capricorn male and aquarius female

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Hi love! When you get a chance could you do comparability of a Capricorn (f) and Aquarius (m)?? Maybe a GIF too?? Thank you❤️

Description firstt :

This pair make one of the rather rare couples out of all zodiac pairings, due to the extreme differences in their personality as well as nature. The Capricorn female is conventional, stable and definitely one who plays by the rules, that is, unless she chooses to be rebellious. (which may happen often). The Aquarius male, on the other hand, is unconventional, slightly irresponsible and will avoid playing by the rules at all costs.  However, both the Capricorn female and the Aquarius male find plenty to like or even love about each other.

This pair will definitely start off which friendship. The Capricorn female appreciates his intelligence and breadth of vision, and he in turn admires hier pragmatism and strategy abilities. Together, this couple can implant grand plans and big ideas with the creativity of the Aquarius male and the practicality of the Capricorn female both being put to good use. She, too, is secretly rather proud of his rule-breaking attitude and his ‘indifference’, and he loves the way she is hardworking and determined.

There is a good amount of mutual respect here too, and they would make a rather stable couple for neither will try to change each other, but instead work alongside each other, each contributing to the relationship where they can.  However, both of these signs are notoriously emotionally aloof, and both keep their deeper emotions hidden most of the time, hence this is a factor is likely to trigger conflicts caused by misunderstandings. It won’t be a very romantic relationship, but the both of them would show their affection for each other subtly (Mostly the Capricorn female).

Overall, despite their differences, this couple would have a highly intellectual a relatively good-natured relationship. Although it would definitely not be the most passionate or dramatic of relationships, both their compatibility is a relationship based on mutual affection and admiration, and in that sense, it can certainly work well. However they may have to work on showing a little more emotion, or at least talk it out to avoid major misunderstandings that could lead to huge conflicts, thus affecting their relationship

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Hi there :).. What can you say about a Male Aquarius/ Female Capricorn Relationship? We've been together for 3 years now and i'd like to know what i should expect since the relationship became Long Distance a few months ago.

Well, these signs are very capable of distance! Being neither sign is co-dependent or physically dependent, you should find yourself in a good place. 
Depending on the length of the distance or time of the distance, you may run into infidelity on both sides. Both are often great charmers and find themselves running into overly sexual situations without trying, so you may want to keep avid contact with your partner, and attempt to go and see him or surprise him in what ways you can.