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Little things that remind me of the signs

Aries: bright eyes and a warm smile, drawing for hours on end, sharing a banana split with your friends, the scent of cherry blossoms in the spring, art classes

Taurus: a warm hug from your best friend, hazelnut cappuccinos on cool days, reading poetry books for hours on end, the scent of pears and vanilla, knowing you are going to be ok

Gemini: driving too fast down the freeway, studying till the wee hours of the morning, the scent of citrus, warm hoodies, vanilla milkshakes on warm summer nights

Cancer: morning sunlight coming through the windows, the last day of high school, cuddling with your cat, the scent of coconut sunscreen, iced tea with lemon

Leo: catching fireflies in your backyard, a setting sun that turns the clouds orange, the scent of fresh rhubarb pies, making wishes with dandelions, giggling with your best friend at 5 in the morning

Virgo: a slow moving river, roasting marshmallows with your friends, strawberry flavored candy, having a picnic on a warm day, playing with your dog, the scent of cinnamon

Libra: getting over your first heartbreak, the scent of coffee in the morning, the feeling of a cool breeze on your face, a social butterfly, hugging your mom, listening to your favorite song on repeat

Scorpio: the way traffic lights reflect off wet pavement, unscented candles, falling asleep during a thunderstorm, the feeling of a cold autumn breeze on your face, late nights in the city  

Sagittarius: the scent of fresh baked pastries, thick eyelashes, falling asleep on long car rides, watching the snow fall outside your bedroom window, the elegance of gold jewelry 

Capricorn: pulling an all-nighter, laughing and smiling at the littlest things, cuddling your dog, waking up to snow, the scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie, green tea lattes

Aquarius: hidden feelings, watching your favorite movie for the fifth time, the scent of fresh laundry, smiling with the girl you love, plain white t-shirts, homemade birthday cards

Pisces: freshly baked blueberry muffins, watching documentary films, the first warm day after a cold spell, reading fiction books under the covers, vanilla lattes, hugging your brother

Little Things That Remind Me Of The Signs

Aries: bright eyes and a warm smile, drawing for hours on end, sharing a banana split with your friends, the scent of cherry blossoms in the spring, art classes

Taurus: a warm hug from your best friend, hazelnut cappuccinos on cool days, reading poetry books for hours on end, the scent of pears and vanilla, knowing you are going to be ok

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  • Taurus Sun Aries Moon: A comfy t-shirt and an attitude.
  • Taurus Sun Taurus Moon: The smell of patchouli and silk sheets.
  • Taurus Sun Gemini Moon: Field of green grass and a great smile.
  • Taurus Sun Cancer Moon: The smell of baked good and a cottage in the woods.
  • Taurus Sun Leo Moon: Wine and fabulous textures or patterns.
  • Taurus Sun Virgo Moon: A cup of black tea and dark green eye shadow.
  • Taurus Sun Libra Moon: Light smell of perfume and a bath full of rose petals.
  • Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon: Massage oil and candles.
  • Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon: A winding hiking trail and the smell of BBQ.
  • Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon: Copper jewelry and rosemary.
  • Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon: Dandelion seeds on the wind and a telescope.
  • Taurus Sun Pisces Moon: A sweet melody and a dream journal.
The Signs during a fight
  • Aries: Started it and is now swinging at people.
  • Taurus: Somehow got involved in it and is now on the floor, crying.
  • Gemini: Provoked Aries and is now making cocky remarks.
  • Cancer: Holding back Aries and telling Gemini to stop.
  • Leo: Is making a cake full of smiles and sunshine so people get along.
  • Virgo: Shaking their head and tutting.
  • Libra: Telling everyone to shut the fuck up and get along like adults.
  • Scorpio: Doing the opposite of what Libra says.
  • Saggitarius: Starts a riot and spreads gossip about the fight.
  • Capricorn: Trying to get everyone to stop, and failing.
  • Aquarius: Getting out the popcorn.
  • Pisces: Sobbing in the corner and muttering "I'm surrounded by morons" over and over again
  • Aries: Clothes
  • Taurus: Plants/Succulents
  • Gemini: Books/ Movies
  • Cancer: Music Albums/Vinyls
  • Leo: Going out with friends
  • Virgo: Technology Stuff
  • Libra: Infomercial Products
  • Scorpio: Bills
  • Sagittarius: Food
  • Capricorn: Weapons
  • Aquarius: Makeup/Jewelry
  • Pisces: Spoiling their pet
The signs as jewelry
  • Aries: huge gold Egyptian style cuffs
  • Taurus: statement necklaces
  • Gemini: bangles because they can't stay quiet
  • Cancer: silver anklet with a tiny charm
  • Leo: bold gold hoop earrings
  • Virgo: a nice dainty necklace that's still feirce
  • Libra: rings, lots of them
  • Scorpio: multiple necklaces with different lengths
  • Sagittarius: upper arm band that looks like a snake
  • Capricorn: a simple dainty necklace
  • Aquarius: body chains and fake peircings because they're "original"
  • Pisces: a headdress with some precious stone in the middle
The signs as piercings/jewelry

