capricorn birthdays

  • Still celebrating Halloween: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Ready for Thanksgiving: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
  • Ready for Christmas: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Pisces
It’s their birthday

Aries: they use this day as an excuse to do whatever they want.

Taurus: they look forward to the cake and gifts!

Gemini: they know it’s going to be the big fiesta!

Cancer: they will spend all day with their family (and only them).

Leo: they do not tell anyone, hoping that people will notice it on their own.

Virgo: they think it’s a day like any other.

Libra: they are going to dine with all their friends.

Scorpio: they say to themselves that it is one day more until death.

Sagittarius: they organize a night of love with their partner, or go to dredge in town if they are single.

Capricorn: So what?

Aquarius: they scream with joy, everyone is quickly aware.

Pisces: they will see and annoy everyone to tell them it’s their birthday.

The Signs as Lana Del Rey lyrics - long version & astrological explanation
  • Aries: Maybe I like this roller coaster, maybe it keeps me high, maybe the speed it brings me closer, I could sparkle up your eye // Movement, speed, the thrill of the rush
  • Taurus: He likes to watch me in the glass room, bathroom, Chateau Marmont, slipping on my red dress, putting on my makeup. Glass film, perfume, cognac, lilac fumes: he says it feels like heaven to him // Appealing to the senses, romantic subtleties, the finest things in life
  • Gemini: I drive fast, wind in my hair, I push you to the limits 'cause I just don't care, you ask me where I been? I've been everywhere, now I don't wanna be nowhere but here // Dynamism, challenging personality, charismatic experiences
  • Cancer: In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an Angel living in the garden of evil, screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed, shining like a fiery beacon // "The Outsider" trying to fit in, doing their best
  • Leo: The power of youth is on my mind: sunsets, small town, I'm out of time. Will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty? // The need to love and be loved intensely & completely
  • Virgo: Lost but now I am found, I can see that once I was blind, I was so confused as a little child, tried to take what I could get, scared that I couldn't find all the answers // The desperate need to know and control everything
  • Libra: I got my red dress on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight. Done my hair up real big beauty queen style, high heels off, I'm feeling alive // Just enjoying the moment, princess-style, alluring and dazzling
  • Scorpio: I'm feeling electric tonight: cruising down the coast going 'bout 99. Got my bad baby by my heavenly side, I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight // Feeling powerful, defying the law, the acceptance of death as something natural and the power of love
  • Sagittarius: I know that I'm a mess with my long hair and my sun tan, short dress, bare feet, I don't care what they say about me // "I woke up like this" and being blunt about it
  • Capricorn: He said to "be cool" but I'm already coolest, I said to “get real, don't you know who you're dealing with? Um, do you think you'll buy me lots of diamonds?” // Self-assured attitude, love for luxury
  • Aquarius: We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art // Love for freedom and art, the need to make a change, create something meaningful
  • Pisces: I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality... Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean // Adaptability, ever changing personality, emotional connection with the sea
Zodiac signs and their birthday
  • Aries: Pretends that it's not a big deal but expects you to throw for them a huge party.
  • Taurus: Probably forgets that it is their birthday in the first place.
  • Gemini: First they tell you that they don't want anything and just want to have a normal day but then suddenly they want to have a huge party out of nowhere.
  • Cancer: Doesn't exactly want to do anything on their birthday because it stresses them out. They rather just bake a cake and lay under a blanket while eating the cake. Preferably in bed.
  • Leo: Plans it for months but when it's actually there freaks out and wants to have nothing to do with it, or at least they say they don't, which is probably a lie.
  • Virgo: Doesn't talk about anything else for few months of how huge their birthday is going to be. When it is actually their birthday it's suddenly changed to small get together with friends.
  • Libra: Hints very obviously that they want a certain thing for their birthday while batting their eyes innocently.
  • Scorpio: Is super chill about it. Birthday? ok cool. Birthday party? yeah sure. It's just another day to them.
  • Sagittarius: They throw the biggest parties and will talk to you about what they want for Christmas since they didn't get it for their birthday.
  • Capricorn: Has like 30 birthday parties, some aren't even remotely close to their actual birthday.
  • Aquarius: I don't think they care much for their birthday. If you want to do something for them on their birthday they won't stop you but actually don't mind if nothing is planned.
  • Pisces: Everyone wants to do something for them on their birthday and they love it. They celebrate their birthday for at least a week and nobody questions it.

