Islande [f] | Iceland
  • l’Italie [f] | Italy
  • la Lettonie [f] | Latvia
  • le Liechtenstein [m] | Liechtenstein
  • la Lituanie [f] | Lithuania
  • le Luxembourg [m] | Luxembourg
  • la Macédoine [f] | Macedonia
  • Malte [f] | Malta
  • la Moldavie [f] | Moldova
  • Monaco [m] | Monaco
  • le Monténégro [m] | Montenegro
  • la Norvège [f] | Norway
  • les Pays-Bas [m] | the Netherlands
  • le Pays de Galles [m] | Wales
  • la Pologne [f] | Poland
  • le Portugal [m] | Portugal
  • la République tchèque [f] | the Czech Republic
  • la Roumanie [f] | Romania
  • le Royaume-Uni [f] | the United Kingdom
  • la Russie [f] | Russia
  • Saint-Marin [m] | San Marino
  • la Serbie [f] | Serbia
  • la Slovaquie [f] | Slovakia
  • la Slovénie [f] | Slovenia
  • la Suède [f] | Sweden
  • la Suisse [f] | Switzerland
  • l’Ukraine [f] | Ukraine
  • le Vatican [m] | the Vatican

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  • l’Afghanistan [m] | Afghanistan
  • l’Arabie saoudite [f] | Saudi Arabia
  • l’Arménie [f] | Armenia
  • l’Azerbaïdjan [m] | Azerbaijan
  • le Bahreïn [m] | Bahrain
  • le Bangladesh [m] | Bangladesh
  • le Bhoutan [m] | Bhutan
  • le Brunei [m] | Brunei
  • la Birmanie [f] | Burma
  • le Cambodge [m] | Cambodia
  • la Chine [f] | China
  • la Corée du Nord [f] | North Korea
  • la Corée du Sud [f] | South Korea
  • les Émirats arabe unis [m] | United Arab Emirates
  • la Géorgie [f] | Georgia
  • l’Inde [f] | India
  • l’Indonésie [f] | Indonesia
  • l’Iran [m] | Iran
  • l’Irak [m] | Iraq
  • Israël [m] | Israel
  • le Japon [m] | Japan
  • la Jordanie [f] | Jordan
  • le Kazakhstan [m] | Kazakhstan
  • le Kirghizstan [m] Kyrgyzstan
  • le Koweït [m] | Kuwait
  • le Laos [m] | Laos
  • le Liban [m] | Lebanon
  • la Malaisie [f] | Malaysia
  • le Népal [m] | Nepal
  • l’Oman [m] | Oman
  • le Pakistan [m] | Pakistan
  • les Philippines [f] | the Philippines
  • l’Ouzbékistan [m] | Uzbekistan
  • le Qatar [m] | Qatar
  • le Sri Lanka [m] | Sri Lanka
  • la Syrie [f] | Syria
  • le Tadjikistan [m] | Tajikistan
  • la Thaïlande [f] | Thailand
  • la Turquie [f] | Turkey
  • le Turkménistan [m] | Turkmenistan
  • le Viêt Nam [m] | Vietnam
  • le Yémen [m] | Yemen

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  • l’Afrique du Sud [f] | South Africa
  • l’Algérie [f] | Algeria
  • l’Angola [m] | Angola
  • le Bénin [m] | Benin
  • le Botswana [m] | Botswana
  • le Burkina [m] | Burkina Faso
  • le Burundi [m] | Burundi
  • le Cameroun [m] | Cameroon
  • le Cap-Vert [m] | Cape Verde
  • les Comores [f] | Comoro Islands
  • le Congo [m] | Congo
  • la Côte d’Ivoire [f] | Ivory Coast
  • le Djibouti [m] | Djibouti
  • l’Égypte [f] | Egypt
  • l’Érythrée [f] | Eritrea
  • l’Éthiopie [f] | Ethiopia
  • le Gabon [m] | Gabon
  • la Gambie [f] | Gambia
  • le Ghana [m] | Ghana
  • la Guinée [f] | Guinea
  • la Guinée-Bissau [f] | Guinea Bissau
  • la Guinée équatoriale [f] | Equatorial Guinea
  • Île Maurice [f] | Mauritius
  • le Kenya [m] | Kenya
  • le Lesotho [m] | Lesotho
  • le Liberia [m] | Liberia
  • la Libye [f] | Libya
  • Madagascar [m] | Madagascar
  • le Malawi [m] | Malawi
  • le Mali [m] | Mali
  • le Maroc [m] | Morocco
  • la Mauritanie [f] | Mauritania
  • le Mozambique [m] | Mozambique
  • la Namibie [f] | Namimbia
  • le Niger [m] | Niger
  • le Nigeria [m] | Nigeria
  • l’Ouganda [m] | Uganda
  • la République centrafricaine [f] | Central African Republic
  • la République démocratique du Congo [f] | Democratic Republic of Congo
  • le Ruanda [m] | Rwanda
  • Sao Tomé et Principe [m] | Sao Tome and Principe
  • les Seychelles [f] | the Seychelles
  • le Sénégal [m] | Senegal
  • la Sierra Leone [f] | Sierra Leone
  • la Somalie [f] | Somalia
  • le Soudan [m] | Sudan
  • le Swaziland [m] | Swaziland
  • la Tanzanie [f] | Tanzania
  • le Tchad [m] | Chad
  • le Togo [m] | Togo
  • la Tunisie [f] | Tunisia
  • la Zambie [f] | Zambia
  • le Zimbabwe [m] | Zimbabwe

