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When do the signs start getting ready for Christmas 🎄

Aries: November 1st

Taurus: December 23rd

Gemini: December 1st

Cancer: All year

Leo: Right after their Birthday

Virgo:December 1st

Libra: October 1st

Scorpio: November 30th

Sagittarius: December 15th

Capricorn: December 25th

Aquarius: Never really ready

Pisces: September 30th

women & their sun beauty

aries: fiery attitudes, regal figures, sensitive eyes, lush cheeks.

taurus: ethereal faces, warm smiles, fresh skin, musical bodies.

gemini: mesmerising hair, rosy cheeks, picturesque figures, endless smiles.

cancer: soft smiles, kissable lips, sunkissed hair, feminine lashes.

leo: charismatic expressions, addictive eyes, audacious movements, royal lips.

virgo: angelic voices, daring eyes, soporific bodies, winsome expressions.

libra: lustful eyes, lady-like figures, floral scents, fairy lashes.

scorpio: enticing figures, rich expressions, beatific eyes, feline smiles.

sagittarius: cheerful laughter, full lips, wondrous skin, magnificent bodies, fearless eyes.

capricorn: pristine bodies, sensual movements, doll-like eyes, virtuous expressions.

aquarius: elegiac eyes, mysterious auras, magnetic bodies, pure skin.

pisces:  airy eyes, graceful bodies, dreamy expressions, heart-warming smiles.

What the Signs Need

Aries – “I believe in you.”

Aries are full of energy. They’re bold and impulsive. They seem confident because they always have a response; they’re always quick to act. However, this isn’t always confidence- sometimes it’s just their impulsive nature that forces them to act. Yes, they are children who know no fear, but they desperately need emotional support. Knowing that someone else has confidence in them, that someone is on their team, can push an Aries to become their best person: a fearless leader.

Taurus – “There’s no rush.”

Taurus hate feeling pressured. They need to feel comfortable and fulfilled before they reach any decision and definitely before they act. Having someone who understands their need for security and their slow (omg so slow sometimes) pace actually helps them feel better about making big moves (which kind of freaks them out because they don’t like change)!

Gemini – “You’re not crazy.”

Lets be honest, Gemini placements can inject lots of thoughts and feelings into a person. It creates indecisiveness and mental chaos, which makes a person moody. And people with Gemini placements know this and are sometimes unsteadied by the amount of mercurial energy. Having someone tell them that their need to overanalyze everything is okay and having someone who will listen to their endless thoughts is extremely validating and comforting to them. 

Cancer – “You make a difference.”’

Most Cancers really take on more than they should, and they’ll take on more if it means helping another. They do this because they want to change and influence the world in a caring manner. And because they do this in a caring manner (instead of in a forceful manner (Aries) or strategic manner (Capricorn)), they sometimes doubt their efforts. They doubt that they have any impact on anyone, which just isn’t true. A Cancer’s kindness and ability to provide emotional support and strength to another is unmatched by any other sign, and someone who acknowledges this “hidden” strength and reminds a Cancer of it when they forget, will satisfy a Cancer in a meaningful way. 

 Leo – “Let me take care of you.”

Leos are very loyal and will do a lot for their partners and friends. However, this can not go unnoticed or unreciprocated. Leos need people to show them that they are thankful by returning the favor and then some. Leos want you to exceed their expectations just like they would do for you, and they won’t accept less.

Virgo – “Let me help you.”

Virgos really are about serving people’s needs and in what way and with what means changes depending on the planet and the house that Virgo is in. However, the need to serve is definitely present, and there is nothing worse than someone who consistently takes from a Virgo and never gives back. Because a Virgo isn’t like Leo, they won’t stop giving, blow up, and cut you off. A Virgo will continue to give even to their own detriment. This is why a Virgo needs someone who not only returns a favor but someone who just starts helping from the very beginning without having to be asked. 

Libra – “You’re beautiful.”

