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The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

Cancer: skype calls with people you miss, crying after your emotions built up, staying in on a Saturday night

Leo: feeling confident about your appearance, telling your best friends about something that happened to you, wearing a new outfit

Virgo: winning an argument, finishing a good book, feeling like not many people understand you

Libra: saying what you think, proving a teacher correct, being afraid of what people would think

Scorpio: kissing someone you wanted to kiss for the longest time, regretting things you’ve done in the past, opening your curtains in the morning

Sagittarius: doing something you’ve never done before, cuddling with your pet, going to bed late

Capricorn: feeling excluded, saying a good comeback, saying what you have wanted to say for the longest time

Aquarius: talking to someone who you know understands you, feeling nervous when looking into someones eyes for too long, never being sure about how you feel

Pisces: finishing homework at 2am, watching your favorite movie, playing a song on the piano fluently

source:  temperamentally-indulging

The signs and organization

Super organized and ordered: Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer

Organized mess: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius

Literally just a mess: Libra, Leo, Gemini, Aries

How to Know When They’re Attracted To You!

Aries: They smile and laugh more around you. When Aries feel attraction, they feel better about life and that you’re the reason for it. 9 out of 10 times, they will laugh at everything you say.

Taurus: They become a different person in front you. When around you, they behave and their personality changes. For example, if they are a quiet person around others, they might become more chatty when they’re around you or vice versa.

Gemini: They agree with everything you say. If you say you like a certain activity, they will say ‘me too.’ If you talk about your appreciation or opinion about something, they will side with you. .

Cancer: This sign is most likely to show they are attracted to someone through non-verbals or body language. They might show longer or shorter eye contact than normal, sporadic touching, body turned towards you or away from you, or accidentally bumping into you. They may also dress nicer to impress you.

Leo: They seek physical closeness with you. When Leo are attracted, they try to get  what ever chance to get close to your personal space. Even if they don’t have the chance, they will still imagine or think about it.

Virgo: Their listening skills are really good. They pay more attention to what you say, and try to show that they care. They will try to empathise with you and help you with your problems.

Libra: They ask you a lot of questions to get to know you. Sometimes, the questions may be more personal than usual or out of place. For example, they might ask: What is your favorite music, movie, food, vocation spot, or anything else that is personal to your likes, dreams, or desires.

Scorpio: They remember details about you most others would probably forget. They may be shy to ask a lot about you, but when ever you talk to them or do something, they are very likely to take note of it and remember it for a long time to later impress you.

Sagittarius: They flirt with you. When they are attracted to you, they’re confident and they like to argue with you in a flirtatious or friendly way. They might tease you, but they’re actually really interested in you and trying to get a reaction.

Capricorn: They invite you to do activities with them. When attracted, they want to spend more time doing things together with you. They want to use the chance to build attraction and get to know you.

Aquarius: They will mirror your body language. They subconsciously copy your attitude and the way you carry yourself.

Pisces: They will try to impress you. They will work at improving themselves whether it is their looks or their talents to show that they are worthy of your attention. They might show off sometimes, but only to you.


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Important Dates for the Signs in February - 2017

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: 5, 15, 25

Taurus: 4, 14, 24

Gemini: 12, 16, 27

Cancer: 8, 15, 27

Leo: 16, 19, 26

Virgo: 9, 12, 24

Libra: 4, 19, 26

Scorpio: 13, 20, 25

Sagittarius: 11, 19, 20

Capricorn: 4, 11, 28

Aquarius: 7, 20, 25

Pisces: 9, 15, 26

Why the signs giggle

Because you complimented them:
Capricorn, Leo, Cancer

Because they find themselves hilarious:
Libra, Aquarius, Aries

Because of dirty jokes:
Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo

Because they giggle at fucking everything:
Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus

ARIES, you are orange and gold encased in maroon skin, sweet as honey. hang loose and know that your best is it’s own reward.