The Signs as Beyoncé Lyrics:

Aries: I don’t wanna lose my pride but imma fuck me up a bitch

Taurus: You are my heaven on earth, you are my hunger, my thirst.

Gemini: What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazy?


Leo: I.. look so good toniiiiggghhtttt… !goddamn, goddamn! godDAMN!

Virgo: I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it!

Libra: Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst.

Scorpio: We woke up in the kitchen saying “hell the hell did this shit happen?” Oh baby!

Sagittarius: Nothing I know could slow us down, couldn’t slow us down.

Aquarius: Baby the moment I feel your energy, the vibe has just taken over me, got me feelin’ so crazy babe.

Capricorn: Six inch heels, she walks in the club like nobodies business. Goddaaaammmn she murders everybody and I was her witness.

Pisces: Clouds filled with stars cover your skies and I hope it rains coz you’re the perfect lullaby

Happy Birthday Bey!! 🐝

the signs as birthday presents
  • aries: coal
  • taurus: the hannah montana soundtrack on tape
  • gemini: half eaten donut
  • cancer: they baked you a cake, but put salt and pepper instead of sugar by accident
  • leo: used tissue
  • virgo: nothing, everyone forgot about your birthday
  • libra: expired makeup
  • scorpio: one of those really old beepy desktop computers from the 90s that take 3 hours to load up
  • sagittarius: sour milk
  • capricorn: pain and suffering
  • aquarius: their sibling's old clothes
  • pisces: a dead goldfish
Gift Ideas

Obviously, I don’t know who you’re buying presents for, so you’ll have to build upon this to make it more personal. These are just some guidelines.

2nd house in Aries: things they can use/experience immediately & directly
2nd house in Taurus: pretty things that last & will be stimulating to the senses
2nd house in Gemini: fun & fascinating things that will satisfy their curiosity
2nd house in Cancer: sentimental & cute things that make them feel loved
2nd house in Leo: things that make them feel special, or entertaining things
2nd house in Virgo: practical/healthy things or intellectual games/activities
2nd house in Libra: beautiful/pleasant/appealing things that can be shared
2nd house in Scorpio: private sentimental things; symbolic things to interpret
2nd house in Sagittarius: funny/philosophical/mentally engaging things; gags
2nd house in Capricorn: useful/sophisticated things that they actually need
2nd house in Aquarius: strange/interesting things set apart from other gifts
2nd house in Pisces: awe-inspiring things with deep/beautiful meanings

(The planets in the 2nd house will have a similar affect to their ruling sign.)

2nd lord in the 1st house: things with personal significance
2nd lord in the 2nd house: things just for the sake of things
2nd lord in the 3rd house: things for sharing and expressing
2nd lord in the 4th house: things with sentimental attachments
2nd lord in the 5th house: things to channel passion/energy into
2nd lord in the 6th house: things for self-care/health or work
2nd lord in the 7th house: things that connect them to others
2nd lord in the 8th house: things with depth/mystery/danger
2nd lord in the 9th house: things that provide grand experiences
2nd lord in the 10th house: things to contribute to image/life goals
2nd lord in the 11th house: things to look forward to/that unite people
2nd lord in the 12th house: things that inspire/elevate/amaze

Look at the moon, Venus, & 5th house for more detail.


Someone with Virgo on the 2nd house cusp, Mercury in the 5th house, and moon in Taurus might like an instrument or music lessons.

Someone with Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp, Uranus in the 2nd house, and Venus in Pisces might like pretty oddities, for no reason in particular.

Someone with Cancer on the 2nd house cusp, moon in the 11th house, and 5th house cusp in Libra might enjoy a photo album full of photos with friends.

Signs as Music Artists You Should Listen To

Aries- Lana Del Rey

Taurus- aka Lizzy Grant

Gemini- Sparkle Jump Rope Queen

Cancer- The daughter of Patty and
Rob Grant

Leo- The woman who sings Born To Die

Virgo- May Jailer

Libra- The Queen of Coney Island

Scorpio- Elizabeth W. Grant

Sagittarius- The “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”

Capricorn- The older sister of Caroline “Chuck” Grant

Aquarius- The Brooklyn Baby

Pisces- The woman born June 21, 1985 2:46 AM in Lake Placid, NY