Libras are very indecisive. They easily can get caught up in what people think or feel about them. They constantly are trying to define themselves and figure out who they are by mirroring others. They spend so much time looking at others that they frequently can’t identify their own qualities, which makes them question themselves on every level. To have someone who can definitively tell a Libra they’re beautiful (inside (Libras want to change the world too) and outside (Libras are vain) and be able to explain to them why, takes a huge weight off of their shoulders. For a few seconds, they don’t have to search or mirror because the person in front of them is telling them all they need to hear. (P.S. You will have to elaborate as to why they are beautiful- in what ways, specific examples, etc. They are an air sign haha it comes with further questioning)!

Scorpio – “I won’t leave.”

Scorpios are intense. Even if they come off light because of a misleading Ascendant or some other placement, there is a distinct side to them that is serious, edgy, and somewhat dark. And while most Scorpios enjoy the depth and transformation that comes with their placement, they can also be self conscious about it because they know it doesn’t make them the easiest to deal with, and it can lead to people leaving them, which highlights one of their biggest fears: abandonment. Scorpios thrive to have someone who won’t leave them in their darkest night because they need and expect unwavering loyalty. They also feel relieved knowing that not everyone is scared of (or drowns in) their depths.

Sagittarius – “Be free with me”

Sagittarius loves freedom: freedom of thought, expression, creativity, expansion, knowledge, etc. And they also love people (because they provide endless learning) and love to share their experiences of freedom and knowledge with other people, which can be a problem because people can slow them down. People come with baggage and responsibilities and can lead to becoming attached, which can influence someone to put down roots, which petrifies them. The run-on sentence is necessary to accurately depict their very real fear of this and them running away. But seriously this is why a Sag needs someone who calms that inner fear of being tied down because they know they have found someone to run free with.

Capricorn – “I appreciate all that you do.”

Capricorns show they care in a behind-the-scenes manner. They do it through helping and performing tasks- possibly doing things that are needed instead of wanted. They are consistent providers and supporters, and because they are consistent, their efforts can be overlooked and/or viewed as boring or expected. This is why when a Capricorns finds someone who acknowledges and appreciates their efforts, they are likely to do even more for that person and consider them as really valuable. 

Aquarius – “You’re my best friend.”

People with Aquarius placements go back and forth between their love for being an individual and their fear of being so different that they don’t fit in anywhere. They want a companion but not one who wants to completely merge (because 1. they need to be their own person and 2. scary). They need someone to listen even if they don’t completely understand them (and honestly an Aquarius doesn’t want to be 100% understood anyway). They need someone who doesn’t deny their authenticity and isn’t repelled by their individuality, and who better to do that than a best friend.   

Pisces – “You’re my soulmate.”

More than any other sign, Pisces really have a need to merge with another person. Traditional love isn’t enough for them. They are really looking for that fated connection, their soul mate. They need to know that there may be a billion other people in the world and that no one in that billion could replace them. They don’t need to feel that you chose them but rather that fate, through several lifetimes, chose the both of you for one another

Having trouble remembering what the Signs and planets mean?

Here’s a cheat sheet!

The Zodiac Signs: These key phrases express what the basic nature of each of the signs at their core. Sometimes it’s what most important to them, usually it’s what’s second nature for them to focus on.

  • Aries: I am
  • Taurus: I possess
  • Gemini: I think
  • Cancer: I feel
  • Leo: I will
  • Virgo: I analyze
  • Libra: I balance
  • Scorpio: I desire
  • Sagittarius: I see
  • Capricorn: I use
  • Aquarius: I theorize
  • Pisces: I believe

The Planets: These key phrases express what the basic sphere of personality each planet is designated to.

