capricorn troll

The three kinds of fan

The hardcore one: Obsesses over every aspect of it. Either all-out or not in at all. Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn 

The troll: Doesn’t actually care about it, but uses it to get a good laugh in by goofing off and having fun. Either that or they just forget about it 2 days later. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

The normal one: Into it to have a good time. Enjoys it and puts in a good effort but isn’t totally obsessed with it: Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces

how to make an astrology post!!!!11!!!1

Aries- Angry asshole ram that will headbutt your children

Taurus- Lazy fat foodie who is stubborn as shit

Gemini: Regina George from hell also no soul

Cancer: Sad clingy crybaby that can’t get their shit together

Leo: Overconfident dickbutt that has really good hair???

Virgo: Prude little OCD shit.

Libra: Self-obsessed bimbo. No decisions are made like ever 

Scorpio: Satan

Sagittarius: LOUD CRAZY WILD PARTY ANIMAL!!!!!1!!111!!!

Capricorn: Workaholic with no soul

Aquarius: Doesn’t exist.


  • Aries: Blood, sweat, and tears. None of which will be coming from them. They're passionate about what they believe in, and don't really believe in "everyone is entitled to their own opinion."
  • Taurus: Utterly hopeless. If trying to change their mind, you can forget about it. During arguments they pretty much lock up and refuse to lose their cool unless you say something atrocious.
  • Gemini: Confusing. They'll start arguing their side, switch halfway in between, spin your words, and soon, you'll be agreeing with them because you can't remember what you were originally arguing over.
  • Cancer: Sad. Cancers love arguing, but as soon as they forget why they felt so strongly about it in the first place, they'll freeze you out in an attempt to make you stop and feel bad for arguing with them.
  • Leo: Infuriating. If they end up agreeing with you, they will not admit it. They will go home, reevaluate their life, and bandage their egos. You will not know about this pity party ritual.
  • Virgo: Normal. What you'd expect an argument to be. Two level headed people discussing their opinions, a compromise is reached, and everyone lives happily ever after. Except now you've been added to a hitlist.
  • Libra: Fair. You probably won't be arguing with a Libra, since they're most likely to be a mediator. They like making everyone happy, they're constantly reevaluating their own opinions, questioning everyone, and trying to see everyone's side.
  • Scorpio: Terrifying. Their death glare will scare you into agreeing with them and seeing their point of view. SIDE NOTE: if you're text arguing they'll just ignore you since they can't intimidate you.
  • Sagittarius: Obnoxious. You can't ever have a serious conversation with them or prove them wrong, because they're the human equivalent of an internet troll.
  • Capricorn: Condescending. It doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong, Capricorn will make you feel like absolute garbage. They will verbally abuse you until you don't feel like arguing anymore and you give up.
  • Aquarius: Enlightening. Their perspective is usually refreshing and an eye-opener, and they won't make it feel like you're arguing, just having a friendly debate.
  • Pisces: Helpless. Like Cancer, they will trick you into thinking this whole argument is your fault, and you will spend the rest of the day trying to make them feel better and trying not to die over the immense amount of guilt you feel.

Somebody in my group chat said they were a Capricorn then suddenly I thought of this insane dude. I kid you not this took my less than twenty minutes to do, from the time my friend said their Zodiac to when I finished. I’m actually quite happy how it turned out too!


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I know things are back to normal in my life when I can sit down and paint a Gamzee. 

ANYWAY, I just wanted to give you all a BIG THANK YOU FOR 200 FOLLOWERS! <3 You are all amazing. I would have given up long ago if not for your love and support.

Jobs for the Signs
  • Aries: football player
  • Taurus: food critic
  • Gemini: lawyer
  • Cancer: child services social worker
  • Leo: actor/actress
  • Virgo: interior designer
  • Libra: waiter/waitress
  • Scorpio: mortician 💀
  • Sagittarius: plastic surgeon
  • Capricorn: architect
  • Aquarius: troll. no other words needed
  • Pisces: yoga teacher
The Signs' (Usually Wrong) Stereotypes
  • Aries: Got a one-track mind
  • Taurus: Greedy
  • Gemini: Two-faced
  • Cancer: Crybaby
  • Leo: Puts themselves before others
  • Virgo: Coldhearted af
  • Libra: Flirty 24/7
  • Scorpio: Sex addict
  • Sagittarius: Asshole that trolls everyone
  • Capricorn: Workaholic
  • Aquarius: Sociopath
  • Pisces: Druggie