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L’Amérique du Nord:

  • l’Antigua-et-Barbuda [f] | Antigua and Barbuda
  • les Bahamas [f] | the Bahamas
  • la Barbade [f] | Barbados
  • le Belize [m] | Belize
  • le Canada [m] | Canada
  • le Costa Rica [m] | Costa Rica
  • Cuba [m] | Cuba
  • la Dominique [f] | Dominica
  • les États-Unis [m] | the United States
  • la Grenade [f] | Grenada
  • le Guatemala [m] | Guatemala
  • Haïti [m] | Haiti
  • le Honduras [m] | Honduras
  • la Jamaïque [f] | Jamaica
  • le Mexique [m] | Mexico
  • le Nicaragua [m] | Nicaragua
  • le Panama [m] Panama
  • la République dominicaine [f] | the Dominican Republic
  • Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès [f] | St. Kitts-Nevis
  • Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines [m] | St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Sainte-Lucie [f] | St. Lucia
  • le Salvador [m] | El Salvador
  • la Trinité-et-Tobago [f] | Trinidad and Tobago

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L’Amérique du Sud:

  • l’Argentine [f] | Argentina
  • la Bolivie [f] | Bolivia
  • le Brésil [m] | Brazil
  • le Colombie [f] | Colombia
  • le Chili [m] | Chile
  • l’Équateur [m] | Ecuador
  • la Guyana [f] | Guyana
  • le Paraguay [m] | Paraguay
  • le Pérou [m] | Peru
  • le Surinam [m] | Suriname
  • l’Uruguay [m] | Uruguay
  • le Venezuela [m] | Venezuela

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  • l’Australie [f] | Australia
  • les Palaos [f] | Palau
  • les Îles Cook [f] | Cook Islands
  • les Fidji [f] | Fiji
  • les Îles Marshall [f] | Marshall Islands
  • les Îles Salomon [f] | Soloman Islands
  • Kiribati [f] | Kiribati
  • les Maldives [f] | the Maldives
  • la Micronésie [f] | Micronesia
  • la Nauru [f] | Nauru
  • Niue [f] | Nieu
  • la Nouvelle-Zélande [f] | New Zealand
  • la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée [f] | Papua New Guinea
  • la Polynésie française [f] | French Polynesia
  • les Samoa occidentales [f] | Western Samoa
  • les Tonga [f] | Tonga
  • le Tuvalu [m] | Tuvalu
  • le Vanuatu [m] | Vanuatu

Avengers Alcohol headcanons

Cap: Samuel adams, like he wont drink bad beer but he’s not going to drink pretentious craft beer either, he finds that reasonably priced medium. The guy in the bar who feels like he can instruct the bartender on what channel should be playing on the TV and how loud it should be. After four beers he starts to point a lot.

Tony: He crosses the broad spectrum of alcohol, like from toasting everyone with Dom Perignon 2008 Vintage champagne to ‘ay who wants to watch me down this bud light lime out of caps helmut’ just 100- 0 real quick

Natasha: no its not stoli or russian standard, not all her vodka is russian you stereotyping fuks, but hey, you want some i have some out back its 89% and was brewed in a soviet war bunker by a guy named ivan, it’ll burn a hole in your tongue, your oesophagus and your soul, here i’ll pour you a shot

Bruce: Doesn’t know anything about wine but if he just asks for ‘the house wine’ at restaurants he knows he’s gonna sound like he’s ‘with it’ 

Falcon: classy belvedere vodka done in shots from the tackiest plastic shot glass he got free from a sale bottle of Sierra Nevada. Is in charge of the jukebox/ipod dock/aux cord and no one appreciates that but they should

Thor: MEAD and ALE served in TANKARDS by WENCHES and… you know… I guess Heineken or whatevers on tap is fine too…. I mean it’s not served in an ivory and gold drinking horn but….ok

Rhodey: Sierra Nevada or Blue Moon, beer for the man who knows what the term ‘hops’ actually means. He is the designated driver and knows his limits, he’s defintely only going to have one and then he’s going to make sure Tony isn’t going to steal thor’s cape and try and use the infinity gauntlet as a substitute drinking horn, he is going to be responsible. An hour passes. He is up on a table with tony, both wrapped in the cape, using caps helmet as the substitute drinking horn as they both scull bud light lime while singing sweet caroline

Bucky: Doing shots with natasha


Fine five star cognac aged in oaken barrels in some rich provincial french town shipped to his estate exclusively and served to him by a beautiful lady in a crystal glass carried on a polished vibranium tray as he sits in a plush leather chair overlooking his land

Clint: It’s always tequila, and every time he puts the little plastic sombrero hat on his head and thinks he’s really funny. That or he’s the guy that drunkenly pressures people to eat the tequila worm for an hour and then when no one wants to he does it himself and fifteen minutes later he’s vomiting behind someones car in the driveway

Wanda: did a shot of 89% soviet vodka and is regretting her decisions

Vision: Requires no alcohol as it serves no apparent function. Is enquiring to the whereabouts of a bucket so that he might assist wanda

Spider-man: tony stark let him have a sip of his bud light lime if he promised not to tell cap and it was so rad but oh my god that was so nasty but he cant say that because like its probably fancy millionaire beer, this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him, he can’t believe he was even invited to this party.