  • Sun: As a whole, I am- | I behave-
  • Moon: I deal with emotions by- | In order to be happy, I need-
  • Mercury: I communicate through- | I learn by-
  • Venus: I value- | In romance, I-
  • Mars: I am passionate about- | I deal with anger by-
  • Jupiter: I am luckiest when- | I expand through-
  • Saturn: I view my limitations as- | I feel responsible about-
  • Uranus: I rebel- | I progress towards-
  • Neptune: I feel enlightened when- | I lose touch with reality-
  • Pluto: I transform- | I seek power by-

The Houses: These key phrases express the fields of our lives the houses govern.

  • 1st House: Self
  • 2nd House: Possessions
  • 3rd House: Communication
  • 4th House: Home
  • 5th House: Pleasure
  • 6th House: Health
  • 7th House: Partnership
  • 8th House: Sex
  • 9th House: Philosophy
  • 10th House: Social Status
  • 11th House: Friendships
  • 12th House: Subconscious
The Signs’ Weaknesses

ARIES: Running away when a problem arises instead of talking about it.

TAURUS: Quick to get upset over very little things.

GEMINI: Trouble taking things seriously.

CANCER: Not owning up and accepting responsibility for the things they do wrong.

LEO: Jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst.

VIRGO: Willingness to do anything just to prove a minuscule point.

LIBRA: Wanting to be the center of attention. All of the time.

SCORPIO: Getting attached too quickly.

SAGITTARIUS: Being honest to a fault.

CAPRICORN: Indecisiveness.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes having no regard for other people’s feelings.

PISCES: Getting in their own heads and discouraging themselves.

Think of the signs in your birth chart as voices...

Your rising sign is the voice you speak with, the voice others will always recognize you by.

Your sun sign is the voice deep inside you, regulating you, repeating certain key phrases over and over.

Your moon sign is the voice you laugh with, the voice you tell secrets with, and the voice that tells you it’s time to cry.

Your mercury sign is the voice in your head, the one that reads for you when you’re alone, and shapes your ideas into sentences.

Your venus sign is the voice that warms you, the softer one you use around that special person.

Your mars sign is the voice that excites you, the one that gets too loud sometimes, and the one saying those things you wish you could take back.

Your jupiter sign is the voice that tells you to do better, be better, grow. The one that inspires you and humbles you.

Your saturn sign is the voice that tells you to just go do it. The one that tells you when to keep your head down and when to have fun.

Your uranus sign is the voice you speak with when adressing someone higher than you, and the voice that urges you to find your purpose, so that you may one day change the world with it.

Your neptune sign is the voice that sings you to sleep, the one you trust to tell you how your dreams went, and the one that whispers that there is so much more to the universe than we know.

Your pluto sign is the voice that only asks questions that cannot be answered. The one that, ultimately, decides what you believe.

Your midheaven is the voice you use at a job interview, and even online. It’s the voice illuminating your skills and knowledge.

the signs feeling intense anger

Every sign can reach the stage when the mind just ‘quits’, no matter how laid back they are. check mars and moon!

Aries: She feels no anger. She feels rage. The intensity, the strong, sometimes short but intense feeling of emotions was something she was familiar with, but what she did hate was the feeling of anger she could mostly never shake off. It was always there with her, she let her rage out and it seemed like an exploding volcano. All she saw was red, there was too much energy flowing inside her bones that she could not get rid off and so she let out her anger, and she did not care who would see her like that. ‘I am fire and you will get burned.’

Taurus: He was angry. Angry with the world, angry with this unsteadiness, angry with the fact, that he could not do anything to stop the current situation. Long, slim hands pulled him out of his nest and threw him hard on the ground. He flinched as a cold breeze came and took away all his warmth. “No, do not take everything away from me!!”, he screamed but the dark did not listen. Gritting his teeth he felt his temper raging, long horns started to grow out of his head and he shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling of losing himself. 

Gemini: Emotions were an construct. A map with a thousand of points, connected with each other by a small, small string. No there was a knot in the strings, there and there was nothing else he could do to untie them, to clear up this mess in his head. It was like the road for his thoughts was blocked and now everything just piled up. Irritated he shook his head, even communicating was hard and the knot in his head slowly transformed in his whole body. Then his mind just quit. Rash action. 

