Okay, this is all the drinks as of last night. I’ll do something else for the ones that appeared RIGHT after I went to bed. SO MANY TAGS. By the way I am totally in love with milk so everyone keep your eyes off ‘im.

-laughs because im wrecking it-

It’s never too early for fanfics! I swear I’ll do stuff like this for other ships. Feenie and Listerine are on my list, but I can’t really think of any other ships at this point. Maybe Dr. Pepper and Dewie… DEFINITELY JOLT AND RED BULL.

Okay this is something I thought up during school ((sorry I’m really bad at writing)).

Basically Mtn. Dew hosts a party and Capri manages to sneak in. He somehow manages to consume some alcohol and finds Sunny along the way.

Rated… PG-13 for drinking and excessive otp?


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