Aries: Monroe piercing
Taurus: necklace (with a charm, or something meaningful)
Gemini: cheek dermal
Cancer: bracelets
Leo: ankle bracelets
Virgo: ear cuff
Libra: tongue ring
Scorpio: eyebrow piercing
Sagittarius: nose ring
Capricorn: snake bites
Aquarius: rings
Pisces: toe rings

The Signs As Motions

Aries: cracking their knuckles
Taurus: rubbing their head
Gemini: biting their nails
Cancer: biting their lip
Leo: raising their eyebrows
Virgo: tapping their feet
Libra: picking at nail polish or fingernails
Scorpio: crossing their arms
Sagittarius: playing with jewelry
Capricorn: putting their hands on their hips
Aquarius: drumming their fingers
Pisces: twirling their hair

Prom dress/suit colors

I know a few proms are coming up so hey, here is some ideas!
(Guys you can wear like a flower in your suit if you want….just be creative!)

Aries: Flaming red / blood red

Taurus: Yellowish/tan/peach

Gemini: yellowy daisy color/yellowy orange

Cancer: light purple/white/light blue

Leo: Bright orange/fire red

Virgo: Green/ dark yellow / brownish

Libra: light purple/ baby blue / pink

Scorpio: blood red / dark purple

Sagittarius: dark purples / dark blues

Capricorn: silver/ brown / black

Aquarius: aqua blue / turquoise

Pisces: indigo/teal/sea green

Gifts for the Signs

Aries: Jewelry, sports event tickets, cook for them, time saving devices
Taurus: A soft blanket, something they collect, music, clothes
Gemini: Gift certificates, video games, books, travel accessories
Cancer: Something sentimental, bath accessories, jewelry, decor
Leo: Jewelry, clothes, tickets to the theatre, music
Virgo: Something practical, homemade gifts, books, organization tools
Libra: Home decor, music, spa day, night out at their favorite restaurant
Scorpio: Sunglasses, movies, clothes, books
Sagittarius: Sports tickets, travel accessories, funny gag gifts, jewelry
Capricorn: Clothes, make them dinner, music, gift certificates
Aquarius: Something unique, gift certificates, tickets to the theatre, clothes
Pisces: Art, something sentimental, music, a romantic night

the signs as 80s fashion trends
  • aries: poofy hair
  • taurus: weird sunglasses
  • gemini: oversized sweaters
  • cancer: button pins
  • leo: mullets
  • virgo: blue jean jackets
  • libra: spandex
  • scorpio: jelly shoes
  • sagittarius: colorful jewelry
  • capricorn: leg warmers
  • aquarius: leather and lots of it
  • pisces: neon clothes
  • Aries: Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls. We'll be a perfect family.
  • Taurus: Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen.
  • Gemini: Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.
  • Cancer: When you walk away, is when we really play
  • Leo: Everyone thinks that we're perfect, Please don't let them look through the curtains.
  • Virgo: D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E, I see things that nobody else sees.
  • Libra: "And your son is smoking cannabis."
  • Scorpio: Picture, picture, smile for the picture, Pose with your brother, won't you be a good sister?
  • Sagittarius: Hey girl, look at my mom, she's got it going on. Ha, you're blinded by her jewelry.
  • Capricorn: "Mom, please wake up. Dad's with a slut."
  • Aquarius: Uh-oh, she's coming to the attic, plastic, Go back to being plastic.
  • Pisces: When you turn your back she pulls out a flask, And forgets his infidelity.
Christmas Gift Ideas

Aries - e.g. Concert Tickets, Lessons 

Taurus - e.g. Chocolate, Spa Treatments

Gemini - e.g. Technological Gadget

Cancer - e.g. Picture Frame

Leo - e.g. Night Out, Make up, Tickets to see something special

Virgo - e.g. Necklaces, Novels

Libra - e.g. Shoes

Scorpio - e.g. Box set, Novels

Sagittarius - Tickets to somewhere fun

Capricorn - e.g. Purses, Jewelry 

Aquarius - e.g. Lessons

Pisces - e.g. Art supplies, Night Out

*Note - This is just a general idea for gifts based on the signs. I hope this gives you an idea of what you want to get people for Christmas. Merry Christmas!*

Things I associate with the signs

Aries: scented candles, dragons, stained glass, laughter, rock music

Taurus: Nutella, lanterns, Harry Potter, French food, narrow streets

Gemini: cupcakes, road trips, concerts, Mac n cheese, puns

Cancer: used books, lipstick, hot showers, writing in script, flannels


fireworks, sleeping late, science fiction, barbecues, swimming pools

Virgo: French fries, perfume, London, curly hair, skinny jeans

Libra: fireplaces, high heeled boots, lingerie, vanilla milkshakes, going to brunch

Scorpio: black eyeliner, journals, dark chocolate, trivia games, the smell of laundry

Sagittarius: puppies, hot chocolate, the smell of pine, fairy lights, silver jewelry

Capricorn: iceskating, cinnamon, snow, the color purple, bunk beds

Aquarius: Ivy, impressionist art, yoga, spiral staircases, bouncy houses

Pisces: sea glass, pastels, vintage clothing, lace, the beach,