Cancer: She could not tame herself anymore, she got hotheaded again and knew the will easily fall in an tantrum again. Followed by this feeling of guilt: why me? Why this unfairness? Why the need to upset others and be upset? In the end a wave of intensity and sadness washed her away before she could get a hold of herself again. And getting back to the surface after being pulled down by the ocean would cost her a lot strength. Strength and a long time of swimming through these endless waters. 

Leo: “I do not like this”. It all started with the feeling of unfairness, adding a a little bit of hurt to the shattered self that lay on the ground. “I cannot let them now I am hurt! I will not allow them to touch me gain that deeply.” She opened her mouth and showed her long, sharp fangs. She roared. It was loud and vibrant. Whetting her claws she narrowed her yellow, fiery eyes. “Pray for yourself”, she whispered before sprinting to her prey. 

Virgo: The head was a like a working space. There were many files and papers he read, worked with, analysed, only to put them into a new file that was stored somewhere in his office. “Wh- what is this?” This certain piece of paper  was not like the others. Unreadable. Impossible to put somewhere, therefore it was just out of order. “I..I have the control..”, he said, his hands starting to shake. “I..I have the control over it…I have the control..”, he repeated unsteady before standing up and shredding the unknown paper. He started breathing hysterically, what was that? This brooding fear inside of him? “Control…”, he said one last time before shattering the mirror and flipping his precious work desk. 

Libra: These thoughts. These worries. These fears. She did not know what to do. How was she supposed to handle? “It is their fault!!”, she cried. But at the same time is was her own fault. She cried quietly, feeling like she wanted to let everything out, but couldn’t reveal herself, because everyone next door was sleeping. She did not want to disturb them with the mess of feelings. “I will ignore it. Swallow it.” But it was far too much to keep on pretending. She felt like being on fire, but she still smiled. A poisonous, deadly smile. Everyone should feel her poison sting inside their veins. 

Scorpio: His anger is intense. It’s like a thunderstorm with roaring thunder inside of him. His heart is beating and he wants to destroy, cry and scream. He wants to let out his darkest thoughts, he wants the world to feel his pain, transformed out of the bitterness. But in the end, he remains silent and waits till everyone left. He could hurt anyone right now, but he know it’ll be no good, knowing that he will destroy for sure if he demonstrates his power. So he balls his fists and closes his door. Outside of his bedroom you can her the thunder roaring. 

Sagittarius: ‘Do not stop me’, was all she thought. These feelings were caging her. No matter what she did to distract herself, the anger would haunt her after all, so the minute it became to much she snapped. She could be free spirited and joyous but deep emotions were something completely different, especially anger. Because she was not only the laughter of joy but indeed the stomp of a herd of wild horses swirling up dust as they made their way through the steppe. There was raw force and energy inside of her and that needed to get out, now. 

Capricorn: Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. Now. But there was no way to get himself under control. There was this dam inside of his head that stopped this enormous river of feelings of overflowing. Now, there were little cracks in the once so strong concrete and each of them plainly showed the nerves he lost from time to time. He sat at his desk, swallowed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the dam broke. The raging float of dark water swallowed him completely. 

Aquarius: She saw it often on other people. Anger. She watched them live it out, stomping with their feet, raging, screaming, shouting. Now? She felt it herself. “I know this, this familiar”, she explained to herself. But familiar did not mean good. She knew her temper tantrums for when she was young. She knew that destructiveness could be a part of it. “I do not want that. I will not.” Suddenly a dark, whispering voice talked to her: “You do not choose to be out of touch. You are not your own master.” She widened her eyes anxiously. And suddenly, it was like she was 7 again. 

Pisces: Anger? Anger, he felt it so deeply, anger and the need to cry out of frustration, he did not want to feel it anymore, the worst thing that ate him alive right now. So he grew bitter. “I can turn nasty”, he thought. “I will be the worst if you make me feel this again.” And so he did. So he became the feeling of anger and bitterness himself. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Dark, red eyes starred at him, tears flowing. 