TAURUS, you still make me lose my breath with the curve of your neck, and i’m counting vertebrae to fall asleep, your laugh an indulgence I control my intake of. you are the best screenplay i could never write.

GEMINI,  the skyline is trying to kiss the moon, but you’re lucky that you bring her home.  be gentle with the kind of starlight you find.

CANCER, you were the first chord of a piano I learned to understand and my favorite poem, my most repeated prayer. we’ve made it this far. tell me that means something, and i’ll believe you.

LEO, to know you is to breathe in the first feeling of tomorrow. you are ceaseless and a shooting star - my night time dream wish. i miss you written a hundred times in blue.

VIRGO,  i’m often left asking if this is even worth it, and i think you’re the same. i want to be there for you. it used to be easier, you used to be a reminder of love and now i swallow your silence like a prison sentence. please don’t forget who you are.

LIBRA,  we are interlocked hands and ankles swinging in sync; knowing you is a second chance, and i’ll learn for you.

SCORPIO,  it’s natural to be terrified of what comes next. call me a lover but i don’t think anything is quite as important as the diamonds in your teeth when you smile. you are my undercurrent of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS,  you are in your moment of nebulae, make it spectacular. rebirth tastes like last year’s champagne and  snow. 

CAPRICORN,  the smooth engine of a car, and a highway of mistakes and constellations. the chase is yours if you want it.

AQUARIUS, your palms say that it’s too late for you but when I close my eyes and swallow the middle name of the girl you once were it’s not sacrifice, but a promise. i will never forgive you if you press pause.  an artist is a guttural cry, and you can’t stop.

PISCES,  i carry your happiness in a pendant, knowing that some times things do work out, and it can be good. you are the best friend i didn’t know i could have.

The Signs As Types Of Brides

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: The Brilliant Procrastinator Bride

Taurus: The Actually Chill Bride

Gemini: The Adorably Indecisive Bride

Cancer: The Seriously Emotional Bride

Leo: The Destination Bride

Virgo: The Incredibly Organized Bride

Libra: The People-Pleaser Bride

Scorpio: The Bride Who’s Already Over It

Sagittarius: The Idealistic Bride

Capricorn: The Family-Oriented Bride

Aquarius: The Bride Who Just Wants To Party

Pisces: The Anti-Bride Bride


Aries: “Send me a nude”
Taurus: “come FUCK me right now”
Gemini: “Want to come over and watch a movie”
Cancer: “Hey come cuddle”
Leo: *Drops an unexpected nude in your dms
Virgo: *Doesn’t know what that is
Libra: “I want to fuck the shit out of you right now”
Scorpio: *doesn’t need to sext cuz they already fucked you good.
Sagittarius: “babe FaceTime me I wanna see it all”
Capricorn: “Come choke me”
Aquarius: “Come give me head”
Pisces: “I want to bend you over and fuck you slow”

The ‘Sarcastic About Everything’ squad

Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Why they cut you off

Aries: you called them “crazy”.

Taurus: you proved your aren’t loyal.

Gemini: they don’t.

Cancer: they feel you don’t need them .

Leo: you didn’t do what they want you to.

Virgo: they don’t.

Libra: you put to much pressure on them.

Scorpio: you made them feel misunderstood.

Sagittarius: you probably crossed them one to many

Capricorn: you act out too much.

Aquarius: you didn’t obsess over them enough.

Pisces: you don’t have it together and you won’t listen.

Important Dates for the Signs in January - 2017

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: 21, 29, 30

Taurus: 9, 11, 30

Gemini: 8, 16, 29

Cancer: 9, 14, 29

Leo: 9, 14, 26

Virgo: 9, 19, 29

Libra: 10, 14, 28

Scorpio: 2, 13, 25

Sagittarius: 5, 9, 16

Capricorn: 14, 26, 29

Aquarius: 7, 23, 24

Pisces: 5, 17, 21