Ant-man: was not invited to this party

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what kind of fae do you think the paladins would be?

i like you, anon. technically these aren’t all fae, but they’re Celtic mythical beings, so without further ado here’s Voltron Faery AU bc I don’t have enough supernatural AU’s already…. (absolute sarcasm) but who am i kidding i love it.

Shiro: Gancanagh 

ok listen I really tried to resist the temptation to make poor Shiro this, but just like the gancanagh, it’s irresistible, because HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN LOL. Literally translating to “love talker,” the gancanagh is a powerful male faery which is a bit like an incubus, but uh…worse. Worse how, you ask? 

Well. The gancanagh is much prettier than an incubus, for starters, and able to listen in on all of a woman’s desires in order to match his form to her ideal. Found skulking around the countryside in upper-class finery, he enchants hapless maidens with sweet words, until they give in and touch him - and they are literally doomed by a single touch, because gancanagh skin contains a toxin that renders their victims absolutely addicted to them and completely bound to their wills until they discard them and drive them insane/to death from heartbreak. Before that happens, though, the gancanagh has his fun with the woman as much as he likes, which is usually a lot; often in scandalously public locales, where she behaves like a harlot towards him while he appears as an ordinary stranger, confusing and horrifying all who know her.

Keith: Changeling 

a faery child left in the place of a stolen human child. Often this was used to explain ‘strange’ babies with deformities, startling/different features, or learning disorders. Changelings were said to have dark eyes that betrayed their true age and wisdom, and were often considered malevolent, bringing bad luck into households, using their dark magic to bring misfortune upon the family. They were either very ugly or very beautiful and put humans ill at ease because of their apparent lack of emotion or interest in human affairs; they are aloof and ill-tempered. However, they often have musical talent and take up an instrument if they survive long enough in the human world to do so.

Lance: Merrow 

the Irish merfolk, bc ofc he is. They were said to be very benevolent, charming, modest and affectionate, capable of attachment and companionship with humans. It is believed that they wore caps or capes that would allow them to live underwater, and taking a cap/cape of a merrow would render them unable to return to the sea. Merrow, unlike regular mermaids, were also capable of “shedding” their skin to become more beautiful beings. They also like to sing.

Hunk: Faoladh 

the Irish werewolf! Irish werewolves are quite different from their English counterparts because they were not seen as cursed and could shift into wolf form at will, rather than at the mercy of the moon. They were generally benevolent and acted as the guardians and protectors of children, wounded men, and lost people. Faoladh also often served kings as their kind of personal guard in myths.

Pidge: Pooka 

Also called a púca, these are the chaotic neutral creatures of the Irish mythos world. They were known to rot fruit but also offer great advice. They are primarily shapeshifters, taking a variety of forms both scary as heck and very pretty. The forms they took were always said to be dark in color with golden eyes, and included horses, cats, ravens, rabbits, foxes, goats, and dogs. Púcas are partial to equine forms and have been known to entice riders onto their back for a wild but friendly romp, unlike the Kelpie, which just eats its riders after drowning them. They can take human form but always retain some animal characteristics i.e. rabbit ears or a cat tail. They have the power of human speech in every form.

Allura: Leanan sídhe

An exceptionally beautiful female faery who takes a human lover, often a struggling artist. She provides them with inspiration and talent and becomes the best muse they could ever ask for in exchange for their love and devotion to her. She leads them to achieve greatness, only to eventually drive them mad and into an early grave, however she is not considered a malevolent fae because artists are so self-destructive by nature as it is, and she is more of an empath than a villain. She wishes to experience emotional depth that she cannot find among other fae, and the artist wishes to find brilliance and meaning in their life, however short that life might be. 

Coran: Leprechaun 

I’m not sorry. Leprechauns are frequently drunk and the self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure. They tend to avoid greedy or foolish humans, but if caught, will try to bribe their way out of it with a gold coin which will turn to ash as soon as the leprechaun is freed. They also make shoes. Probably magical shoes?

  • Noodle: I guess I'm just feeling... Like an outcast? Like something went wrong...
  • Therapist: Could the way you're feeling be something relating to childhood trauma?
  • Murdoc: *running outside the window in nothing but a sailor's cap, a cape, thong, and cowboy boots, yelling obscenities*
  • Therapist: *scribbles something down into notebook* Did you have another parent when growing up?
  • Noodle: I had 2 other dads.
  • Therapist: *pencil breaks*