The Signs Loving Somebody
  • *Check Sun and Moon Sign*
  • Aries: excitement, restlessness, caring, delicate, a truthful kind of love
  • Taurus: communicative, smiley, wants to connect, so thoughtful, a sweet kind of love
  • Gemini: forward, honest, endearing, can be quite nervous, intuitive, a unspoken kind of love
  • Cancer: emotional, affectionate, kind, hilarious, always has heart eyes, a once in a life time kind of love
  • Leo: passionate, supportive, sometimes mixed signals, positive, a lasting kind of love
  • Virgo: sincere, hesitant, soft, often goofy, an "I'm here for all of you" kind of love
  • Libra: affectionate, pure, harmonizing, proud, 'a meant to be' kind of love
  • Scorpio: beautiful, emotional, deep, sometimes tense, wild, an unforgettable kind of love
  • Sagittarius: full speed, committed, generous, unstoppable, an intense kind of love
  • Capricorn: stubborn, faithful, intimate, slow, a forever kind of love
  • Aquarius: sexy, earnest, confident, clingy, a daydream kind of love
  • Pisces: heart stopping, romantic, shy, devoted, a soulmate kind of love

the signs as vibes

aries: the warmth and smell of campfires in the summer, drinking coca-cola from a cold, glass bottle; walking downtown on a saturday evening, wearing blush, red and orange sunsets, cigarette smoke, the feeling of laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

taurus: mementos you want to throw away but have too much sentiment, the smell of linen, pearl earrings, blurry photos, silver jewelry, drawing a smiley face next to your signature; ballet shoes, coconuts, the taste of homemade cookies, faint smiles.

gemini: fountain pens and bullet-point journals, the cold breeze in early spring, the spaciousness of a big, quiet library; marble pillars and greek architecture, graceful movement, long, glossy nails, mint gum, the smell of green tea, loud laughter and sparkling eyes.

cancer: soft, fluffy pillows and silk bedsheets, seeing the flowery trees in spring, peach iced tea, the salty smell of the ocean and collecting seashells, soft eyes, dewy skin; chandeliers, taking a peaceful snooze to wind down, warm hugs and care for the ones you love, summertime air, the taste of sweet fruit.

leo: fields of tall sunflowers, summer tans and freckles, old black and white movies, singing as loud as you can in an open room, the smell of guava juice and sunscreen, tap dancing and smiles worn only for the camera; brightly colored hair and walls, leather jackets and sneakers.

virgo: the smell of clean laundry, singing softly to yourself; calligraphy pens and wool sweaters, gold necklaces, calmness in solitude, vanilla milkshakes, the hum of moving bikes, writing poetry about the changing of seasons, sitting in a meadow in the early morning to clear your head.

libra: talking so much your throat gets raspy, giggling about your crush, drinking fruity iced tea, wearing oversized clothes, getting your nails done, palm trees and tropical flowers; the smell of makeup, wearing bikinis and pushing your friends into the pool, face masks, red or pink lip gloss.

scorpio: listening to synthy music late at night, streetlights, dark colored clothes and staying up until sunrise, doc martens; plaid skirts, dancing like nobody’s watching, the smell of chlorine, disco lights, the clicking of high heels, quiet downtown streets late at night.

sagittarius: big coats, polaroids, taking random roadtrips to the southwest; 70’s music, red lipstick, arizona tea, comfortable silences, cracking your knuckles when you get nervous, getting up early enough to watch the sun rise, hiking through the mountains, glittering smiles, golden retrievers.

capricorn: earth tones, grassy meadows and rushing lakes, cocker spaniels, picnics under an old tree; planting your own vegetables and fruit, owning a sunhat, painting with watercolors; drinking black coffee early in the mornings, loving and thriving off of your routine.

aquarius: looking at saturn’s rings through a telescope, going to art museums; the smell of lilac, riding your bike through an unfamiliar part of town, old maps, vintage telephones, listening to music with the windows down, buying your clothes at thrift stores, bubblegum, cool tones.

pisces: the feeling of calm after a good cry; rain during springtime, greek sculptures, pink rose bushes, talking about your feelings late at night, swimming in the ocean, listening to old love songs on a record player, looking at constellations, the smell of honeysuckle.

