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Hello! This post is regarding one of our favourite astronomical events round the corner - meteor showers.

There are two meteor showers up this month - The Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids - you can check the annual meteor shower schedules here.

The Delta Aquarids are a faint are relatively less spectacular meteor shower than the Alpha Capricornids, which consists of bright and big fireballs (yes, that’s the scientific term for meteors in a meteor shower used by the American Meteor Society), as compared to small and much dimmer fireballs in the Delta Aquarids.

Delta Aquarids -

Period of observation - July 21st to August 23rd 2015
                 Peak Night - July 21st to August 23rd 2015

Alpha Capricornids -

Period of observation - July 11th to August 10th 2015
Peak Night - Jul 27-28 (Yes, these shits come and go early.)

Have fun spotting these fireballs.

P.S. This is schedule for the North-Western Hemisphere, particularly the Americas. Europe will have a different schedule, and so will Asia and Africa and Oceania (For those humans in Antarctica reading this, you guys will have a VERY different schedule too.)