What Each Sign Reminds Me Of

ARIES: bloody knuckles, smiles that melt your heart, laughing until your stomach hurts, forearm tattoos, driving fast, guilty pleasures

TAURUS: natural beauty, happy tears, the warmth of a hug, clean laundry, going to the store at 1 am and buying junk food 

GEMINI: summer afternoons, long drives with all of the windows down, the 1975, the sun, Troye Sivan

CANCER: New York City, the faint buzz of a neon sign, writing until 3 am, unsweetened green tea, the stars, black lights

LEO: hands covered in paint, giggles, hugs from behind, blowing bubbles, fresh cut grass, soft blankets

VIRGO: antique shops, chai tea, vanilla candles, sketch books, sweaters, art museums

LIBRA: fairy lights, gold jewelry, dream catchers, sage incense, Lana del Rey, ukulele music, being gay as fuck

SCORPIO: black and white photos, space, making out, the smell of fresh coffee, Joji Miller, menthol cigarettes

SAGITTARIUS: Emily Dickinson, the view out of the window of a plane, the moon, sneaking out, lilacs, piano

CAPRICORN: unconditional love, late nights, lingerie, soft hair, Hozier, the smell of a bookstore

AQUARIUS: the sky, waves on the shore, sweet peaches, long phone calls, polaroids 

PISCES: quiet acoustic guitar, rain, watching movies in the dark, cedar, the library

What the signs are best at hiding

Aries: Doubting themselves. They always act like they know what to do with their life, even is they sometimes don’t

Taurus: Sadness. They’re the Kings and Queens of hiding being sad with a smile.

Gemini: Heartbreak. They will go out and live their life like nothing happened.

Cancer: Vulnerability. They can actually hide that really well, acting as if their were rough and nothing gets to them.

Leo: Insecurity. They act so confidant and you wouldn’t guess how unsure they are sometimes.

Virgo: Having feelings for someone. They often hide the fact that they’re crushing on someone in fear of rejection.

Libra: Being hurt. If you did something to hurt them, they won’t tell you because they want you think it didn’t bother them.

Scorpio: Jealousy. They can be so jealous, but they won’t show it. They’ll sit back and watch acting like it’s nothing to them.

Sagittarius: Anger. They snap if it’s really necessary.

Capricorn: Negative emotion. They absolutely hate being vulnerable and letting their guard down.

Aquarius: Hate. Even if they don’t like you, they’ll talk to you just like they talk everyone else.

Pisces: Grief. They try their best to push it away so they don’t have to deal with it, no matter if it’s a death, break up whatever.

*Check Moon too*

ASCENDANT signs indicate SOCIAL compatibility  (the impression you give others/ the “face” you put on when confronting the world)

SUN signs indicate TEMPERAMENT compatibility (how your personality interacts with others under stimuli/changing environments).

MOON signs indicate EMOTIONAL compatibility (how you relate/ connect/ empathize. This is internal and may not be necessarily obvious).

MERCURY signs indicate INTELLECTUAL compatibility (how you communicate and share thoughts).

VENUS signs indicate ROMANTIC compatibility (how you love/ receive love. What you idealize and fantasize for in relationships).

MARS signs indicate PHYSICAL compatibility (the personality of your aggression. how you interact physically or sexually).

JUPITER signs indicate IDEOLOGICAL compatibility (how you react to each other’s beliefs, values and opinions).

SATURN signs indicate LONG-TERM compatibility (how your relationship may develop and be sustained over time).